In Sanderson… Texas.

Sunday, December 10th, 2006

The roads were smooth yesterday, Hwy #90 has no traffic per say and finally the horizons opened up to my vision and senses. Suddenly I could breathe again and like a blanket falling all the inner emotions became smooth and calm as on an ocean with no breeze. A bit of rain, a bit of cotton balls in the skies and even a bit of sunshine made its way through… About 150 miles from Big Bend we stopped in Sanderson, thinking how much nicer it will be to make an entrance to Big Bend in daylight… first impressions… right?Imgp0919

The scenery reminds me of my 16 past weeks in Arizona and I start wondering why I had left!… how can one leave this serenity, peace and quiet… inexistant waves of civilization… maybe I was not ready and needed one more slap from the big city!

I was moved yesterday when I received a phone call from Mike, another sidecarist… he had taken pictures of my rig’s mounts the day before and after closer visual inspection, it seems to him that one of my bolts was bend… came to the thought that it might have happened during the crash… we talked, we stopped and myself inspected the mounts and it turned out to be an optical illusion! I had sprayed just about any moving parts with lithium grease and it did look like the bolt was bend in the picture! As we stopped for the night and went through my E Mails I realized that, including Claude, Mr Swaybar himself, the fabricator… was trying to get in touch with me to warn me… there were messages send out to friends, forums… you name it! I was surprised that the local Sheriff himself did not get word to stop me from passing through his county! What a network and what support! This is what motorcycling is all about… you are never alone even when you think you are…Imgp0921

The train is passing by… this park is right on a railroad track… everything is shaking, why is the horn sounding?… to wake us up? Noisy or not I find some charm into the situation… when was the last time a hundred or so cars on rails went by 50ft of your window?

We are up… and ready to go… Will write soon from Big Bend! Have a lot to say… suddenly!

You be well… another day in transit…

Ara & Spirit

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One Response to “In Sanderson… Texas.”

  1. G Says:

    If there is a crossing near the park where you were camped, the train enginner is required to give a certain pattern of horns to announce his arrival.

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