Imperfect Perfection. Death Valley, CA

Monday, March 5th, 2012

“My  Personal Daily Therapy, published Weekly or so…”

“The possibility that Life brings us exactly what we need, precisely when we need it, makes perfect sense. Just as we cannot fill a cup with water until we turn the faucet to ‘on’ “
~ Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer ~ [Gregg Braden]

DV-7 xxx

Another beautiful Song by “Evanescence” called “Hello” from her Album “Fallen”.


DV-45 xxx

Thoughtless day camped for the third Sun passing by, we are a couple miles south of the Racetrack in Death Valley. Can that be? The “thoughtless” aspect. The shade is cold and in plain view is hot. Spirit does not seem to think so as he has been working on his sun tan these past hours. Progressively it has been a time of reflections. It feels as it has taken years to get here. It has. This space is generous. I feel it so strongly as a last frontier jumping into another World of mine. The past dark abyss is not quite as dark. Not right now. We are so far away having no one around besides on lookers that have come up for the day I can wonder an odd thought as maybe we are the only one. on this planet. What a fantasy.

DV-43 xxx

DV-29 xxx

The skies are still plain blue. The magic has not been in the photos but within my Soul. I have been wishing for clouds, for catching this immense Playa itself painted with blotches of darkness and light and all in between. Instead the fragmented floor has not stopped shining deepening it’s dark wrinkles daily. A giant puzzle suddenly it looked as is to me. Not one single piece alike the other. How about if all were scrapped and stored in a box? Would us Human ever be able to put it back together? Only Mother Nature could accomplish such a task. Only.

DV-14 xxx

DV-12 xxx

DV-11 xxx

The road coming here through “Tea Kettle Junction” was very doable besides the forever lasting washboards. My hernias are feeling it. There cannot be a fourth double hernia surgery. After Titus Canyon, the short jaunt to Mosaic Canyon and a few others, such off road must come to a halt for a while. The body is rebelling, youth and being invincible is now an aspect of the past. I have to come to terms with it.

DV-2 xxx

DV-4 xxx

It is an experience I cannot, for once amazingly, put words around it. It took us a while to get there, but what is four hours when days as such are the prize. The campsite is a couple miles south of the Playa. Flat dirt, nothing else really. Water is good as always. Gold also are the times spend on such land so far away, the road itself is an amazing feat of construction. Yes, we will go again. Even better prepared meaning extra water. The shade on the dried bed lake arrives early. We went on daily for the only time seeing others.

DV-6 xxx

DV-22 xxx

DV-26 xxx

DV-34 xxx

Most amazed me. One other rider arrived, off the bike, without removing his helmet walked to the first rock, not one that had traveled, just a rock, took a picture of himself and left. More followed as such. Schedule maybe? Appointment? The rocks traveling are about half mile away. Spirit knows. The weather even under blues skies was nice enough for him to get a strong work out daily. Yes, I probably, we probably could stay there for a long time as new chapters have opened up within such presence.

DV-19 xxx


Priorities. Achieving a balance a bit more "balanced", a frame of mind rising above what was, a sense maybe of a certain stronger rebellion leaning toward a present isolated path, one more, rocky and more away from it all. I left with a bit of regrets as I know Spirit did also. Spirit again has changed these past days. Not the first time I feel him even closer. His eyes toward me, his body movement always next to mine, his watching out for me. He likes it one on one. Just him and I. The old man and his dog wandering the empty Deserts. Stopping here and there without a schedule, for a few minutes maybe, for hours or days otherwise.


DV-38 xxx

Yes, there are no walls as we live. When finally a storm hit us, we had first row seats. Dark or light the vision only stops at the horizon always. Walls and us don’t get along very well, not for too long anyhow. There are no boundaries, no normal if I can guess what such normal is. We stopped at Stovepipe Wells our day out on the way to Emigrant Pass Campground which is also free. I stopped at the "club room", which has wi fi and a wide screen television. It was packed. I wanted to exchange a hard cover book. One of those brainless ones I read before sleeping. The bright lights, the screen screaming, the faces glued, all shocked me a bit as I asked if they were having a meeting. All eyes turned to me and send out this messages, part of it vocalized "but…. you ignorant person, it is the Academy Awards". All the way to Death Valley to watch and be engulfed in…. I ran away.

DV-40 xxx

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DV-42 xxx

Be well, always.

Ara and Spirit

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6 Responses to “Imperfect Perfection. Death Valley, CA”

  1. Dee Says:

    Terrific photos (especially The Grandstand – first picture), and the journal gets a five star rating as well. Death Valley definitely agrees with you and Mr. Spirit! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new zippered tote from SpiritedOasis! Commercial time- every one should visit that store! Something for all ages and each one is a “must have”. Great items offered – and the music fades in the background…(: Watch those washboards – they will get to you every time after you pass 45! (:

  2. scruffy Says:

    Beautiful, and how I long to be ‘out there’~ The “Aademy Awards” indeed. Here Ara, I am surrounded by ‘Academy Awards’, life in amerika is wearing my old bones to the quick, and how I too long to be another old man and his dog, wandering, far from this madness. Soon, but never soon enough. Thanks for sharing the beauty of Death Valley, I’ve not been there, but I will be visiting soon. Big Bend first mid April, then, no plan, just absorb all the ‘immutable indifference’ I can, and somewhere, I hope to cross paths again with another old man and his dog. Be well and stay safe~

  3. heyduke50 Says:

    i see you found a spot i most definitely have to discover myself…

  4. Melanie Kramme (Mels E) Says:

    Great shots of the playa with Spirit (Vs the rock). Yes DV is a magical place. You touched my travel part of my soul when we had the pleasure to camp with you in DV a few weeks ago. Yes we all need to take more time to be in the “present” surroundings even if we are “extended weekenders”. This is one of take backs that I have to engrave more into my soul from my new “mentor”.

  5. Michael Jones Says:

    I enjoy so much your thoughts and your pictures….I am hitting the TAT in the next 3 weeks I hope so that at some point our bikes will be drawing closer together….

  6. Ara & Spirit Says:

    The TAT? Let us know when close… Ara and Spirit

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