If only I could talk… WA

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

“The old Soul of a Dog has much to teach us about being Human” ~ Sara Gruen

Olympic Peninsula  

I wish I could tell him to go see a Doctor. I can do it all but talk. How frustrating is that? I could smell that bad salad he ate a couple days ago. But, what to do? Jump and knock it to the ground? Maybe I should have. He never gets upset with me, we have such a mutual understanding and respect for each other, as it should be. I was already so taken away by those two other dogs where we spend the night at his Friend’s house, I could not think straight, I know he could not either. Ozzie and Jessie, barking and growling at me all evening making me feel ashamed being a dog. They did the same to him. Amazing as all dogs love him always. I never get jealous though. They sure were ill mannered and had the run of the house and being so mean even outside around people and us when we met. They are so lucky I control my emotions, those miniature Australian Shepherds would have not lasted 2 minutes of roughing it. At least I kept my composure which is more I can say for them.

Olympic Peninsula  

So he has been really sick, specially the first night. I knew it was like raining every time he had to leave the tent and run to the near by bathroom. At least he was smart enough to camp not too far from it even if I can catch the smell of it which he cannot. He is so happy with the rig now, and when he is happy I am too. He talks to me more than ever then. He does not know quite yet I understand it all, but I like his talking even if it is like sometimes making me feel ignorant which I am not. I had a great time during the repairs. Four nights. I wish it would have been longer. Everyone was so nice to me, even have new foam now for my pad. Babe, Cobalt and the very cool cat Pumpkin, well, I miss them even if Babe was a little territorial and grumpy.


Maybe we can get a cat like Pumpkin. There is room in the car and they don’t eat much. I could have then a playmate and train him to growl like I do. I just wish I could growl without wagging my tail. That would have more effect when strangers I smell ill walk by us. He thinks I don’t understand a thing and yet he brags and claims that I do. He needs to make up his mind on that one. I think he knows deep down but likes to play the game when I am the one that should. It is not my fault I cannot talk, they made my tongue too long, lucky I can chew my food, "that food", the same one every day, twice a day. I wonder how he would feel eating the same thing over and over.

Olympic Peninsula  

But, I am a Dog. To make the matters worse, a Pit Bull. We have such a bad reputation already, I don’t want to complain about my food or anything else for that matter. I have the best Life and the best buddy around. He is always telling others he wants to trade places with me. I have been riding the country in this open air car smelling more stuff then a hundred of other dogs in their Lifetimes. I have more miles than any of those passengers that get those silly mileage awards at the BMW Rallies. So even if I am not human, why don’t I get one? That reminds me of the gazillion people we walked through at this Rally we went to. I know he had a good time when we went into the buildings where it was cool. He had an even better time when so many grimaced seeing me as now being a Service Dog as I can go anywhere with him. So many also petted me. I could smell their own dogs they had left at home. I hope at home and not a kennel where so many die from kennel cough. So sad.

Quinault Lake  
Quinault Lake  

The best time was when we went to the Library in Coos Bay. The librarian with her thick glasses at the end of her small nose asked him what was wrong with him to have a Service Dog. No one is allowed to ask that question. He replied so quickly "and what is wrong with you?". I like it when he stands up for me as I do for him. It happened again when it was getting late one night and got stuck going into a KOA where I am banned. The poor Lady behind the desk trying to call the owner who was not answering his phone was turning all shades of red while for the first time he got hot, telling her the campground will just be shutdown for breaking the Laws of the American Disability Act. We made a lot of Friends that night after setting up the tent.

Spirit Spirit

I am just a dog… he is just a man… but we have each other. That’s all we got and I would not trade that even for some talking.

Quinault Lake  

Be well… there is always someone worse off than you are.

Ara & Spirit

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9 Responses to “If only I could talk… WA”

  1. Karen J Says:

    It’s nice to read Spirit’s thoughts for a change and I enjoyed meeting him in Redmond as well. And yes, it was nice meeting you too.

  2. James Schipper Says:

    I love when Spirit writes 🙂

  3. mq01 Says:

    ah, yes, i wish my cat could ride with me, my upcoming two week journey by bike would be better that way. thanks for talking Spirit, you’ve brightened my day. be well you two.

  4. Marti Says:

    You ROCK, Spirit!!

  5. Natasha Says:

    Hey Spirit, I have to live with two of them (cats) all the time. I can’t wait to get in my spot between my people on our next trip and away from THEM.

  6. Lorena Says:

    Has Spirit ever seen the movie “Baxter” beware the dog that thinks? in French with subtitles. He might enjoy it

  7. shadowmoss Says:

    Spirit, I enjoyed meeting you in Enumclaw. I am not surprised that you kept your composure during times of stress. When the three of us were sitting at the picnic table and the poodle with the guy came along and the guy kept pushing the poodle towards you until Ara mentioned it wasn’t a good time to play. You dogs were more well mannered than the guy, who assumed that just because you were there he could come into your space. I’m sorry Ara has been sick, but I’m glad he has you to watch over him.

  8. gene Says:

    Spirit—–You are so cool!!

  9. Chris Says:

    I tried sending this message via e-mail a couple of months ago, but I do not believe it made it through.


    I have lurked upon your site with the mask of internet anonymity since 2007. Each morning I visit my favorites looking forward to your updates. Your photos and words allow me to temporarily escape the worries and frustrations in my daily life. Your post from Spirit’s point of view really touched me. I recently lost my best friend of many years and he knew me like Spirit knows you; often better than I gave him credit.

    I have long felt a connectedness with you especially in patterns of thought. I have followed your highs and lows and think frequently of your son Lance and find myself wishing that I had shared such a great relationship with my own father.

    My writing this morning is to reveal that there are many people who gain a beautiful perspective through the lens of your life; whether they speak out or lurk as I have for so many years.

    With deepest sincerity,

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