Holidays in Big Bend, Texas

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

A few minutes ago I woke up to this…

With much snow just a few miles north of us and an ice storm in Alpine, 80 miles north also, I was expecting Terlingua to be covered by a nice white blanket this morning. Only the Chisos and a few other mountains have the snow as I took those pictures just a few minutes ago. And… it is not cold! I think we will saddle up and check out the scenery from a bit closer later on the day.

This is what it looked like for two days here… or was it one day?… I lost track. Thanksgiving day spared us the wet stuff as I worked in Alpine doing a private Thanksgiving dinner! It was fun being back in a real kitchen with some gracious hosts. It does not seem as I have lost any of my momentum, my know how, speed and organization. After 40 years… how could I? The Menu and pictures are now part of my Holiday series as it does not fit in my Micro Cooking path, it definitely was not a one pan dish or dinner for that matter… It is my early "Holiday Present" to you all as you will find the detailed recipes in the "Recipes" section… "this" is the page of all five items.

Not in order… Stuffed Pork Roulade with a Cranberry, Orange, Cinnamon and Chili stuffing in Puff Pastry, Creamed Carrots, Toasted Pecan Rice Pilaf, Greens and Berries Salad with a Green Chili Pumpkin Vinaigrette, and finishing with a Grand Marnier Orange Glazed Bread Pudding… Please feel free to e mail me if you have a question with the recipe… would be more than happy to help…

Spirit was allowed in the house, seems like he made himself very… very comfortable in front of the fireplace while I was working! Well behaved as everyone said, I have to tell you that I am very proud of him. I will be even more proud when he starts working… soon!

With my many projects it was actually a welcome weather. Time to reorganize the cabinets, clean a bit, print some Postcards and teach Spirit how to bake some "Spirited Doggie Treats"… I am really happy how the Postcards are turning out. Some locals here have placed a couple orders, the quality is truly fantastic and I can print one or a hundred! There will be a page about them in "My First 100 Years" very soon with more details, but I keep it simple… you can choose any picture giving me the date of the Blog from the Archives and its sequence from the top (4th down from the top as an example… a brief description) and that is it! They are 4 x 6, with the postcard blank printing in the back, they are $1 each! You can use the "contribute" button up in the Logo for PayPal or Snailmail. They will be mailed "Priority Mail".


And then it was time to get Spirit up, the weather is turning him into this lazy bum that I don’t even recognize… I did not ask him to help me fix his food which I cook every few days by the way. Boiled ground beef or chicken, a couple cups of rice and some frozen vegetables… (yes, I have some also when "I" run out of food), but at least to start learning how to make the "Spirited Doggies Treats"!

With the "horrors" on how Pet Food and Treats are made, there is an article in "My First 100 Years" (again, not for the faint at heart, warning), we decided to make our own Treats and I will also have a page with more details soon for you to order. It is right up his alley, all natural ingredients, baked to order and also mailed "Priority Mail". We are mailing our first bag tomorrow and I will have a better idea of the shipping costs… 16 Treats to a bag, over a pound… Spirit wanted some "Pumpkin Treats" to start with… 100% pure pumpkin, whole wheat flour, cream of wheat and non-fat dry milk! Most likely $5 a bag plus shipping…

Check out the black paw imprints on the bags and on the ties! The ingredients will always be on the website and also on a label on the bags. Spirit worked hard on those treats as you can see… he likes them as you can also see by his eyes staring at one… or two! Yes, I had one also… they are good… might replace my energy bars for the day!

He is hoping that you will keep your Dogs healthy and away from the garbage that most (not all) Dog Food and Treats are. If your dog is allergic to any natural products, let us know, we have many recipes! Well, it is time to saddle up and go up to check the snow, should make for some good pictures. I took this one the other night when the moon was full and named it… "The Moon on a Dish… no calories!".

We are out of here for the day… you all be well…

We are under deep appreciation toward the readers that have send in a contribution helping this website’s expenditures. For those who have not, continue enjoying the site, pictures, recipes, and if you feel it’s worth $1 a month, the contribution button is above, snail mail is below…

Ara Gureghian   853 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #245   Naples, Fl 34108

Ara & Spirit

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2 Responses to “Holidays in Big Bend, Texas”

  1. Ginny Says:

    Ara is there anything you can’t do? Your photography is brilliant, and your food looks utterly fantastic. I feel that my talents which I thought were pretty amazing pale in comparison to yours! I’m enjoying your blog immensely, thank you for sharing.

  2. Dee Says:

    Love your pictures !

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