Heating up on “Big Bend Flats”. Texas

Friday, April 6th, 2012

“My  Personal Daily Therapy, published Weekly or so…”

“Our developmental models of a Human Life accounts for progress but no major shifts in Being. Linear thinking, so much a part of modern Life, affects the way we understand our very Lives. We evolve and develop, but we don’t transform. We imagine growing like a skyscraper under construction, reaching for the sky, not like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly”
~ Thomas Moore ~ [Dark Nights of the Soul]

The Porch-3


The Porch


“Terlingua Blue” on the Porch…


I was told it was 98 yesterday. This the Desert. A dry hot air at times passes by turning the sea of creosotes into waves as only missing the sight of the white foam on the breakers, an almost forgotten memory from days past on the Beach. A few clouds are trying to shelter us with a bit of coolness but it is not happening, and as the Sun comes down the heat digits themselves rises at times choking me. Spirit has found some shade. Of course, he always does and I have to move his water bowl closer, hints of drinking a bit more than usual. A little more time, a little more and night time again will be here. This will shed away and with only a short sleeve T Shirt I will be cold. I want to be cold. Draining energy, energies, both mental and physical.

Paint Gap Rd-18


It is high noon on this barren land. There is no main street like in the Movies. No gunfighters or saloons as we have too often seen. There is no color, there is only this white brightness, this glare that hurts the eyes as if “arid” was now the weapon of choice to take us down and stumble step after step through these moments when even thoughts are grilled, turned over and over as on a hot plate sizzling and leaving behind nothing left.

River Road the Rio Grande-14

River Road the Rio Grande-16

I try to sleep, change my pattern. Stay up all night as I have at times, but the sweat runs profusely and suddenly I am awake in a pool feeling as in a steam bath hot and humid. One day at the time and soon we will be out of here. Less than a week. No guaranties of cooler weather though in Albuquerque. I look at the local forecast, we are going to miss again the “red flag warnings”. Meaning the winds will not reach us. Yes, I like storms. More and more. They bring the power out of Mother Nature awakening the senses, being on the alert. Cooling effect. We are spoiled having the freedom to choose our elevations and temperatures. Not this time around. Monday… this is when we are starting North.



Had to move around yesterday. Ride. Go. Art Show in Presidio where it was even hotter. Not too bad while moving and soaking up our clothing with water. Wind + water = cooler. That simple. We could not ride forever as Presidio arrived and quickly I noticed a city block cordoned off containing a light crowd setting up their BBQ, a stage, stands, everyone hopping from shade to shade as I smiles thinking that is exactly what Spirit does. Pulled my energy together and a bit feeling like a zombie on a foreign set I walked around trying to spark some excitement from a great ride, yet a destination even more scorching and sweltering than the space we left.

maintenance-23 maintenance-22
maintenance-25 maintenance-24
maintenance-30 maintenance-29


I did not last long, we did not last long. A bit of bad timing as we should have arrived in the evening and not this early within these sizzling times. Hours away still. Back on “Old Faithful”, firing her up and on to Marfa with the “loop” in mind. Yet I knew the loop would be shorter than the Sun’s parade of it’s day. No one was out, everyone probably hidden within their four walls and the fans and the air conditioners blowing. Comfortable avoiding the present almost unbearable reality. No such luck with us. Fortunate enough we found some shade for the both of us in Marfa, have a slice of Pizza with the only words echoing and flowing through the mental gates “this too shall pass”. We have felt worse.







Back early, sunglasses a must, the eyes were squinting, the visor open was baking my face, the visor closed was scorching it. What a choice. Seeking more shade, that is always the mission. We were flagged down on our bumpy and dusty dirt road leading to “The Oasis”. Many locals are leaving for the summer. I think they have had it also. We were invited to a farewell get together at the local “American Legion”. Will be back I said, and we did. It was a good time I must say. We are a good community. We stand for each other on this million acres vast land, the last frontier always it seems.


Music at “The American Legion”


Plenty of food. Conversations catching up on the latest, knife and hatchet throwing which I also participated and did fairly well I must say. Maybe my next hobby while camping in the woods. Finding some dead wood and practicing. Might come in handy some day as one never knows what is behind the obscure bushes while in the lost forests of the Northern regions. I think I am now fantasizing. Of course I am. A mirage in the Desert has spawn. I am already there.


A Neighbor practicing…


A reprise today. “Perfect” is the word for the weather. One Day… taking it all in mixed with a quick ride to Alpine, Dr’s visit. The annual thing… All is well, even though having gained my winter coat of about ten pounds as I do every year.  I know I was meant to live during the darkness of the nights in such times of heat. It is as such here as the days lengthen and the hours pass by so quietly and so rapidly. That is when I feel as the World is finally asleep and I can wake up without a glare present throughout comfortable times. I have to put myself asleep so often as then on morning arrives too quickly. I must be up early. “Old Faithful” will be awaiting and will demand my full attention throughout her major maintenance. I am already passed it all projecting the open roads and the weighted bags filled with our needs. Unpack and repack as an endless game always winning and rolling on towards the next destinations.

River Road the Rio Grande-2 (2)

River rd

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You all, always be well.

Ara and Spirit

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2 Responses to “Heating up on “Big Bend Flats”. Texas”

  1. scruffy Says:

    on the road next friday toward BB and places beyond. Hope to catch you somewhere along the road, Oasis or otherwise. Be well and hope the cooler weather stays a while as summer started here the first of March, holding perhaps a promise of a very hot summer. Travel safe~

  2. Shawn Says:

    As always, good to keep up on your thoughts and wanderings. Heading on the road today as soon as it warms up a little more. Have a one week job in Portland, a few days with family, then on the road to CA. Will be heading to Big Sur for a few days near the end of April. Then slowly meander my way back to CO. Not sure of the route, just east. Will be good to get my mind back on the road for a few days. Be well and see you at OX.

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