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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

So it is the first day of another year… dah! you are going to say it out loud, if I am lucky just think it, because "I" sure am thinking about it. I need sometimes an event to make me realize certain facts of Life, and this is one of them. Our second "New Year" on the road, it is winter, we are heading East and I need to come to terms with it, not necessarily in that order. I just need to start believing that for a while my sights are going to be set on cities, and as I do believe it, I also need to accept it… I am having difficulties with the concept. However, we had a great time last night as Spirit and I, minus Donna, went back to San Antonio arriving right before sunset. I found out that even cities have sunsets… and I know that, specially as we will be in Savannah and Georgia’s Golden Isles (courtesy of my mother…) for one month, there will be much history and sights worth definitely exploring.

tree and a cow

Before I get ahead of myself, I took this picture yesterday on the way to San Antonio and I cannot help feeling as it is my favorite picture of the day. I am calling it, obviously, "The Tree and the Cow"! There is something very peaceful about it, a balanced unbalance added to the fact that I so rarely see one cow alone in the field. It was just there like a painting ready to be taken away, I made a U turn for it and the cow still had not moved. 30 seconds later a white truck showed up right behind it… my timing was perfect. Of course, photography, as I have been often told, is subjective.


Same parking as the day before, did not even get lost this time, and found the area pretty much empty. Two blocks away the barricades were starting to go up for the night’s festivities. Many bands, the dropping of the ball and the flow of people walking in that direction increased as the night went on. My own agenda was to stay around the Alamo, a bit of the River Walk and stroll a bit with Spirit.

New Year Carriage 

The Carriages were all decked out, they are lined up, but visitors can pick which one they would like to go on, unlike cabs. So there is a bit of competition amongst the drivers. One might go for the good looking horse, or carriage or even the driver itself… that has the extra blanket for this cold night.

horse1 horse2

The Carriages are all sight and sound, the "clocking" of the horses on the well used black top, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, the lights passing by and seemingly always the same conversations… ‘where are you from?’… ‘how long you…’

syyig1 syyig2


With one star in the sky hovering over the tower, the neon signs starting their on and off pulsating blinking to hopefully invite many patrons for the magic hour, the night was falling on us and all seemed to take on a reddish cast. The winds had picked up, I was still in full gear, Spirit was in the sidecar for a while tucked in the nose, I think also trying to avoid the cameras. There is one dog that has been non stopped photographed last night, his name is Spirit! I think by now everyone must have his picture in their home… This is when I realized how excited I was about taking pictures in the city. The lights, the angles, trying different settings… and that is when I also thought that most cities will offer such opportunity, either in daytime or night time.

Xmas tree 

square1 square2

As the sky changed colors so did the pictures. The Carriages took on a form of their own in the dark with their multicolor lights passing by, it was like a magical scene suddenly, still the square was pretty much deserted as everyone was starting to pack the streets just a couple blocks away for the coming festivities.


blue lights

We decided to walk toward the River Walk, following the course of the Carriages. Their tour start at $25 and up by the way, a nice way to see the immediate neighborhood including down the canal that makes up the River Walk. Cold it was and windy it was, but their was also festivity in the air, after all, New Year only happens once a year. I honestly was having fun with the camera, I was not the only one as many couples asked me to take their pictures. I always walk back a bit to take a nice scene with them, always joking that I do run fast while holding "their" camera.




There will be more of the River Walk lights, the Alamo at night is also so beautifully lit. Will save it for the next time… Remember that any of these pictures can be made as an Art Card… including Spirit’s. I will definitely add some of today’s to the "favorites".

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You be well…. Ara & Spirit, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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