Going with the flow. Tx [Feta Salsa]

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Thoreau describes his mornings as a “cheerful invitation to make my Life of equal simplicity, and I may say ‘innocence’, with Nature herself”

fire ring  

Another day at “The Oasis”. 14 hours of sleep interrupted only by a quick snack and taking Spirit out a couple times under the almost full and calm Moon always illuminating this Space as almost an eerie scene from out of this World (it is!). Today a bit of energy has come back if it is only to roast some coffee and cook dinner. Pains in the eye, ear, neck, all turns out to be an ear and sinus infection taking care of first by one of those giant shots (it was!) in the %$#@, the kind I had to end up dragging my leg as a numb and foreign member of my body while taking advantage of being in Alpine and doing some food shopping. Next is the inevitable Z-Pack, more antibiotics, all which made my return here a bit woozy. I never know which one is worse when this happens. The pain or the medication effects. I guess they just go as a must hand in hand. This too shall pass.

Spirit Spirit

An uplifting phone call with my Friend Robin, always is as the telephone, that once archaic gizmo has now taken front row seat. I remember the days when phone calls were impersonal, when instead we always arranged to get together for a dinner or even just a cup of coffee. Talk “live”. Today we have both found out e mails loose much of the mind’s translation, the vibrancy of the voices are of course not present, the intonations, the breath taken to speak is not heard. E mails have their place of course, my smart phone sure gets a lot of usage, “in touch”… we are almost always “in touch”. I have to say that I enjoy it. More smiles. Lately, my Friends that hear me say there is a lightness in my voice, there is, and all is so uncomplicated. Amazing how simple Life can be, the past programs have too often some shortcomings from this experiment Society feels they have to relentlessly conduct. 

chicken Mrs Dash

Hungry! The same old chicken seems like. It has become hard to be creative when the ingredients are not so much available and when I refuse to eat processed foods, meaning cans and such. I had bought a pomegranate, it seems it is the season for them, some Feta cheese and always having on hand some garlic, cilantro, limes, tomatoes, green onions, olive oil and a chili pepper (???) an image formed, a bit odd and yet full of flavor. As usual with a yellow corn tortilla as a vehicle another form of Tacos materialized. If only I could be hungry after cooking! Might be the medication.

breakfast breakfast

First it was a try out for some Breakfast. It did look a little hazy for a few minutes, a good cup of coffee solved it’s outlook to a sharper image. So maybe for dinner I should not call it a “Salsa”! I don’t know what it is, “something” to put on “something” else. A fine salad maybe. It sure has been filled with flavors and even an awakening in the mornings with a simple avocado.

Salsa tomatoes
cilantro feta cheese
garlic green onions
pomegranate  lime

The morning after. I feel like a giant walking “garlic bulb”. I think it is time for oatmeal for breakfast instead. Morning after catching a ride last evening to attend the Annual Alpine “Art Walk”. A ride in a car that is, as I thought it would be too cold for the ride back, and it was as I certainly feel I am getting a bit softer as the years are going by. “Art” sales are not doing well. It is a fact I have known for a while as also for myself with my own Photos hanging at the PanTerra Gallery in Bisbee. The crowds were thin, surprisingly some sections of the spaces present even deserted. A band was playing to almost no audience, I could feel a certain exasperation amongst the Artists and vendors present. It was as almost I did not want to engage in conversations as I knew myself I would not buy anything and felt bad about it.

Art Walk  
Art Walk Art Walk

It was a quick tour, my Friends were leaving back south at around 9pm, and we were done, amazingly in such a short time. Who knows what the future holds now for all those Artists which have come here at such great expense always hoping for the next Fair to be a better one. They were some Art Cars with a lot of imagination, I was told with a smile costing as much in Beer consumption than material, something I believed from the looks of it all as maybe it could have also been called “Beer Art”… I think one was the Dental car.

Art Walk Art Walk
Art Walk-7 Art Walk-8
Art Walk Art Walk
Art Walk Art Walk

Not much else going on, the pages are filling up toward my Book and the mild temperatures are inviting us to go a bit further south to spend some days in Big Bend Park, the National one or State. Thanksgiving is upon us next week, no clues yet of our doings. Something will materialize soon. Unplanned plans always.

Art Walk Art Walk
Art Walk Art Walk

Be well…

Ara & Spirit

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Art Walk  
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4 Responses to “Going with the flow. Tx [Feta Salsa]”

  1. Chris Says:

    Upon reading and seeing what you have cooked I exclaim “I sure wish I could cook like Ara!” My wife’s reply from the next room; “I wish you could too!” Hope you are without sickness very soon Ara! Chris

  2. Randy Reynolds Says:

    What you see, capture and share with us is amazing. Thank you.

  3. DragonFire Says:

    Hi Ara, glad to see that you are well! I noticed you’d stopped posting in your thread over on VRZ for a while and got a tad concerned 😉
    That looks like mighty fine fare you put together there. The sight of it really makes me want to reconsider my current dieting plans!
    Stay well and ride safe!

  4. Bob in LA Says:

    You may be dragging…although we doubt it, looking at the grub you pictured and enjoyed! But who dragged that 1957 Isseta into your camera’s view? That could not have been driven there! Or could it? Love your adventure/pix/observations.

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