Friday, February 19th, 2010

“The Dream. 
Every soul has one. 
Not every soul dares live it.”
~ Voni ~


I don’t ask many questions, I try to find the answers on my own, sometimes a painful process. Might be stubbornness running through this gypsy blood of mine, might be just trying to collide with the often present reality even if it is going to hurt as I know the lesson will then be well learned. I do get upset, I pound the ground, I do use at times words of maybe not so kind contents, but they are directed to me more than anything else. And then I smile, I smile because in the big scheme of things if a path taken has been flooded, well, it will just eventually dry as the lesson was to learn how to mop it.


The older I get, the less I know. I find my answers in books, in quotes, I find my answers and much uplifting through my close Friends. I trust myself as everyone I feel should also know there is nothing quite like it, nothing like what I call “good people” surrounding each of us. They are so often present in words, at times physically also. Is it the weather suddenly turning a brighter page? the days rolling on toward a near spring and summer and fall I am sure everyone by now can taste? whatever the reasons are, we are lately suddenly surrounded by Friends. It is as times have finally blossomed and everyone is coming out of their buds in their most brilliant and vivacious colors.



We had a great day. Our yearly visiting neighbors have been here, Pam, Justin, Speck, Flair, Biscuit Miester, Titan and more I forgot their names, my other Dear Friends Paul and Voni from up the road, and yes, we all include the dogs and even the donkey who Spirit thought was just another big dog. So we are all sitting here in the middle of this vast Desert, surrounded by views spanning 360 degrees as there is not a bad seat in the house. The fire is going and crackling, many little to medium to big Dutch Ovens are going. I made some bread again, this time an olive oil and herb bread, we had venison, potatoes, green beans and a cobbler which I did not need seconds but did, and the conversations where flying into our attentive ears with smiles from ear to ear.


The dogs like clowns in the middle ring of a Circus, including Biscuit, were the entertainment and the dust makers. Dog lovers, animal lovers we all are, who needs anything else. We ate, we walked, we checked out the cactuses I have already forgotten their names, but above all, we all felt good on these few square acres the path of Life had decided for us to get together on. It is right here, it is not far, how did we ourselves manage such a feat in Life? It always amazes me, the path does, as smiling “Karma” has been kind, very kind.


Morning has come again today, we made it through another night, a warmer one as I stood outside, late, again looking at the Stars, wondering much about this Life of ours and everyone else’s. It use to at one time paralyze me, create this vacuum in my guts knowing the concept of above is so totally unlike ours on Earth, infinite to no end.  Today it all reassures me, it is a reality that I can confront without being much shaken by it’s vastness truly often so incomprehensible. Daylight has brought a smile to the skies. Today we have more Friends coming by. They are short bursts of visits as when we part we feel as we could have still spend so much more time together and yet, we reserve that right for the next time leaving those moments spend closely filled with the greater memories than longer longings of time. How could I be so fortunate?

Biscuit and Spirit  

Words, yes, this language of ours we all use, words are having lately such a big impact on me. I think they always did, I am only realizing it now in increasing importance. They are just not anymore passing through from one ear to the other but seemingly parking themselves as with always needed moments within this Soul of mine that truly deciphers their true meaning. They have become my notes of my own music through my time, they seem to be always tuned so properly and playing a melody that soothes me to no end. They are the reflections of the so many others staying in touch with us and gifting us with their own tunes, sharing them from Heart to Heart. Is it all part of “IT” I always adventure myself on? I think it is.


Till next time, you be well, always, it is our best choice.

Ara & Spirit

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5 Responses to “Friends.TX”

  1. Lorena Says:

    Nice post, love Spirit and the donkey, the horse and the initial cloud photo

  2. Randy Says:

    Wonderful pictures and words. You made my day…again. Thank you.

  3. Doug Smith Says:

    I see Sean & Louise have come to call…..hope “ya’ll” had a nice visit! I’m sure we’ll have some photos….Take care……………..D. Smith

  4. Valerie Boruff Says:

    I wish I were there with you all and my sister Pam. I am stuck in Northern Indiana…………………………………………….Love your web site and your pictures!

  5. Christine Says:

    Oh, how I identify w/your first paragraph…
    Glad you got to be w/good friends and good food – it can make all the difference sometimes. 🙂

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