Falling into our 7th Year. Texas.

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

“Paragraphs of Daily thoughts, a bit of mental therapy, published weekly or so…”

“Yes, Life throws some right hooks in every now and then, but the total sum is of grandness, a greatness beyond speculation that Life is the Gift, that Earth itself is the Cathedral and Wonder and Joy and sometimes sorrows are the Holy Sacraments”
~ Alaskan Rover ~

Chris, Liz and John

Ara and Spirit Jupiter Jupiter

Liz, Chris and John camping. xxx

Staring at this screen, feeling and thinking about something very special on this day, yet, it is just another day as they all are, new and always filled with some changes. Maybe I am a bit transported back to the times when we left “Dawsonville”, Georgia, on this day in 2006, not quite knowing which path to take, mentally and physically, not truly caring for that matter as when loosing it all, what else was there to loose as long as Spirit and I were together on the road. Within a short time, a rider we stopped to see in San Antonio told us about “Big Bend”, a space I had never heard of before as “Texas” was for me “get in and get out”. Such ignorance in those times as we both fell in love with this area and then came on into this little piece of land, this “Base Camp” for winter times I call now and have been for a while “The Oasis”.

Road to Terlingua-2 xxx

Chris Smith, Liz Peel, John-6 xxx Chris Smith, Liz Peel, John-3 xxx

John-2 xxx

It is still quiet here, silence always prevailing even though I can now see a couple campers East of us, luckily none West interfering with the glorious Sunsets we experience. Terlingua is still 30 miles South of us, Alpine 55 miles North and at times we even go on to experience Marathon, Fort Davis or Marfa. The weekends are noisier when the wind blowing in our direction amplifies the roar of other motorcycles and vehicles up and down 118. All here is now on the map of everyone’s mind throughout this vast Country. The flow of visitors has increased. I don’t blame them to also wanting the acquaintance of this generous Desert, the many paved and unpaved roads we roam on.

John and Spirit-2 xxx

John and Spirit-3 xxx

John-3 xxx

Dogs will be Dogs! And we also call John “Velcro”…

Friends stop by at times. Not many as for the Urban mindset we are too far from what they call “the action”, meaning the few Restaurants and Bars in Terlingua, including the entrance of the Big Bend National Park. Maybe the noise needs to be part of their lives? Silence at times for many can be scary and too lonely and “lonely” also in turn can be “frightening”. 30 miles! We however have some new Friends, Liz, Chris and their Buddy “John” which did come for a night here, they loved it. They had been on the road from London for a while on their way this time to Belize. In this day and age when the “Chrome Hummer” syndrome prevails, the mega horse-power turbos in all colors and shapes are heavily advertised for drooling effects, their little Russian $3000 4×4 “Lada” was a a refreshing sight. No chrome hubcaps, no air conditioner, no glitter in the paint or 16 speakers, basic 4 cylinder, only the necessities as a winch, low 4×4 gears, locking hubs and guess what? Windows which rolled manually up and down. What a concept.

Russian -Lada-

-Lada- engine-2 xxx

-Lada- engine xxx

There was no need to explain about the water situation or electric power consumption, the compost toilet, the harshness of this space toward John, staying in the shade, we were all on the same page. They after all by themselves had floated the Amazon River previously for 4 months with only a folding canoe. No “illusions” there present. No Holiday Inns with a pool or for that matter 5 Star Restaurants. While here, we did eat just as well though. An Anasazi Bean Salad [cumin~cilantro~olive oil~lemon juice~chopped tomatoes~cumin~hot sauce…] and a sweet potato dish cooked by our solar oven, [raisins~blue Agave juice~cinnamon~chicken~lemon juice]. All so simple not worth placing them into the recipe section. We even had the wonderful company of Voni and Paul Glaves, our neighbors and Friends from 5 miles away. Yes, that was 5 Stars in our book! All this with freshly roasted “Bali Blue Moon” Organic Fair Trade Coffee. A little luxury which actually is much less expensive than roasted.

Sun Oven-2 xxx

Coffee roasting-3 xxx

I feel it is now needed to explain what “Anti Monkey Butt Powder”, commonly called “Butt Powder” is for the following video:
“This will save your seat on long, hard rides. It’s purpose-built for your butt, but also works great in underwear and everywhere that is sensitive to chafing, burning, reddening rashes. More than a re-packed drugstore talc or a baby powder, this proprietary formula eliminates getting painfully chafed, raw and rashy during sweaty butt-busting activities. It also provides an immediate ‘aaaahhh-oooohhh’ skin relief on (or after) tough rides. Good for motorcyclists, truck drivers, off road and road drivers, bicyclists, etc., whenever your butt takes a pounding all day.” [Also helps seats the tube in a tire…]

Monket Butt Powder

This Video was made by Liz. Their website is “On to Plan B Then”.
Video by Liz and Chris… and “John”.

I have been watching this video of theirs while I helped them save a tire gone flat with a 15′ tube on their 16′ rim. Importantly I saw myself in a different light I had never quite experienced before as filled with humor and laughs. This is when I realized the such positive forward mindset momentum of my own growth these past years. Refreshing it is. It is good, it is OK. On the same day I received the above words which I inserted as a quote from a Reader I have never met and it all made so much sense. Sometimes it takes a stranger, strangers, to clear up that window we cannot see through too often and words thrown in eventually brings on the reality of the present times in a positive perspective.

Changing the tube xxx

Breaking the bead-2 xxx

Breaking the bead xxx

Six Years and so much has happened. I don’t want to see the Valleys anymore, I want to stay on those Peaks remembering the wonderful memories I had with Lance and scoot away these past recent dark times traveling on a path to nowhere. Tomorrow as times flies, it is again the Celebration in Terlingua of the “Day of the Dead”, and again we will go with the company of everyone there leaving no trace but only the good thoughts toward the ones departed. There will be food, quiet laughter, candles lit, music and songs, a bonfire maybe. There will be much good consideration and introspection. It is always a very special day, has become as such. 

Paul [original] xxx 

This year the “Dia de Muertos” was contrasting from the previous Years. All good, different, such an inviting atmosphere, peaceful and serene. It was as such also the previous Years, yet this time around was exceedingly exceptional. I started thinking if it was the space as such or was it me? I believe it was a bit of both. Personal growth, those steps taken on a stairwell upward with fewer far and between downwards.

-Day of the Dead- celebration in Terlingua-14 xxx

-Day of the Dead- celebration in Terlingua-3 xxx

-Day of the Dead- celebration in Terlingua-2

-Day of the Dead- celebration in Terlingua-4 xxx

We arrived a bit early, I wanted to take some photos without the crowds present, walk around, have the freedom of my thoughts and then on, wait for the Sunset at the clouds cooperating were a backdrop to this space. Yes, I took many photos… It was originally almost with the thought of leaving the camera behind. I have been here many times, would I see and feel anything different? Maybe programmed to think “all the same, again and again”. It never is as we ourselves change and the space is portrayed always inner and outward so differently. And that is a “good thing”. The core of Life itself.

-Day of the Dead- celebration in Terlingua-10 xxx

-Day of the Dead- celebration in Terlingua-18 xxx

-Day of the Dead- celebration in Terlingua-25 xxx

-Day of the Dead- celebration in Terlingua-19 xxx

-Day of the Dead- celebration in Terlingua-21 xxx

The evening went on wandering around, a welcome back to many who spend the winter months here, the ones we have not seen throughout the summer months, a reunion not only for the departed ones but also the present ones forming this incredible community within these rugged terrains surrounding us. We know how to live here, at some point we all had to learn often having help from distant neighbors showing us the ropes of survival leading to this life the many have embraced.

-Day of the Dead- celebration in Terlingua-30 xxx

-Day of the Dead- celebration in Terlingua-24 xxx

-Day of the Dead- celebration in Terlingua-31 xxx

-Day of the Dead- celebration in Terlingua-44 xxx

-Day of the Dead- celebration in Terlingua-32 xxx

Curtain calls, Bonfire, tables covered with food, candle lit, great music and so much more coming to an end for the ride back to “The Oasis”. Another Year has gone by, a couple more steps have been climbed, Friendships have been reunited at Peace with the ones away probably watching us and feeling it all. I think they were Happy, Happier this Year. As we are.

-Day of the Dead- celebration in Terlingua-41 xxx

-Day of the Dead- celebration in Terlingua-42 xxx

-Day of the Dead- celebration in Terlingua-

-Day of the Dead- celebration in Terlingua-45 xxx

Stay well, we try.
Ara and Spirit

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10 Responses to “Falling into our 7th Year. Texas.”

  1. Bill McDonald Says:

    I think that I have finally found my desert excursion vehicle- the LADA would be perfect for the Mojave out here.

    I need to start looking!

    Great article as usual. I know what you mean about some people not being able to handle the solitude. To date, all the people that I have asked to ride up with me to the desert only my brother and 2 friends have taken up the challenge, of course, my brother is a desert rat in spirit like me, that was no surprise about him.

  2. heyduke50 Says:

    we will be passing thru Alpine soon and if we stay awhile maybe I will seek out the oasis…

  3. Ara & Spirit Says:

    E mail us as we are in and out… That would be great.

  4. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Let me know what happens! I am now curious if any are for sale in the USA…

  5. Suzanne Says:

    Funny. We are now almost 7 years in Texas. Outside of Fort Worth. But from Florida originally. Kinda weird the similarity. I have a strange attraction to Terlingua, Big Bend area which my family does NOT understand. I would love to end up there at some point. So beautiful. Tried to talk my 15 year old daughter into Sul Ross for college and she looked at me like I was crazy. Maybe I am.

  6. Scruffy Says:

    you sound strong Ara, excellent! …and thanks again for posting~

  7. Sven Peter Says:

    Dear Ara and Spirit,
    2.11.20012 Allerseelen = all soals.
    That day was my “square seventh” birthday.
    After a certain age we all become younger, specially when You had a few “stop and recapitulate moments” in Your life.
    My son and me have followed your and Spirits roads for the past 6 1/2 years and we like to hear you giggleing and making jokes.
    That is a good news of somebody whom we estimate a lot.
    Today Thomas finished his exams for bachiller (end of college) and the moment we waited for is comeing closer.
    So God will, comeing spring our big ride to the North will get out of the dreams and become reality.
    You are the person who impulses us to ” not talk, but make it real” and this is “the” moment.
    As we say down here: “Haga lo en vida. = Make it in life.”
    Thank You very much for your example.

    Pura vida = pure life
    Thomas and Sven Peter Pan from Costa Rica.

  8. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Hi Thomas and Sven… Yes, “not talk, but make it real”. So well put in today’s panorama of many talkers. One has to do for themselves.
    Thank You for writing. If ever near by let us know. We can then continue the conversation.
    Have a Great Day. Ara and Spirit

  9. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thanks Scruffy. We are both finally getting stronger, yes. How are you doing?

  10. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Hi Suzanne. No, you are not. There is a serenity and Peace here unlike any other space. Hard to describe as maybe I have. You will have and hope you do, experience it. You stay well and stay filled with hopes.

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