Facing the reality of the roads… UT

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

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“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill

Hwy 160 Colorado

So I am in a bit of a sarcastic mood these days for more reasons than one.  I don’t seem to be "like a duck"  letting the water roll over my back.  One aspect I know about is the fact that I have grown impatient.  Repairs and more repairs of the repairs!  I am old school.  I was taught to do it once,  do it right,  do it right the first time.  So few people I am dealing with and yet the path is constantly making a U turn obviously in the opposite direction.  I stay positive with a new aspect of expecting the worse. Am I being that old fashion?  Has the road turned harder?  Has so much changed in the service industry?  Does not yet tasting Mother Nature’s embrace frustrating me too much?  I am hanging in there one day at the time…  One more repair tomorrow!  Will then the stage of freedom make its appearance? I sure hope so.  Maybe we have been too spoiled and we are just catching up with some hidden realities.  Maybe we should have stayed longer at The Oasis but the fact remains that sooner or later I would have had to face this all.

Colorado Springs

OK,  so that’s that! I am then asked where is Old Faithful?  Written or told with a tone of disappointment,  a tone of almost "how could you?",  one at times insinuating "you guys are not worthy anymore…".  Worthy of what? Justifiably, maybe, "they"  don’t know about my spine surgery and I have to be kind in my responses as myself feeling the absence of that link.  The sidecar…  Our Faithful machine!  There is no hero in our Journey,  collectively or singled out. It is just a Journey like everyone else’s.  Truly no more no less.  Our hearts,  minds and soul moves us.  So the vehicle has been for years different than this present one but cannot yet be ridden and so we are simply in a truck with a slide in camper for those curious about how the miles are being passed by.  It is not better,  it is not worse,  it just is.  A must due to the circumstances. It is a "thing"  while Spirit and I seek for new adventures,  sights,  experiences,  all none present…  Yet.

Principal's Office-3

Sometimes changes have to unwillingly take place without a choice.  This is one of those times. We are North of Denver right now and in a couple days drop back down to the Gunnison/Salida/Crested Butte area.  It is too soon to head up further North,  a bit too late and too far to backtrack towards Southern Utah which we will catch in the fall. Those couple days have passed by. Repairs are done and it is now in turn dealing with the weather. Snow and cold, we changed direction again and back into Colorado Springs occupying Friends driveway. Real nice shelter until all this clears up. Being with close Friends is a real treat while getting to know each other better. This has been the case. And what was I saying? Too late to be in Southern Utah? Well, that is where we are now! Maybe the weather is playing games or is it me that has lost a bit of the ability to predict in a better fashion where we go. It is perfect here. For a week? a couple? who knows… We can move on pretty fast if it heats up and I think right now liking the heat more than the cold.

Principal's Office

Principal's Office-2

Principal's Office-4

It was too early yesterday to have a 450 miles day! My stubbornness to arrive in Valley of the Gods took over and today the back is paying the price while we are just resting. But at least we are resting "here". Those few months spent at The Oasis this time around I think made me forget how many decisions a day the road demands especially with bad weather and not wanting to confront heavy snow on the roads. Which one to take? What direction while at the same time goggling maps and weather forecasts. Can’t trust those too much either. I use three weather apps and two weather radar apps. One exaggerates but better to be ready than sorry. The other ones are not that close. The radar ones really help seeing from far away what is coming. Storms or blue skies! For the first time I feel as we are officially on the road with nothing else to do but enjoy ourselves while we spend time hiking here and there, some photography and videos.

Hwy 160 Colorado-2

Stay well, Ara and Spirit…


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6 Responses to “Facing the reality of the roads… UT”

  1. Carl Says:

    Even experience such a bad mood, having a motorcycle ride made you feel better. I love that. I really think it is the best way to relax. I usually have a motorcycle ride to think it over, refresh and keep moving! Nice pictures, nice trip!

  2. e,ransom Says:

    Era, curious as to your driving speed w/your new choice of transportation.
    W/no serious destinations there must be no real need for speed.
    A couple of years ago I was going to Terlingua on 385. I set the
    speed to 45 and went for miles w/no traffic enjoying a pleasant ride. e.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Who cares what others think. You enjoy YOUR adventure!!

  4. sandy r Says:

    Patience is a virtue but Dang it can be hard to muster!! You are past that spinal surgery, on the road and finding warm Sun – Enjoy, more will come – Take care of that Back!!!

  5. Randy Says:

    No matter the mode being on the road is great. Thanks for letting us ride along.

  6. Tessa Reymond Says:

    Whatever my mood is bad, I leave everything and go for a ride on the bike and I do not come home until the mood is correct.
    I love going on the ride and when I have friends together, the thing is different then the fun becomes double.

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