Equinox, First day of Spring… Texas

Saturday, March 21st, 2009


Equinox, The Oasis, First Day of Spring. Here we are within this space of ours, staying in, trying to feel all of it’s meaning. Is it a page turning? Is it a new Chapter filled with words not yet written or are they? as maybe waiting to be read and experienced. The Mysteries of Life have stopped surprising me as I feel being stripped away from the choice of acceptance or denial. The experience itself has become it’s significance. This day as long as the night, as it happens twice a year, is here, today. My first thought is the balance of it all as it has been laid out within this chronological calendar. The evenness, the symmetry, the harmony, much reflection of this mind perpetually moving forward.

Rio Grande b  

We have been riding a lot these past days. Familiar surroundings within mainly the Park, learning that conditions of the roads do change quickly, this time giving us a smoother ride on particularly one road I have always avoided, being Old Maverick Road. What a surprise it was when not feeling any washboard effects and throttle wide open sailing on smooth rocky surfaces. Maybe it was the previous rainy days, maybe some maintenance, but it does open a thought to now go camping at Terlingua Abaja, a primitive campground which actually was to my surprise deserted considering the spring break exodus this area has felt lately.

maverick rd a

The significance of Old Maverick road for me has always been Jackal’s Luna. This is the first dwelling I witnessed when coming to Big Bend the very first time. Big boulder as a back wall, the floor dug into the ground keeping the coolness of shade. I always saw it as the perfect shelter, as did Gilberto Luna who lived here till 1947 to the tender age of 108 and as I understand 52 children. Some day I will built such dwelling here when the time is right, using the same materials he did, maybe minus the big boulder as a backdrop.

Luna's Jacal b

Luna's Jacal a  

It’s door is shut, nailed down, but allowing a glance or two of it’s past construction.

Luna's Jacal e

Luna's Jacal c Luna's Jacal d

There is not much information about Gilberto as I have been trying to find out. Only the basics about his age, his children, many wives and the fact that he was very well liked in the Terlingua community. It has been three years now as we keep coming back to this area, it has been three years that the thought of spending an evening with him around a fire has yet to leave my mind wondering about the conversations which would take place. His thoughts, his own spirituality toward a Life unlike many others and yet for that time not really that much different probably from his neighbors. I guess I will never know.

Luna's Jacal f

Luna's Jacal g  

This morning we are taking a ride to Marfa. The 2009 issue of “Big Bend Travel and West Texas Mountain Guide” has used many of my photos and is being released today within the midst of also a Saturday “Farmer’s Market”. I have not seen the lay out, there has not been any monetary compensation, yet I am suppose to have a quarter page ad valued at $1300 for the year which will direct readers where they can buy my photos. This is happening while my other photos at Kiowa Gallery in Alpine have been down now for close to a month. Why? Because a while back it was “Cowboy Poetry Night” and they did not have enough of a “Cowboy Theme”… I was not told about it, found out only by stopping by to show them to a Friend of mine… Poetry night was a while ago, they are still not up. It is not an upset feeling even though they do represent a minute source of income for me, that is if they sell… which have not! Because… they are not up. It is the same feeling as to why people play the games eternally rooted from centuries ago of deceit with a total lack of honesty and communication. Back to square one I feel… disappointed for sure.


We are back… “Big Bend and West Texas Mountains Travel Guide”… they forgot to give me credit for the photos… So did the “Marfa Chamber of Commerce” for an ad they are running in “Texas Rider”. And the learning experience never cease. I imagine this is the reason “contracts” have been invented… just as locks have been… to keep it all nice and tidy. I will need to remember that next time.

old faithful  


Rio Grande a

Yes, the reflections do not stop. Such is Life I keep telling myself. “Let it go” as I repeat consciously over and over. One door closes, many others will open. We have made it so far, I know we will make it a bit further down the road. I have much confidence through the path we have taken, one blemish cannot and should not take it all away. There are and have been too many kind words coming in our way and I am so thankful for them.


The center of my own Universe is lit… It is the one that matters. It has been created for us to rest here a bit, taking it all in throughout it’s perspective offered freely day in and day out. It is filled with a path of the pure and white Life we remain on, try to. Perfection does not exists… as long as we live on, it is an entity we will have to deal with, I can only hope that intrusions are of not many.


I cannot let on this day the scales unbalance, or for that matter on any other day. The honesty of Mother Nature day in and day out with her own offerings as above is never tainted, this is what truly Life is all about for me.

Twenty nine months of Photography is finally in order on SmugMug… In “Your Favorites”, in “States”, some labeled “first year” and second year”, now also “Texas the third year”. Feel free to browse, you can even use the slide show mode and have fun. Merchandise is also available through SmugMug. If you like to order prints, all sizes are available as I store the originals myself considering the huge bandwidth needed to upload them on the Galleries.

Internet connections, bandwidth, cameras, fuel… they are all part of this Blog allowing page after page to be published. Contributions to the site are welcomed always. 

Be well…

Ara & Spirit

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6 Responses to “Equinox, First day of Spring… Texas”

  1. Jeff and Sandra Says:

    Ara, The “plan” IS perfect. Corporate entities are without feeling and live on solely for monetary reward. You and Spirit on the other hand live on as free spirits of nature sharing your hearts and souls with so many. And, maybe, just a couple rewards of many are the thoughts and happiness your writing and pictures give us, your readers, with no strings attached. Priceless!

  2. TexasShadow Says:

    Ara, accreditation for your photos was probably not malicious intent. However, it is inexcusable oversight. I do hope you will approach them concerning their oversight; they need to know it is unacceptable so it does not occur again to you or other photographers. May I suggest you look into copyrighting your photography and even consider a signed contract agreement for future publication opportunities explicitly stating terms, such as accreditation and recompense (options being monetary purchase or trade for advertisement space).

    People will not change unless they are held accountable for their actions, even lack of action. Don’t shortchange yourself.

    See you next weekend. 🙂

  3. Christine Says:

    You were a business man in your previous life. You don’t have to give up your new “center”, but you do need to put a few protections (written contracts) in place. Same as you would not drive off into the desert without water just expecting a source to find you. Plan ahead. The honest and thoughtful folk will understand your thoroughness, the unknowing and forgetful will appreciate your experience and organization and the rest will need to adjust…..

  4. Ring Huggins Says:

    Hey Bud,

    Nuts here with spring break. Sorry you are being treated poorly by the art stores.

    Be well and happy,


  5. Bob Says:

    Special appreciation today for the Gilberto Luna photos & words. And for the river photo, and as always for the many others.

  6. Picinisco Says:

    Mention of your “previous life” I think is apt here since I see a resemblence between you and Gilberto. Maybe he is the father of the man. Certainly had plenty of practice. Maybe this is why he draws you back.

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