Do we need each other? NM

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

“The best antidote I know for worry is work. The best cure for weariness is the challenge of helping someone who is even more tired. One of the great ironies of life is this: He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served.”
~ Gordon B. Hinckley ~

Valley of Fire Sunset x

As we have dropped to “The Oasis” for a few days, I had to think where these photos are from! Some from a little Chapel dedicated to departed Children called “Santo Nino de Atocha”. A Chapel I try to visit once a year and bond closer with Lance that day. The other ones are from “Three Rivers Petroglyphs” where we also have camped in the past. All in New Mexico…

Chapel-7 xxx

One candle for Lance… I light one for my Mother here at “The Oasis”.

Chapel-8 xxx

Need, needy are indeed big words with powerful ramifications within their meanings. They also mean we are the recipients of "help", an aspect which comes in so many forms. As so much living an isolated Life [sometimes!], independent, self sufficient even if with half a brain at times, I always need help at one time or another. We all do. It could be mental, physical, spiritual, mechanical, sometimes financial when unwillingly Plan B cannot exist, more. We cannot live without each other. It is not a possibility. It is a fact I have discovered these past years. We want to. We think we can. We cannot. Even if it is not Human help it is often a push from Mother Nature. Today is a beautiful day as we move on South on 285 and already in New Mexico. A few puffs of clouds amongst the blue skies, the wind is mild and so is the temperature, I have to say… it is perfect. That is "help". We sat in Glacier a couple years ago, those are times I will never forget as it hailed for three days with freezing winds and "that" was no help at all. It forges character, a road personality, yet, we always also think we have enough of that!

Chapel x

Chapel-2 x

Chapel-5 x

Chapel x

Chapel-9 xxx

And Dogs also…

Luckily all things must pass and help arrives for us, for many in the various forms it can take. There are a lot of kind people out there even if not portrayed as such by the media news which I glance at maybe once a week. I only want to make sure we are spinning the right way. Most of us do not want help. I know deep down I myself do not. It is a matter of pride, false pride? We want to be as stated above self sufficient and most of us are but it is never enough, never will be enough. We just cannot do it all. We are intelligent Human forms and often the rate of help needs to be paid. That is the reason everyone has a different job. A few years back after a major mechanical failure it meant at the time for financial reasons that our Journey was over which I stated here on these pages. Instead, donations poured in. I even had to stop them. I felt amazed, at the same time I felt bad, guilty, embarrassed. Someone then on asked me "Do you like to help? Do you take pleasure in helping others?". "Of course" I replied as he then on said "Why don’t you allow others the same pleasure?". It all made sense at the time, yet today, Plan B is of a reality. Just in case.

Chapel-16 x

Chapel-13 x

Chapel-25 x

Chapel-11 x

Chapel-21 xxx

Chapel-14 x

Chapel-18 xxx

Some days past were of despair navigating in a black tunnel with no light ahead while all pitch black and nails scraping the raw unfinished cement. A call from a Friend, a few words sent through emails, a visit, a hug, all is help to turn the lights back on and once again make Life visible. Such help is a breath of fresh air in our Life and I never turn it down besides maybe those really bad days as a Birthday, a Father Day, even Holidays when the mind just goes on and on never catching up with the present while stuck in the past in a deep pain when only time will heal that passage towards the next day. "Not today" are then the words. My Friends understand as I also understand their own days as such sometimes as most of us have those Human losses with mile markers throughout the year which deeply stirs us up.

Three Rivers x 

Three Rivers-8 x

Three Rivers-12 x

Three Rivers-9 x

Three Rivers-10 x

Sharing is another form of help. I always try to. Whether it is a meal, a pair of boots I never used, could be a helmet, could even be just a cup of coffee. I like to pass on when I can what I have received as I have received indeed much and seeing a smile, feeling a well being across from me, well, that is the big worth of it all when I can repay my own past and present help. A close and true Friend of mine [Thank You!] unknowingly has lately helped me a lot. She is on the road full time after experiencing her own family tragedy and while we camped together for a few nights I understood what has been filling her days besides riding. Museums, following one road throughout the country [Highway 6 in her case], goals while on the road, attractions. It seems that since my Mother passed away much changed within me even while being on the road. I turned solely towards Mother Nature’s contemplation as there is much more I had set aside, forgot. Witnessing her own doings made me realize I had indeed overlooked the many attractions which daily takes place. I use to do a lot of geographical research, geological, history of the land, of the people and now again all of it is becoming a renewed attraction. I think what I am trying to say is the fact that whatever you do, you will never know how it can help others while sharing it.

Three Rivers-3 x

Three Rivers-13 xxx

Three Rivers-14 x

Three Rivers-5 x

Three Rivers-11 x

Three Rivers-6 x



So it is a nice morning today while camping in "Valley of Fire" near by Carrizozo in the middle of much lava! Last night’s storms filled with thunder, lightning, much winds and rain have passed by and who knows, maybe they will come back today. I think we will go to town, one of my favorite little towns, walk around. Maybe push to Three Rivers where more than 20,000 Petroglyph are present and on to this little Chapel dedicated to departed Children we visited a couple years ago. Santa Nino de Atocha. Too early to tell in the day yet. It is calm and peaceful here, deserted and quiet. Quite a change from our stay in Colorado. We shall probably be back at The Oasis on Sunday for a few days before we head out again…

Sunset East

East and West… Our first Sunset at The Oasis!

Sunset East-2

Stay well…
                Ara and Spirit

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4 Responses to “Do we need each other? NM”

  1. Pleinguy Says:

    Glad to hear that you made it back to the Oasis safely. Hope all goes well.

  2. Zelda Says:

    Hi, Ara & Spirit,
    Enjoyed following you on your return to the Oasis with stops at Valley of Fire and the Chapel of Santo Nino de Atocha. I remember being touched by your visit there two or three years ago. We also camped at Valley of Fire in 2010? 2011? when our camper was new. That area is astonishing in its beauty, especially to us Iowans who are surrounded by fields of corn and soybeans. I just spent a week in northern Minnesota camping and paddling “comme les Voyageurs de la Nouvelle France et Canada qui faisaient la traite en furrures pendant les XVIIIme et XVIIIIme siecles. On pagayait les canots et habitait dans les tentes en dehors dans les Boundary Waters a cote du Canada.”
    Randy had X-rays today for possible knee replacement surgery this winter. We will be keeping you in our thoughts as you have your surgery this winter also, and will be sending wishes your way for a speedy recovery.
    With much affection from Pam, Randy and Natasha

  3. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You Pleinguy. It was nice seeing you in CO even though the Cheeseburger had BBQ sauce on it!!! I still wonder why?

    Pam, Randy, Natasha… Thanks for writing and refreshing to read French! Actually reading a heavy duty French book now. One of those you can barely read one page a day. Sounds like winter is a good time for surgeries… us older people! I am actually looking forward to mine, lets get it over with and have a great next summer camping!
    Talk soon… our door is always open for you all.
    Ara and Spirit

  4. sandy r Says:

    Always such wise words, so down to earth and real . And such beautiful photographs! I know you have been a comfort to many unseen people . Personally I am faced with losing a loved one in the not do distant future and find myself eased through your thoughts – thank you and God Bless.

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