Departure. Reminiscing on photos and words… TX [Video]

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

An evening in Terlingua  

“ I honor your commitment to exploring the mysteries of the outer world while searching the inner reaches of the inner experience as well. “ [Leslie Golden ~ A Dear Reader]

Time does not stand still too long. I feel a bit as we have. It has been a strange winter in more ways than one, and yet, what is strange? only may differ as every moment is. I can’t say we have had many adventures as the ones awaiting for us, I foresee. Maybe the adventures have been more mental than anything else. And that is a good thing also. Much reading throughout the past shorter days of winter, words that reverberate all along the present days, they have formed me a bit into a different mold than the one previously carried, a mold more inquisitive toward the “now” and my “surroundings”.

swimming hole  

“ I often don’t fully understand your writing on your blog, but since it clearly is therapeutic to you, my fully understanding it all is not important. “ [Marty ~  Another Dear Reader]

I smile when I read part of Marty’s e mail because I so much agree as at times when myself reading back what I have put down into words, well, I do understand it, but I know my expression and handle on the language is not of the best. I have been told this many times. Including, as I smile again, from my Friend Brian who is so totally responsible for this site running as it does. I know he has given up correcting me. The pages however go on, I don’t plan my writing, sometimes it is on the side of the road, sometimes it is in the middle of the night, anytime truly as a voice I can communicate with as I have found it’s importance to write it down, just about all of it.

Fair in Del Rio  

“ The old Jerseyman got up. At the door, he looked again at my license plate. ‘ The Ancient Incas ‘, he said, ‘ when they traveled the great mountain empire, were required to wear their own distinct costume so they could be recognized. What do we have now? A license plate? Ideas are a man’s costume, his colors. ‘” [blue highways ~ William Least Heat-Moon].

I have read a lot this winter as I hope to do still throughout even these longer days that call me to wander aimlessly keeping my senses occupied with Mother Nature, versus books that might not be within my reach in quantity but feel them in their quality. There are some talented writers out there, there are some talented Friends also, their words penetrate me to no end as they light up my own avenues inward and outward. I have felt stagnant at times, but I do know it has not been so, I have only reached deeper and found of myself what I need to do, to go on discovering some meanings I search for, discerning new paintings awaiting in new areas we yet have been to and some we have.

Old Faithful  

This is the season my Friend Tyler made it through. It is also the time when her needing most help in turn turns around and still helps others lifting even myself up confronting her own true realizations that I now read almost daily. “ Don’t fear your darkness because fear lets it win. Accept the bad but then let it go and focus on the good… we all have that gift in life and the ability to change ourselves, adapt, overcome and grow. “ . Thank you Tyler. A reality I have seeked for a long time now, sometimes the answers are as close as the words of a true Friend. And Friends we have many today. I feel so very fortunate. As I sit here I can now think about them. I have put some faces behind the names, we have met a few, and the ones we have not, well, we just might soon. We don’t write each other every day, but we know we are here for each other as we have all grown a bit together discovering our own avenues that have crossed.


There is truly an incredible “wealth” that has descended on us, it has been overwhelming at times how from just a few years past, from a not so simple decision to leave it all behind and embrace the unknown has brought a present so well known throughout these days of recent past while mostly parked here awaiting better weathers to go on. Terlingua was kind to us this season and so have been our neighbors. We had such a good fortune to meet others and unlike earlier times sat down and exchanged our stories, thoughts, and a certain affection and care that brought us closer. But it is time to go on and the honest truth is, I am so ready to lay my senses on those blue and brown ribbons ahead of us, find out the why’s and the how’s of yet the intricate gems laying around in this backyard of ours.


I have felt the changes while on the road. They do make me think often about the future of us traveling around with this total freedom that I seek for without ever looking over our shoulder. I always wish those days will not arrive when I have to, but I do sense a certain veil descending on what use to be so pristine within this land of ours. As I read the other day “This is about the limited capacity of men to understand because they measure time in terms of themselves. This is about men who won’t see causes and therefore can’t predict effects. This is about men who fail to realize that geographical refuge is central to our history. It is about men who exterminate the species of the Earth at the rate of one every day. You see no worry in me because I know the natural amenities will finally be preserved for a single reason and for a single reason alone – the force of Nature demands it. It always is greater than ours. And for another reason. Accidents, discovery, even enlightenment. Any projection must allow for man to change it’s history, a power only second to that of Nature” [“blue highway].

sunrise at -The Oasis-  

We will be out there, we “are” out there, daily. And as the times go on, marches on, I can only find myself deeper into my surrounding, the one created by Mother Nature. As I was telling a Friend busy with her obligations within her City Life which is her own reality, chosen or not, maybe I have swayed a bit too much on this side, the one that seeks open spaces, fresh air, quiet and silence, the side that never required the cinderblocks and the cement mixers, only that force we should bow to, respect and try to preserve as either way it will preserve itself as read. She demands it and will indeed have it her way. No doubt.


See you on the road. Be well, as always. 

Ara & Spirit

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Music: "Saw-Belly Bacon"
Written & Performed by:
Derek R. Audette – (C) MMIV

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6 Responses to “Departure. Reminiscing on photos and words… TX [Video]”

  1. Michael and Louise Says:


  2. alady'slife Says:

    You are truly doing a beautiful thing
    It is not many who can go on the road, look at pristine skies, at a solitary majestic environment where all you can hear is a bird and your thoughts as they pervade your mind. It is a great world where both you and mans best friend can run fee.
    With our planet being so old, maybe all we come in contact with, belong to our ancestors’ bones.
    The food we eat, the water we drink, the holes we dig, the oil we burn, the flowers we smell, the birds we kill etc…
    Our Earth is all hallowed ground belonging to our ancestors and we transgress her all the time doing things we have no right to do.
    We go back to old Indian beliefs who treasure and hold dear everything they see hear smell and feel.
    Man still has a long way to go before he can call himself civilized lol
    Happy Easter Ara.

  3. Janet Says:

    Spirit yawned at the end of that ride to the mail box. How funny!

    Fair winds, Ara and stay safe.
    Always, Janet

  4. texascindy Says:

    I can feel the lightness in your words today, Ara. You sound so happy to be “going” again! As you continue your search for whatever it is you hope to find, know that you touch many people as you make your way through this life you’ve chosen, or rather, has chosen you. Thank you again for sharing it with us.
    Praying for you daily now, safe travels be yours


  5. Montana Rose Says:

    Thanks for the beauty of your images, your heart-felt musings and the quotes from Least Heat Moon.

    Happy Trails,

    Montana Rose (Rosemary, Teri’s Friend)

  6. Kevin Says:

    Thats good stuff!

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