Days in “Paradise” . TX

Friday, October 21st, 2011

“My  Personal Daily Therapy, published Weekly or so…”

"Be a light in the darkness and be a Heart to the heartless. When the World has lost its meaning be the one who still goes on believing." ~ Parish and Toppano ~

This piece of Music is called “Dreams” for good reasons. Fabulous Piano and acoustic guitar by “Armik” from the Album “Piano Nights”

-Old Faithful-

It is finally a cooler wave descending or more precisely blowing on us, letting us know to be ready for this one more change of season awaiting. It is energy again, it is even a bit of shivering having not yet learned to add a second layer over this short sleeve t-shirt in a mental disbelief of a present so welcomed reality. Today was a good day. Yesterday was a good day. It is always a choice. A trying one sometimes, but the choice of the choice itself must always be a winner, this uphill commodity only us can create. We have though become softer in hot weather not doing so well as "cold" is more the preference we move through all year round as well as we can. Yesterday was a ride exploring more back roads, bouncing around a bit on the dirt, today was a ride to Alpine and actually buy some food and see some Friends and a street called “Murphy” which is slowly getting to be a colorful one.


Many dirt roads to explore!


I always liked Alpine. We generally park in the shade by the side of the Hardware store where everyone knows us. Correction. Everyone knows Spirit. As in Terlingua, Alpine always ends up being an all day affair. The chatting is always present, the path of the moments only slowly coasts, no one seems to have “time” rushing through their mind, everyone gives everyone the most of what they have, the conversations are endless and so are the smiles and the kind Hearts projecting everyone’s inner self. It is a little town I feel comfortable, at ease also leaving Spirit in his sidecar, an important aspect when we are amidst an Urban environment. Some stores have closed, new ones have opened, an eating establishment here, another one there as I noticed quickly “Murphy Street” was taking on some new colors and a big grin. I like to challenge myself sometimes photographing one street, trying to bring out what catches my Soul. Always a bit different from Mother Nature’s space, the colors and the angles can be fun. It was.

Murphy Street xxx

Murphy Street-3

We are back here today and I am now thinking how grateful I am toward this piece of land I call my "Oasis". As much as the roads calls, and trust me they have as the imagination wonders towards the new ones I discover during these times on paper maps only, as much as my memories of past spaces linger, “here” is where the logistics of it all yearly comes together. This time around more than ever, maybe because of a heavy near past dosage of Urban environment through California mainly. I feel more at Peace than ever. I think about the logistics, that word which did not exist a while back, which was not suppose to surface and yet has shown it’s profile. It is now always my desire and mental “must” to keep it all well balanced. Has been.

Murphy Street-4 xxx

I am spending much time right now going through my past photos adding them slowly to my new existing six Galleries on Smugmug. It is turning out to be such a deep mental Journey remembering for each the precise moment the shutter went off. The past feelings overcoming me choosing the ones I call "Wow"! The ones luck had me be at the right place at the right time. There are so many folders I now realize. I know all those places and I am amazing myself that we have actually gone there and there and further on. It is giving me the desire to go again, right now, but first, now, I have to take care of projects, create Plan B as otherwise one more emergency and we will be out of the loop. This cannot happen and I know it will not.

Murphy Street-5

Murphy Street-6 xxx

The most exciting task however has been re-writing my recipes. Cooking, besides using a smoker (!!!), and soon here a Solar Oven, has not too many secrets left. More than forty years in front of stoves, mixers, cutting boards, knives of all shapes and sizes, cuts and band aids, emergency rooms, menus boggling the mind when cooking the last twenty years without a set budget for the wealthy, those up to 12 course dinners. Nostalgia, passion, love and so much more with an easiness as breathing and walking. I always dreamed of a small informal and friendly and filled with passion Culinary School. I would not even want to call it School, but a group with others sharing the same interest wanting to lay out their maybe hidden desires.

Murphy Street-7 xxx

Murphy Street xxxx

Murphy Street-14 xxx

After posting a few photos and some vague recipes these past 5 years I realized this is the closest I am ever going to get near truly sharing this Passion of mine. I am fortunate to have the help of a great Man and Webmaster "Justin", as to me, setting up a recipe section incorporated in the Journal is so totally beyond my abilities and comprehension. So slowly, this "one-pan cooking" section has been set up, with all the glitches the web can provide and with all the corrections and solutions Justin magically is pulling out of his hat, and as I sat down the other day to start on number one, it was as I froze not knowing how to write. This is knowledge I thought, this is not my inner rambling of my Journal, this is for others who are going to learn something, go shopping, cook and share while on the road or at home or in their RV, wherever they are.

Murphy Street-13 xxx

Murphy Street-12 xxx

Murphy Street-11

Murphy Street-10

So I started writing it all, the first one anyhow, as I am writing a Book. Then read it a few times, then found it dry. I came to an impasse for a while not knowing what to do. And I realized we are amongst Friends here. I am in my kitchen, your kitchen, our campground, you are sitting across me or standing next to me and I am simply explaining the "Why and How" in plain and simple English (mine…). The gate opened up as I started writing as I would be in "that moment" while cooking with you across from me. I then realized how much fun this is, how relieving it is to as my Journal, uncorking everything inside me that has for these chapters have anything to do with cooking. An added therapy as I am calling it now, and what a more beautiful way to share such knowledge of a Passion acquired from past experiences.

Murphy Street-19 xxx

Murphy Street-16

Murphy Street-17 xxx

I sit outside now, same chair that has supported my rambling for these past 5 years. Replaced a couple pieces here and there, a bit of glue also. Nothing can last that long in this environment. We have. We are entering our Sixth year of wandering, of looking up the skies late at night, blinded by the full Moon when present, awaiting for the Shooting Star when absent, that "Good Night" presence when Lance passes by. I think of all the places we have been Spirit and I, all the photos I have taken, all the words compiled in these almost 700 chapters, all the food prepared and cooked, all the tires and the oils and the fuel! I think more where we "really" are. We climbed a few steps, we fell back some, I sometimes just don’t know what peaks we can more attain as yet none have truly been conquered as I see the shadows of the unthinkable ones swaying still ahead of us.

Murphy Street-23 xxx

Murphy Street-22 xxx

Murphy Street-20 xxx

Till next time.

"I have been juggling my Book, my “one-pan recipes”, “Spirit” and myself and also Smugmug is starting to look good if I may say so myself with now 6 Galleries. There will be more, adding daily as I go through these past years photos…”

Take a look. “Smugmug” stands for quality. Thank you”

Be well, always.

Ara & Spirit

Murphy Street-15

Murphy Street-18 xxx

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5 Responses to “Days in “Paradise” . TX”

  1. scruffy Says:

    smiling at you & Spirit, and someday, a cup of coffee. Again thanks Ara, for what you share~

  2. texascindy Says:

    Ara, I can feel your excitement in your words! I am so looking forward to the compilation of your recipes. I have, over the years, taken a few of the ones you’ve shared in your journal and put them down on paper. These have become a regular part of my personal menu. Don’t forget “Ara’s Fish” with the syrup! I have it if you’ve forgotten! 😉

  3. scruffy Says:

    …..and I must visit Murphy Street. you two are such a joy.

  4. Queenie Says:

    Hope to see you in Alpine next month. Murphy Street is indeed changing. I like it, though I miss Talgar.

  5. Ara & Spirit Says:

    I owe you an e mail! There is no way they could have stayed in business with such small portions and high prices! This is Texas as you know. The BBQ place has moved out of town. See you then Miss Queenie….

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