Coos Bay. OR

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

“If” is a small word in our language as it is in yours, but I have come to believe that it is the most heavy-laden word of all the words there are” ~ AZTEC ~ [Gary Jennings]

Coos Bay  
Coos Bay  

Like a novel of nowadays with a past tense and present, Highway 101 unraveled it’s well exclaimed pages one by one never skipping a beat. Miles of the same chapter tainted in the purest blue form from above, suddenly changes of chapters in a gray rolling low cast throwing in a chill so used to it by now. Good weather times made me push on further with the filled fervor of the ride, at other times the semi darkness and lack of visibility caught me looking for a campground to no avail till passed Coos Bay and it’s flotilla of wooden boats parked in this present time adorned with their upright wings ready for their next fishing outing.

Coos Bay Coastline  
Coos Bay Coastline  

A National Park Campground we finally found, using for the first time, for the first day of my new title as a Senior Citizen, my newly acquired Lifetime Golden Age Pass, giving us free access and half price on camping. How exciting suddenly on this day of my 62nd Birthday, our Birthday as Spirit now turns 6. I can legally call him a grouchy and moody "old man"! Birthdays these past years had stopped thrilling me. A celebration of a Childless Father? Today exactly twice his age. But for the first time from so many, the wishes poured in. Dear Friends, you lift me up, you choked me with not only the thought of those two words and other so thoughtful comments, you did with the time you took to do so, and that knowledge in itself is moving me as us sitting here, tent up and moved into the bushes of the Oregon Coast, reminiscing on this day brought into this moment from the so many some distant and some not, past days of the culmination years have brought on. “Thank You” and much more.

Coos Bay Coastline  
Coos Bay Coastline  

Coos Bay caught my attention while passing through. We are a few miles north of it, an almost empty Park as I like them, a site in the woods with barely an opening to the mainstream. I think we will set up Home Base here for a few days. I realized just an hour ago about 4th of July coming up. We will need to move on and find another Space for that duration. Everything inner and outer suddenly have slowed down today. Slept late, coffee was also at a refraining pace drank and having a new tire mounted Thursday, there is no rush for any forward momentum. As if there ever was. Getting familiarized with Coos Bay and while running some errands, we were pulled over by a gentleman who knew us. Patrick. He does a lot of art work on car and trucks and after playing tourist on the boardwalk we met up in his shop. Tomorrow he will take us to the Beaches known only to the locals.


I was admiring a beautiful 37′ Islanders sailboat owned by the Harbormaster while on the boardwalk. A ketch. One of only 20 built and my years living on a sailboat relayed to the moment so instantly. His is now ready for blue waters as he will be going to the Fiji Islands, New Zealand and more. I now sail and camp on land I told him. Two different worlds, spaces and Life it is. Maybe again some day? Who knows. 


The food, ingredients, all has been incredible since northern California. Traveling without refrigeration has been a treat while finding fresh herbs and just about everything else organic and tasting as they should be. Mint, basil, oregano, tomatoes, baby zucchinis… cooking has been rewarding and I think I will get some fresh fish by the beach for tomorrow night’s dinner for one.


It has been the forest by the beach. The roar of the crashing waves filtering through the trees almost as if unnatural. The birds and the Ocean are competing incessantly and yet there is no winner. I decided to stay here till the 5th. We cannot leave till Friday because of a needed tire, most campgrounds like the “Ritz Carlton” are by reservation, I don’t want to take a chance not finding space and also not ready to go inland where there is BLM mostly free camping. Next week will see us in Oregon City to have our shocks serviced. They are overdue.

Farmers Market Farmers Market
Farmers Market Farmers Market

This tent, mainly the size of both vestibule, the ease of putting it up and taking it down, has changed our camping mode and Life on the road to an incredible level of comfort. It has been so nice having better shelter and a covered space to sit in, read, write and cook daily. So we are hanging out in this vast and beautiful neighborhood. Patrick end up being busy. Maps replaced him and after finding the Wednesday Farmers Market, we came to Point Aruba where unfortunately the road ends as I see miles and miles of coastline south of us. The beach is below, a moderate hike, but we will stay on the cliffs. I have too much "stuff" exposed today, the signs "lock your valuables" are all over the place. It has been suddenly hot in the sun, the shade with it’s constant cool breeze is amazingly pleasant as we will probably lay down in the tall grass and take a nap. Spirit will wake me up if anyone comes near by.

Farmers Market Farmers Market
Farmers Market  

The days are starting to blend in.somehow. We returned early today as I started feeling tired. Kind of drained. Yet I did not want to miss the fish store. I bought a couple pieces of salmon. They have so many different kinds nowadays it started to be a bit confusing. As long as they are not farm fed. They gave me some ice which was the good part, but all will have to wait till tomorrow as we both fell asleep so early and now almost midnight needing to take Spirit out there is not much sense cooking.

Coos Bay Coastline  

The morning after. Midnight only saw me up for a few minutes. I am realizing that I have slept for 16 hours. I definitely feel rested now and I think we will just stay here today. Take a hike on the beach, energizing and thoughtful beach, my cure for all ailments, mental and physical. The morning skies are gray as usual always as in the past days awaiting if they will change to blue as they also always have. Spoiled we have suddenly been with the weather unlike times past. A few more campers have arrived but it will be quiet here as every campsite is so secluded."Eel Creek" campground it is called. One to remember.

Coos Bay Coastline  

Be well, it is your choice.

Ara & Spirit

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4 Responses to “Coos Bay. OR”

  1. Froggi Donna Says:

    Amazing photos, as always. Glad you rested up…riding day after day does catch up to you. To keep it up you need to take a breather once in a while. Be safe & stay well, my friend. Looking forward to meeting up somewhere again. We will be in the west until mid-August.

  2. Denny Gibson Says:

    Happy belated birthday. I picked up my National Park pass last year. It’s an amazing bargain for anyone but I know it will be especially so for you.

  3. john Says:

    Enjoy the day… celebrate the anniversary of your’s and spirits b’day… and what better view the left coast…

  4. Louise Says:

    Happy belated birthday! I wish many good things for you in the coming year. Early July is such a lovely time on the northwest coast; consider it a birthday gift from the universe!

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