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Sunday, July 5th, 2015

“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living” ~ Miriam Beard ~

The photos are from a ride on Agua Fria Rd and the start of fixing this and that on “Old Faithful’

Agua Fria Road-4 xxx

Definitely paying the price of the side effects of those steroid shots, hip and spine. Insomnia, anxiety, shakiness, higher blood pressure which is making me cut back on my morning coffee [who needs the shakes!] and the pain? Well, since the left hip is good the right hip is now acting up and the spine I would say is about 80% better. Osteoarthritis. As one Dr said, all medicine is a compromise. I have to also consider the fact that I am not eighteen anymore as actually I turn 67 today… 57 years of riding mostly the bumpy roads. What can I say? it is my drug of choice. I have to cut back from those hairy roads but with a new seat coming which will lift me 1.5 inches meaning increasing the hip angle all should be better. One does learn to live with a bit of pain…

Agua Fria Road xxx

Agua Fria Road-2 xxx

I have a follow up in a couple of weeks again in Midland for my hips and spine, it seems so close as I might push it away an extra week or so. The huge gift these days is the weather! I was cold this morning, an amazing fact for Big Bend this time of the year. Spirit and I walk around here early mornings and very late into the night as these days a three quarter moon is dancing through the clouds. Those are the times I feel fortunate being here within an absolute silence. It is a true Peace on Earth undisturbed from any outside interferences. Our bubble!

Agua Fria Road-7 xxx

My Birthday! I am amazed I have lived this long and savoring the present is a must. We did ride a bit yesterday as I call it around the block, to the mailbox, really a couple miles away, but today we both sat at my Center of the Universe, my fire rings with pecan trunk benches and kept company to my Mother and Lance. My Dear Mother who raised me right. Even though I don’t talk about him often, my Father also did with his strong principles the main one being, one I kept repeating all my Life and still do "failure is not an option". I remember while not having even graduated yet with ideas of becoming a Reporter or a Chef bouncing around in my mind, him telling me "be anything you want, even a garbage man, but whatever you do, be the best". I was a good Chef and enjoyed every minute of my profession. 

Agua Fria Road-8 xxx

Agua Fria Road-5 xxx

I have been overwhelmed by all the ‘Happy Birthday" wishes for myself and also for Spirit as he is officially now ten years old! He is finally in dog years older than me! "May the roads ahead be clear and safe for you and Spirit!"… They are, we make them as such even if as these past weeks it has been filled with an intermission, one I now realize much needed. I call it "regrouping". Many comments of "us" being the best and by far as I am not putting ourselves on a pedestal, yet, I started thinking about it, about the whys many feel as such. I do have to Thank my upbringing, my honest approach towards Life which I grab by the horns whether good days or bad days, my respect towards others and my ability to agree to disagree as long as there is no harm towards each other. When harm happens as sometimes it does, I have to speak up quite often due to a self gratification aspect others carry and need to spill towards us. I just have to when it becomes disturbing. I received a comment written towards someone else the other day and I am still smiling at the words “I sure am not going to massage her ego…”. No need for any of that non sense!

Agua Fria Road-9 xxx 

Agua Fria Road-10 xxx

The "It is what it is" always comes back as a banner striking in the wind never coming down. I don’t get into politics, religion, sexuality, profanities as lately I am witnessing its high volume throughout Social Medias, the little of it I sometimes I glance at, the main reason being to make sure we are still spinning. I have also been called in recent past "too passive" and yet, what difference would it make arguing with others? Some of my Friends do. Especially politics. I prefer to spend my energy and awaken moments towards us, the now, the present, the kindness of others, the skies, the clouds with their sunrises and sunsets, the birds keeping me company, my buddy Spirit. I don’t know? Am I missing anything?

Old Faithful-10

Old Faithful-11

A neighbor stopped by a couple times for me to feed his dogs in case he was himself retained in the hospital in Alpine because of seizures he has been experiencing lately. He kept asking me if I had heard about this and about that! So emotional he is towards what is going on out there that I had to shut him up! He could not understand how and why I do not listen to the news. I don’t find it all "funny", only on the path again of "it is what it is". My own opinion is the fact that the broken parts of society are too heavily advertised by the media while on the other side of the wall the good people, as there are many of them, well, there is no news about them.

Old Faithful-6 xxx 

Old Faithful-8 xxx

Old Faithful-5 xxx

Old Faithful-7 xxx

We shall leave soon. It is only a matter of a few weeks. Every day this body is doing better, like a new vehicle breaking in! Talking about vehicles, "Old Faithful" is getting new parts mainly in the electrical aspect. She will be 20 soon and as I take things apart, never having been covered all this time 24/7, many wires are now rusted out and need to be changed. Funny how one part leads to another as they come apart and realize they need to be changed. I don’t want to be stuck on the road and this here is the right place and time to do it. I am giving it about a week if no more surprises come up! One did… Waiting for for tomorrow while hoping they do have the part.

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                                                         So there...

Stay well, Ara and Spirit

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