"Closed Canyon", Tx.

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

I normally would not ask for this sort of favor, but when it comes to feeding the dogs and rescued animals at “the animal rescue site”, I do. Please click on the link, click then on the purple box and you are done… takes less than 20 seconds. No name or address asked. They are having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. They will really appreciate it as I will also. Many many Thanks…

river rd a

I felt a bit as spring was in the air, a misconception I know, but yet the road calls as we are still waiting for some parts, items for a lengthy camping in Death Valley. We had never been to “The Closed Canyon” and so today was it’s time to explore it. It always amazes me for as long as we have been coming to this area to discover new spaces. West of Lajitas, on River road, a few miles away on the south side going west, with a sign posted which one cannot miss, there it was suddenly with a feel of its own, a feel as maybe we were back into Utah’s slot Canyons.

river rd b  

river rd c

I remember when living in Florida never going to the beach and I wonder now here, how many never sees the wonders that surrounds us, too busy building up what we already have been provided with, only seeing this desert as flat piece of land to reside on, versus truly appreciating and exploring the surroundings as our time is passing by so quickly. I guess it is a matter of balance, I have nothing to build! I prefer to live with only the necessities, more time to explore…

canyon b

canyon d  

The canyon is an easy hike and finally Spirit and I are in sync hiking without a leash. I never thought this day would arrive but it has. I know there is a lot of controversy hiking with a dog off his leash, mainly due to other animals, ledges, dangers they might not be aware of as I am. It is not a constant situation, it depends much also who else is around as not everyone is keen of dogs. Spirit has turned out to be a “people lover” and a leaner! There was one couple yesterday we met up with upon our return and he ran to them with his wagging tail. Not everyone would welcome him. He then started leaning on them as we chatted for a bit, something else I am trying to work on, as again some do not like it. But overall, when it is just him and I, it is working out really nicely.

canyon e

canyon f  

Of course now that he is ahead of me, and trust me on this, waits and looks back constantly, he will be in just about all the photos taken! There was a ledge we came to, I had to hang on with one hand and camera in the other (I don’t use a neck strap) to get down, a bit slippery and I did not think he would make it down or up. Agility is his middle name as I started laughing, I barely had one foot on the ledge going up that he already was on top.

canyon a

canyon j  

The canyon is situated on a stretch of River road that is actually separated from the Rio Grande by hills and rocky ridges. The stretch is about 12 miles long. At one point the road is less than a mile from the river, which is hidden from view behind a cliff face and a plateau several hundred feet high, but a seasonal stream flowing from the desert land beyond has cut a narrow canyon right through, just 3-4 meters wide and with sheer, vertical walls. This is Closed Canyon.

canyon i

canyon h  

The rock is igneous in origin and dark in color, though worn smooth and whitish gray by the occasional floods that rush down the streamway. The ravine is rather different to the sandstone slot canyons of Arizona and Utah, not as narrow and with more subtle patterns of erosion, but with some features in common such as plunge pools and dry falls. Doubtless the flash flood danger is just as real, and here there are no escape routes once past the entrance. The weather is always on my mind when adventuring in such space, trying to be 100% sure at all time of clear skies and no precipitations as far as 100 mile away.


canyon k  

It is a great discovery for us, the swimming hole, the closed canyon, two spaces we are close to physically and mentally, two getaways to go to and spend the day as yesterday was just a short visit, like a beautiful painting there is always so much more to see with every sighting. And it is not only the formations themselves but throughout the day the plays of the shadows on the walls making my imagination run wild seeing forms and shape, even if it is just a glimpse of them, as a message that Mother Nature sends us as the sun moves on its path.

canyon l

The head of a horse on the left, a human profile on the right, it is always an incredible show if only one takes the time to look. We are going to Alpine today, Old Faithful has come up with another crack and needs some welding. It was discovered by a Friend of mine, Felipe, who stopped by to see us the other day. Good Karma as I don’t think I would have caught that one in time before we left. It will be then on to Marfa. It seems that we are truly being part of Texas now with my photography! “Ride Texas” will feature one photo in one ad. It was in exchange for Photo Gallery site credit, which they forgot. The “Marfa Chamber of Commerce” new web site is also going to use some and the more thrilling even is providing all the photos for the 2009 issue of “Big Bend and Texas Mountain Travel Guide”! This also will be a barter as they are giving me a quarter page ad for the year that will feature the site where readers can purchase some photos. Imagine that!!! I am thrilled.

sunset a

The sunsets and the sunrises keep making up the morning and evening shows. We are still within short riding days because of the cold temperatures, soon the hours of daylight will lengthen and warmer temperatures will welcome us on the roads for longer routes. It won’t be long, I can taste it!

Two years of Photography is finally in order on SmugMug… In “Your Favorites”, in “States”, some labeled “first year” and second year”, now also “Texas the third year”. Feel free to browse, you can even use the slide show mode and have fun.

Merchandise is also available through SmugMug. If you like to order a print all sizes are available as I store the originals myself considering the huge bandwidth needed to upload on the Gallery.

Help us keep the site alive. Please contribute… The logistics of it have become costly. It is an open book, its pages for the taking with always the hope that you will support their presence.

Be well…

Ara & Spirit

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10 Responses to “"Closed Canyon", Tx.”

  1. Colorado Kid Says:

    As a resident of SE Utah, I can say that little canyon is as beautiful as anything we have. Especially when you add a free-roaming dog. My dogs all run off-leash and I’ve never had any problems, but they don’t chase wildlife and I stay away from areas where people go. Sometimes I run along with them and howl, just for the sheer fun of it. Everyone should try it sometime. Thanks for taking us along to another wonderful place.

  2. linda Says:

    Oh Ara, You are an “Angel”…..Thank you so much for the add. I’m sure the site will have plenty of food now. Thank you again. And, as always, the pictures are breathtaking and the blog…. let’s just say awesome. I’m a constant reader now….addicted. You stay well and kiss Spirit for me. Your friend, Linda…. “chinasmom”

  3. genete Says:

    I LOVE ANIMAL RESCUE SITE & free kibble.com also. These are wonderful sites to feed animals. I also have purchased stuff at the animal rescue store & it was great. Hope everyone checks it out!

  4. texascindy Says:

    Ara, thanks for the great shots of Closed Canyon. This hike is on my short list of what to do next time we are out that way. We were in Big Bend for the New Year week and I’m sad to say we didn’t go to the Pea Off in Terlingua: we surely would have met up! As it was, I constantly had my eyes peeled for you and Spirit as we drove around the surrounding area. Oh well…there’s always next time! Travel safe on your journeys!

  5. MsBelinda Says:

    I have put the Animal Rescue site on my favorites so I can give them a daily click, you are an angel by including them in your blog I am sure with all your readers they will have enough food.

    What a beautiful place Closed Canyon seems to be, would love to one day go there. Congratulations on your pictures being featured both on the website of the Marfa Chamber of Commerce and the 2009 Big Bend and Texas Mountain Travel Guide.

    Have a safe trip to Death Valley.

  6. James Myrick ( Texas ) Says:

    Great pics as always and Thanks for the Animal Rescue info.


  7. Debbie Says:

    Ara, I put the link to the Animal Rescue site on my desktop and will click daily. Hopefully we will get out of the Pacific Northwest sooner than we thought since the weather is finally warming up. We haven’t had snow for 3 whole days. LOL We still have a 5 foot berm of snow in front of the RV though. It is melting fast however. Hopefully that little 2 weeks of winter storms were the worst of the year. Hope your items arrive soon so you can head to Death Valley. That is such a beautiful place.

  8. JayElDee Says:

    Those are some breathtaking site, Ara.
    Beautiful. I hope to get there someday


  9. M1tch Says:

    clicked on the link, but then wondered if it counts if from England. as ever amazing photos and blog, Ara

  10. Jerry Says:

    thanks again for the great photo’s.it looks like you and Spirit are having
    a great time.
    I bookmarked the animal rescue website and I will visit it daily to help
    them out.

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