Carrizozo, the “Burro” town!… NM

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018


“You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending”
~ C.S. Lewis ~





I have pretty much shared “our” lives these past 14 or so years, openly, honestly, “no hold bar” as they say, “one face” always as I would find the other way a bit too complicated. It has been and still is my Life’s Therapy every morning or so. There are however times when I just do not find it proper to share such thoughts. These days are some of those times. The “Holiday Blues” descent on me very rapidly, I think a bit faster this year and being respectful towards those who do joyously celebrate I find it unfair for anyone to read the depths of a path present while unlike me who lives in the moment [I try anyhow!] wish January the second was already tomorrow.





So instead this is a page dedicated to what I call this little Town of Burros called Carrizozo about 60 miles from here where I spend one Sunday afternoon. It is a little Town in Lincoln County and is the County Seat with a population of about a thousand at the present. It was founded in 1899 and at the time provided the main railroad access for the County. Today, the train does not stop there anymore. It did experience a significant population growth in the early decades of the 1900’s, however, with the declining relevance of the railroad, the population has gradually declined. The Town is located at the intersection of U.S. Route 54 and U.S. Route 380.



The two main attractions are the “Malkerson Gallery 408”  and the “Tularosa Basin Gallery of Photography” both owned by the same couple. Joan and Warren Malkerson opened the doors of “Gallery 408” in the Spring of 2005 and consequently founded the Art District in Carrizozo which has continued being the center for the exciting growth of the Arts on Historic Twelfth Street. Situated in the Tularosa Basin, surrounded by the Sacramento Mountains, Carrizozo now has more than thirty Artists living in the town which creates a dedicated local community and gathering place for the Arts.




In 2006, Galley 408 sponsored a public Art project named the Burro Serenade. Burros have been historically indigenous to the area, and thus were chosen to paint and embellish as an iconic symbol of the past and present. Up to seventy five Artists from Lincoln County have participated. The town of Carrizozo boasts twenty six burros donated to businesses and parks, standing on walls, rooftops and garden paths enjoyed by many visitors and photographers. All these burros are for sale! They have been purchased by individuals, families and businesses and traveled to homes in New Mexico and throughout the United States. The current count has the burros residing in twenty plus states and growing.





Almost across the street the “Tularosa Basin Gallery” is the largest all photography, all New Mexico Gallery in the State. Every photograph captures the uniqueness of New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. They are not just documents but personal statements filtered through the creativity and vision of talented photographers. The outstanding images each contain a subliminal message which resonates, triggering a cascade of memories. A glance at their walls and what you will experience are not just snapshots, but a gateway to your imagination and all is available to the customers.






A Town not to miss as myself with now more knowledge of it than ever will return soon.

Stay well, Ara and Spirit



[quotes from the “Malkerson Gallery 408” and the “Tularosa Basin Gallery of Photography” websites]   

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