Cannot go against the grain (s!) Utah

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

A friend of mine the other day, when sending me an e mail wrote that his plans were in "Jello"… or made of "Jello", something like that. I like that!… Much "Jello" yesterday trying to camp near Needles, an area we had never been before. I thought about one of those past days when we tried to get into The Valley of the Gods and we could not, well, this was much worse. We tried, this is the next day and my eyelids are still with every blink polishing my cornea. We stood there at "Hamburger Campground", a very attractive rock formation, and stood some more, walked behind the rocks thinking we could get maybe a bit of relief, compounded by the frustration that the camera could not even come out of its case… no way. I could not put us through it, "White Elephant", "Old Faithful" and Spirit including myself grinding teeth on sand with every breath. We pushed North, I remembered Willow Spring Trail, a few miles North of Moab, free camping which would be our home base, also being only sand, so we settled for Ken’s Lake, about 7 miles south of Moab, near the entrance of Lasal loop which we have never done due to snow.


Much vegetation here, peaceful and quiet, I can hear some waterfalls and within a few steps a nice creek running forcefully due to the melting snows way above. I am done fighting the weather! Not that I have ever won its battle or even have been able to compromise our outings, but this is it… we can just be sitting ducks while all this blows away. We will do day trips to the Needles when the forecast calls for calmer winds, maybe, just maybe try to go back and camp, it is always nice to be able to just be "there" instead of doing day trips. The road to Needles, 211 westbound, 15 miles North of Monticello has to be one of the most beautiful road ever taken, passing by Newspaper Rock, ancient Petroglyphs, picture opportunities with every steps, just a wonder carved by Mother Nature as everywhere else around here.

"Sunset, California Lost Coast"

I even promised Spirit a steak yesterday! The poor guys was sitting up all day, his ears like radars and I have to admit that he looked nervous throughout the whole ordeal. Not a word, not a complain… I will fulfill my promise!

"Day of the Dead Celebration" in Terlingua, Texas

A big step has happened these past two days. 15 pictures of mine are up on a Gallery, Urban Artifacts, and those are the ones I am posting today! Bob and Suz (yes… Suz), great Artists themselves have had Galleries all their lives. The pressure of many of the Artists they have represented after trying to retire worked well on them… they now have opened an Internet Gallery, have been on line since 1996 and it is an honor for me to be part of it. I met them while in Salt Lake City when under repair with a faulty ignition sensor after my stunt doing Hurray Pass, here in Moab. They came to see me at the shop and we have been working on this project since.

"A single Log"

I have been referred to a great Photo Lab in California by a reader’s husband who is a Professional Photographer and uses their services on a daily basis. I have seen the prints, they are Museum quality and the sizes available and information is all on the Urban Artifacts web site. I am still making those in Art Card format and any picture off the Blog is available as long as I have it’s date and description.

"A Big Bend Sunrise, Texas Style"

They are called "Chromira Prints", the finest quality with customized continuous tones. The prints are exposed digitally by a scanning LED light source, it was what has been recommended for any photography that requires critical color control.

"The Chiefs", a PowWow in Terlingua, Texas

They are printed borderless and mounted on hard stand out 1/2", black edged gator board, ready to be hang unless if framing needed they will be on 3/16" thick gator board. They are numbered as 49 prints of each is available.

"The Hood Canal" Washington

Wondering maybe why I chose those pictures over others?

"Port Angeles" Washington

They are ones close to my heart, they have been meaningful throughout this Journey of ours, they move me, at the same time realizing that Photography is so subjective! They are photos that I can look at, go back, as you can, and read the words that go along with them.


"Sotol Look Out" Big Bend, Texas

I can still remember and place myself at the Sotol Look out that evening when out on a casual ride. Suddenly the storms where moving toward San Helena Canyon, the rains dropping from the sky as the sun was setting in and Spirit and I, the only ones within miles, witnessing the magic!

"Eye of the Rock" Arches, Utah

This picture to me was the perfect example being at the right place at the right time, as that sun through a hole in the rock hit my eye and we did a U turn to take this shot, only realizing the two profiles on the upper right and left ledges afterwards.

"Viva Las Historia" Terlingua, Texas

What a weekend that was! Families of the Miners from years past coming back to the town, with offerings for the Spirits that once roamed the mines and gave up their lives for it. Food, music, dancing… conversations and old stories told, it was all there.

"The road to Nowhere"

Someone wrote to me "A good traveler has not fixed plans and is not intent on arriving" Quote: Lao Tzu. Need to say more?

"The Delta sprinklers" California

We spend all afternoon that day riding 12 miles! This is the heart for everyone, this is the fuel for everyone’s body and I don’t think many realize how much labor goes into what is simply displayed in the produce section of every store…

"A Reflection in Utah"

Ah!… that day, after breaking down, waiting for a ride to town… this picture would not have happened otherwise. How strange things happen in Life… There is always the positive side of everything, most everything…

"The Beehive" Utah

Also called "Church Rock" on the map. This is actually where the turn off for Needles is, we just passed by it yesterday, but that day the sun for just a couple seconds illuminated the rock, it was my first picture welcoming us to Moab! Bob and Suz, owners of the Gallery are a delight to deal with as I hope you will find out. She has been so instrumental in setting all this up for me and never failed back one second with what needed to be done. I am not surprised that they have been awarded the "NICHE Top 100 American Craft" Award and also are members of the "American Style Preferred Gallery". They both reside in Salt Lake City and ride as often as possible!

Well, we are seeing some blue skies, coffee is gone, we better saddle up and go take some more pictures! One never knows what will come up… Thank you for your support…

You be well and stay well…   Ara & Spirit

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  1. Denny Gibson Says:

    Your photos always impress but this “best of” collection is special. “A Reflection in Utah” is a great picture and a pretty good story, too. Best of luck with the Urban Artifacts Gallery venture.

  2. Louise Says:

    Fantastic! Gorgeous! So much talent, so much beauty! It is truly a gift that you share with us, your readers. Thank you!

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