Backing up a bit…

Monday, January 8th, 2007

Today there will be some riding… most likely Balmorhea, the Hot Springs, I will stop in Marfa Wednesday on my way West. I guess we are lucky to be camping right downtown For Davis with this weather, with the ability to walk to the stores or Jerry’s and Nalda’s Bookstore… about 200 feet away where we spend most of the day yesterday. If they had their own Coffee Shop there would have been a possibility for us to stay here!… Throughout the day so many people, interesting ones… stop by to look at books… a cup of coffee, some pastries… that would be my job!!! Who knows… space might be available next door in the near future… maybe for a short while?

We are heading out Wednesday… I have to take a decision on the route!… Hwy #10 all the way to Southern California or maybe a more isolated southern route? In case of a breakdown the Highway I think is safer… and then again I have heard some not very promising stories…
Scenic? The southern route will be more scenic… not much choice actually passed El Paso…
I also need to be in Tucson by Thursday night the latest… planning on 3 new tires at SouthWest Moto for Friday… 3 knobbies for the Southern California Deserts…

Maybe there will be such sceneries once reaching my destinations? It has been so long since I have been I Southern California… about 25 years maybe?… or more. I believe this is Mike on their first day of arrival… It did not take them too long to get out there and find some mud… that is also when David decided I think to switch his rear tire to the Terra Giant Rubber Grip one! He did come back with mud on his suit… Those guys had so much fun, utilizing their bikes strictly as “fun tools”… by the time they left… new scratches… dents and missing turns signals where evident!

I am looking forward to Southern California… I am aware that everything as a higher dollar price… I have already made some reservations, that is about the only way one can camp, it requires more planning, but at least we are assured of a site. I will be spending one week in a site, need to be in Death Valley by the 26th for DV Daze… and in between probably camp in primitive areas…

I have been spoiled with WI FI being available around the clock… and that will stop.
I am shopping for an antenna that will get me better reception, however I am planning more on taking the time and finding some reception maybe three times a week to post on here…
Someday, maybe purchase my own antenna which I will be able to set up anywhere, anytime!
I see it as a real asset… being able to broadcast maybe instant live feed from the middle of any Desert or Mountain Top!!!… with some other riders… having dinner around a fire… I just have this great picture in my mind… There was a camper in Big Bend that was using one… there where nice enough to give me all the info needed…

Here is Mike riding Black Gap road… again it does look so harmless… one needs to be there to understand and experience the harshness of the terrain…

And this is the controversial… “drop” or “not a drop”?… I should have a poll going to see if we can agree with Mike… or not. Guess what his saying is??? After closer reviewing… I myself… sorry Mike… see it as a drop… a mild one maybe… but… it is a drop my friend! Not that it matters… your riding skills are beyond many!!!

Ah! The morning outside looks glorious… I know the temps will go up today… I better get out there, feed the monster… a bit of a walk… put on some layers and head out.
I will again be packing tomorrow… same ritual it seems like every time I leave an area. Trying to consolidate all this “stuff” that I have with me… so far so good…

Hope that you have enjoyed the pictures… they are some of my favorites!… and they will always remind me of my good friends…

Be well…

Ara and Spirit

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One Response to “Backing up a bit…”

  1. Kevin Says:

    A drop? That looks like it could have led to a broken ankle! If you’re going down…ride it down. There’s not catching a 500+ lb bike in rocks/mud/sand.

    Keep the pictures coming! Spirit looks to be having the trip of a lifetime. He had no idea what he was in for when you rescued him.

    As you say…

    Be well.


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