Back at “The Oasis”, about our Freedom… TX

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

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Sunset at The Oasis-4 xxx

“When the plumb line stills, you must stand on one side or the other.”  So, it comes down to a matter of choice. I have chosen.

Sunset at The Oasis-6 xxx

How much freedom do we really have? Some channels are wide open and some we still seek for the keys, or we might have the keys but the doors are illogical to open with compromising consequences. What should be so simple is also so complex. It is so much based upon so many components holding us back or letting us go when an opportunity presents itself with choices all quite acceptable. I must say it is an inner fun to do so, to take that freedom in hand while an out of the ordinary decision takes place followed by a satisfactory "why not?". This Fabric of Life can be so mesmerizing. As a Friend’s motto is “One Life, One Chance”. How true that is.

Sunrise at The Oasis-3 xxx

We left Bluff yesterday as the threats of flash floods ended and started heading back to the Gooseneck. We have a spot there now, one a few feet away from the ledge. Could have been anywhere on that point, it just feels comfortable right there. Not even 10 feet one way or the other, just right there. But a few miles later, going West, I pulled over and checked the weather in Terlingua on my phone. There is 3G just about everywhere now, that would be with our very pleased carrier Verizon. The Oasis is generally five degrees cooler being at an amazing altitude of close to 3500 feet. Eighties, low nineties. Doable. Deep inside I missed that space so much I decided to make a U turn and simply punched in Alpine, Texas, through Alamogordo, New Mexico, so we could wander through the White Sands National Monument one more time. Maybe have a plate of the beer battered deep fried avocados with the chocolate bread pudding in Carrizozo on the way. That would be punched into the GPS.

The road to The Oasis xxx

The road to The Oasis-2 xxx

The road to The Oasis-3 xxx

I tried, for the sake of good form, to talk myself out of it, but there was no use and here we are already going through Northern New Mexico. That is an example of our freedom allowed I can handle. I felt fall for the first time this morning. Cold hands, sweater and I am thinking a long sleeve T-shirt is in order. Bring it on, I thought. Lets not feel heat again for a few months even though our new finds this summer have left us more than comfortable. There is excitement in the air. The ones that have read our book know it, it happens every year as I always give in versus staying up North for another month or so.

Spirit getting a treat xxx

Spirit airborn-2 xxx

I always think about the color changes of the leaves and promise myself it will be the next time. Next year. Alpine where we go once a month and The Oasis have become our Home. Winter Home for now. They are more than our Home Base and there are no words in between to describe those stages. My Mistress here daily gives me the high that I need. Mother Nature is a natural. 700 miles of unpaved roads helps, the Parks, the Rio Grande and a few other little towns not too far. All always changing never standing still. Colors and all. I am thinking more often these times about the future days and through my Mother’s legacy there will be some steps taken. A truck camper with the trailer we already have, a roof, who knows, maybe a little cabin with a sofa and a desk. I miss a sofa. How strange… A couch I would call it. What a thing to miss!

Spirit running xxx

Incoming stick-2 xxx

So is the sky blue? I keep looking around us, a 360 degree panoramic view and yes, it is all blue meaning no clouds, meaning we will not go to the White Sands today. I don’t like taking photos without clouds. I try not to and since we have already been there, today is a "vegetating" day. We will spend a couple days in Alpine instead trying to fulfill our shopping list so we do not have to return for a while. I try to make the 120 mile round trip only once a month. Inactivity does not suit me very well but I force myself to do so. We will be very busy very soon hopefully with a phone and Internet hooked back up. Yes, it has been a very good summer.

Spirit's shadow-2 xxx

More freedom on the road. We stopped in Marfa for a couple nights while we will have lunch today with a Friend who originally helped us when our book was just a thought with no knowledge of its logistics regarding the formatting, printing, cover and all the behind the scenes which made the bulk of the efforts. Those tasks originally were a nightmare as I needed help to publish it, someone that would cover such logistics from A to Z as not a single error is permitted especially in the formatting. We experienced our first light frost this morning and it felt better than ever. It is as coming to The Oasis for the first time, only one hundred miles away and yet we are not going to be there till Monday. Part of me wants to jump on the saddle and go "now" but I refrain myself. It is a bit of a torture but we are savoring the present while here.

Spirit's view-5 xxx

Texas feels good. Very good. Those are my thoughts this morning since we arrived yesterday. We did jump the gun and it was Sunday instead of Monday. What difference does it make? None. Is it because we are in familiar surroundings? Because there is a certain sense of feeling safe? Seeing familiar faces? Does it matter? It just feels good. Calm. Peaceful. Welcoming. Our neighborhood! A 100 miles radius with so much to yet explore and feel and see as it never ends. That is besides the double yellow lines…

Sunset at The Oasis-3 xxx 

We have been at The Oasis now a few days and as usual I am overwhelmed. It will take a little bit of time to realize this IS our land where we can let go of it all. For Spirit? It doesn’t take him anytime. He is a different dog here and the only way I can explain it is as he has me on a leash! It is a bit warmer in the afternoons than I thought but the shade of Big Green Giant is welcoming while a nice constant breeze flows so nicely. Nights and mornings are very cool, even sweater time! Always the two constants of the Desert we can count on: hot and cold. All is so incredibly green this time around. I have never seen it as such. The clouds, my companions, they are back and so are surprisingly a couple mosquitoes and a few flies breaking the present silence. That is how quiet it is here. We have already put on a few miles on these roads all so perfect for Old Faithful. We have already played a few hours!

Stay well… we have to go back to playing!
                                                             Ara and Spirit

The road to The Oasis-4 xxx

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6 Responses to “Back at “The Oasis”, about our Freedom… TX”

  1. Don McGilvray Says:

    Welcome Home, amigo! No matter the wonders to be seen on the road, no matter how grand the scenery, the people or the weather… it is true to the heart that there is, in fact, no place like HOME.

    Your travels continue to educate, amaze and amuse, in equal portions, Ara. Settle down and enjoy the solitude and grandeur of your winter home. The wanderlust will be back come Springtime, I know!

    Thanks for inviting me along as you and Spirit continue your journey through life!

  2. john H Says:

    welcome back to your special spot…

  3. Kristin Says:

    Welcome home!

  4. Pleinguy Says:

    That seemed like a quick return to the Oasis. Hope you have a relaxing and comfortable winter respite.

  5. Cowdoc 87 Says:

    I just finished your book. I lost my mother in ’05. She was only 66. But when she learned she had cancer in 2000, she was told she had 6 months to live. She had always thought she was a Norwegian princess in a previous life( what country girl from Arkansas doesn’t ?) so one of the first things we did was take her to see the fjords of Norway, followed by the Tetons, St. Petersburg , and many other places she had always wanted to go but ( insert excuse). She was on chemo the entire time . So , when one finally realizes there is a finality to life, that’s when true ” living” begins. You and Spirit have so much to share about living. Thanks for letting us in! One of these days, I’m going to go to Polebridge MT just to eat one of those Huckleberry Bearclaws! Thanks again ! Alan . Kelso, TN

  6. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Very well said Alan. I don’t wish on anyone experiencing a “finality” of Life but hope they realize that… As a Friend of mine who says “One Life, One Chance…”.
    Yes, Pleinguy… We suddenly made a U Turn and here we are. A couple more warm days and the 70’s will start. Very smart of you to avoid the Valley of the Gods 17 mile road! I was shocked to tell you the truth and wanted to turn around but doing so would have been worse. What a dramatic change it was. I hope they fix it!!!
    Thank You Kristin and John H.
    Hi Don, and yes, I realize one needs a space to dog their roots in as much as the paths while being on the road are attractive. It is pretty amazing. I don’t think we could live without “The Oasis”.
    Looking forward to talking to you Randy. I often think Alaska. I have been there gazillion years ago when the road was really bad. It just is so much fuel to get there even though Canada in itself can be a Lifetime space.

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