As time marches on… TX

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

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The Oasis-12 xxx

“We look down at our phones instead of into eyes. We text instead of call. We build walls when we should be building bridges. We are so guarded and then wonder why we don’t feel love and connection. Lift your eyes, open your heart, and lean into your discomfort. Great relationships happen by choice and not by chance”
~ Mark Groves ~

The Oasis xxx

It is warming up a bit which only means a Siesta daily throughout the hottest times and stay up late throughout the coolest ones. The full Moon is almost making its presence anyhow, these are times I cannot sleep as nights turn into daylight and the growth off the ground comes to life as shadows moving around taking on odd shapes unseen in sunlight. The little personal fan has come out of storage, the cycle continues over and over. Daily, I am still in such a total amazement of now the yellow flowers who have overtaken the green carpets. White flowers have also pushed themselves up these past days, all of this leaves me speechless. What a gift it has been this winter now into spring.

The Oasis-19 xxx 

We are pretty much done here. Only a couple little details to take care off and digesting lessons learned while dealing with so called help. I have been trying to find the equivalent of the French translation of "funny" while not as in "ah!ah!ah!"… As in "marrant"… "drole"… [French]. Not laughable but "amusing?", "absurd?", "ludicrous?", "ridiculous?", "silly?", "facetious?"… None of the above seem to fit the reaction of the ones who have said one thing but have turned around and deleted their words and actions. Not promised of course but meant seriously at the time. Or so it seemed… It pushes me to do it all, as much as I can, by myself regardless if I have the proper tools or not.

The Oasis-9 xxx

The Oasis-8 xxx

Today the weather changed and I am taking it all in, we both are as the temperature dropped and once again perfection are within those moments present here. I cannot find a reason to leave this space especially on this day. I still sit amongst the flowers and being Easter I remember being the last day I spoke with my Mother two years ago. It is that underlying layer within me which does not let go and resurfaces as a present reality allowing me to hear her voice near by.

The Oasis-10 xxx 

Human nature, so amazing as regardless of my acceptance I still have a hard time with her void. Why does this Life has such a concept of missing loved ones? When was "that" decided? I am aware many have their own answers which I respect and yet I cannot fully accept being a hands on person, believing "show me and I will". That of course being a totally different topic of conversation. I almost envy those who come to terms with such an acceptance strictly based on their beliefs.

Storm-7 xxx 

Last night Mother Nature put on the show of shows starting with a low rumble and finally introducing similar to summer storms lightning behind way up in the clouds followed by deep bass thunder. Eventually the lightning hit the horizon and as I was watching the radar its center missed The Oasis passing North of us dumping half an inch of rain within 20 minutes. I could smell the electricity in the air. Photos do not make justice but here is one! This morning the road is covered with water, the sun is up behind a haze of clouds, there is humidity in the air and I know that those white and yellow flowers are going to grow taller in a very short time. My own garden…


One more task is done. The solar panels have been moved away from the roof. It was Duh moment when I realized a couple weeks ago about the Sun moving North. Strange I did not think it through! A little trench to hide the cables and that will be it. We are cat sitting on the 15th for a week or so and I think Colorado via who knows what route will see us soon. I feel compartmentalized! Half of me wants to now stay here while the other half pulls me to move on. There is no doubt we are now more comfy here than ever even if the mind unrests at times seeking for new stages, roads, adventures, landscapes unfamiliar and familiar while yet those always have a new twist to them.


One day at the time while time marches on… no doubt!

 The Oasis-21 xxx

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                                                  Blooming Cactus

Stay well,
              Ara and Spirit

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4 Responses to “As time marches on… TX”

  1. Jeff Stein Says:

    An Invitation:
    Springtime comes to th’ Southwest, eh, Ara and Spirit?
    Now, on your way to Colorado, if you’re coming through Arizona (you *could* take this route!) I hope you two will have a moment to stop by Arcosanti for a visit. I know you’ve been close in the past; we’re just off I-17 near Cordes Junction, the Arcosanti exit. This is the beautiful laboratory for architecture and ecology that was begun a generation ago by Paolo Soleri, and continues to thrive today. Have a look online: I have sort of a blog there, too; but this is not about me, it’s about you and Spirit having a lovely time in an extraordinary landscape — a little bit like Big Bend — for awhile. I got the book, listened to the Marfa interview….come on down!

  2. Jase Says:

    Majestic shots of the substratospheric Texas nebulae, Ara.

  3. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You Jase. Stay well. Ara and Spirit

  4. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Hi Jeff… Looks and sounds really interesting. A space I would love to visit. We shall stay in touch. Thank You.Ara and Spirit.

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