Another Year, another breath. TX

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Writing our book spanning 7 years on the road “Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash” has taken me to those past times when the future was uncertain. Yet, we still don’t know the day before that day. It is now only a matter of editing those past days we did make it through.

Christmas Gifts xxx

“Christmas it seems to me is a necessary festival; we require a season when we can regret all the flaws in our human relationships: it is the feast of failure, sad but consoling.”
~ Graham Greene ~

Hummingbird xxx

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I almost gave in. I was so close. I even read a nasty comment portraying me as an “Artist without a Soul”. ??? Yet, I smiled. It was a sad smile, not for myself, but what I felt towards him or her. I wished him/her a Merry Christmas and a Happy upcoming New Year. Unfortunately, as a few in the past, it was a fake disposable e mail. Most likely an outstanding coward citizen. I took it a bit as a compliment because I had never called myself, or considered, ever being an artist. The “without a soul” part. Oh! well… There must be a few different definitions of a soul.

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I was practically so near giving in into somber days being the first ever Christmas spent without my Mother’s presence. Yet, a few days ago, as it often happens, a word came through the cracks of a door I had left ajar throughout these times. That word came through after writing to a good friend of mine, that I was tired of being unhappy. Exhausted! That word is “happy”. It is so simple. Isn’t? I know my Mother always wanted me to be as such. So I decided to be “happy”.

A flower for my Mother xxx

A flower for Lance xxx

A flower for my Mother-2 xxx

I know she is herself happier now while keeping company with Lance who is facing west, as she faces east watching that sun rise every day, both making sure the times ahead will be smooth. That is how my Mother always was, and so was he. It is all part of acceptance throughout a time where truly “time does not matter”. Emotions are human, time is not. Just a measure, just as miles per hour, a gallon, a foot or a yard. I missed these pages which always have kept me company. I am glad to be back on them. These two and a half months have been a 7 year journey, a mental one. It is now a mile marker for me as my book has seen the last written character. 90,000 words later. Now starts the editing and re-editing. The fun part.

Car art xxx 

We just came back from a Christmas Party we were not even going to attend. I am glad we went. People were kind, good spirited, the food of course was great and I met a couple others attending which I knew their names, but had never placed a face on them. All was so amiable. The conversations interesting and fulfilling. I can only talk about motorcycles, computers or cameras for about ten minutes! We had visited other friends earlier. Ones who come down to Terlingua once a year. It is also always nice to see them.

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So the first run of the book “Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash” is amazingly completed. It was a couple of days ago. I was surprised, happy and sad, all at the same time. I had to go for a walk with Spirit before laying down the last paragraph. The story did not really end, as there also is no beginning. Now we start editing from the first line to the last, a few times. I did not know what to do with myself that first day. It has been such disciplined times which were a must as here, 5 pm can show up before you know it. The sun moving on is much faster than me.

Local Christmas tree xxx

Fire pit xxx

And now, today, it is Christmas Day. We have lingered at The Oasis. Placed a flower near Lance and my Mother. Sat with them for a while and talked. Brought up many happy memories, all good ones I now live by. It is a choice and I have made mine. A bit of Skype and telephone calls with close friends, hanging a couple ornaments part of a few Christmas gifts mailed to us, good weather, good food and my buddy tanning most of the day. What more can I ask for?

Bed and Breakfast xxx

Litchen trailer xxx

I feel as I have signed on again on that doted line for a renewal on this lease of life, and as much as I can, now rejoining the present. At the same time I am looking forward to the roads awaiting for us once we depart. Where else could we go right now in these winter times when we have it all right here? As much as I have learned these past years, these months seemed to have put a lid on a bit tighter. The lessons truly never end.

Uncle's poster-2 xxx

2014 “Happy Sunsets” calendar      LuLu Journal 

2014 Calendar

Stay well and a Happy and Healthy New Year,

                                                                    Ara and Spirit

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17 Responses to “Another Year, another breath. TX”

  1. Old Fat Man Says:

    You are definitely an artist. Not an artist in the commonly known scenario but an artist of new views of life and the world around you with camera and words. Thank you for not being ordinary. And Spirit, I only met him once, seems to be a non-ordinary pup in the grandest possible way. My only visit with the both of you was definitely pleasant and wonderful. I look forward to many years more of your art. barney

  2. heyduke50 Says:

    Glad to see all is well… “souless?” I beg to differ… have a great 2014 and may we cross paths again in the near future…

  3. texascindy Says:

    When I read of those kinds of emails that you sometimes get, it just makes me so angry that someone would even think that of you! They do not know you. They probably are miserable people; so much that they have to try to inflict misery on others so that they may feel better. Good for you to be able to shrug it off. That in itself shows how much character you possess. Took a ride on part of your Alpine/Marfa loop today and it was breathtakingly gorgeous! See you two soon. Cindy

  4. DaMonk Says:

    I understand the book was important and I am glad you have taken that step. In a more selfish mode I missed your blog and your photos.
    Have a happy and Joyous new year!


  5. Michael Says:

    Congrats Ara on finishing the last paragraph. Looks like Uncle’s place. Carol and I will be down to Terlingua on Tuesday. See you soon.

  6. Don McGilvray Says:

    Ara ~ I read with true happiness this post, as it seems to signal a catharsis of sorts where the writing of your book has allowed you to examine, process and the most meaningful lessons in your life. I hope that you will continue to feel the sense of happiness (and dare I say Hope?) that are expressed in your latest entries here.

    In some ways you and I are alike, solitary but for the love shown by our faithful dogs. Your’s is by far the more fortunate, as he gets to accompany you on your wonderful adventures, while mine sits here and wonders if/when I shall return. Both are happy to see us each and every day, which enriches our lives in a simple but glorious manner!

    Disregard any spurious mutterings from the random sick minds out there… especially from ones who lack the courage to identify themselves to you! Your artistry with your camera and wonderful eye for the natural beauty of life is without peer.

    My prayer for you and Spirit in 2014 is for the maximum number of miles and smiles together as you continue to explore life.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Sally from MT Says:

    I have been looking at your photos with great admiration! I think the skies in them are extraordinary, they make me feel like I am right there..I am envious of the camp in these pictures,here in mt we are so limited in camping weather ( unless you like snow camping, too old for that stuff) I’m planning to see the Big Bend area sometime , dream of having my own oasis there in the desert. Thank you for sharing all you do

  8. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You Sally. We do spend a lot of time in MT! The Big Skies…
    Let us know if ever down here, we might be also.
    Happy New Year. Ara and Spirit

  9. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You Don. It has been a long journey, yet, the path is endless. Not being a rehearsal, yes, we HAVE to remain happy. One way or another. Spirit of course helps much more than he knows!
    Happy and Healthy New Year. Ara and Spirit.

  10. Ara & Spirit Says:

    See you soon you two. Much editing now… polishing. Stay well. Ara and Spirit.

  11. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You DaMonk. Since we are now editing the book a few times and I can live back into the present, my companion “the journal” has resumed… I have also missed my therapy of this life we travel through. Happy New Year. Ara and Spirit.

  12. Duane from Wisconsin Says:

    I just stumbled upon your website through DesertUSA. I too ride motorcycles and feel the same way you do about life in general but I’m unable to express it in words the way you do. I still work at the same company I started with 34 years ago and frankly I wish I could make my escape and see the country as you have done. Your on my favorites now. Love the photography too!

    Thanks for the inspiration,

  13. Kristin Says:

    Regarding the rude comment, it is surprising how unkind some people can be. Sometimes miserable people lash out at completely innocent people. I think you have more “soul” than most people! Not to mention you’re very interesting & your pictures are just beautiful. Congratulations on finishing writing your book. You & Spirit have a wonderful 2014 & I know that many wonderful things are headed your way for this new year!

  14. Ara & Spirit Says:

    I hope you find your escape door soon. Thank You for writing. Ara and Spirit.

  15. Suzanne Says:

    Very Happy New Year to you both.

  16. Pleinguy Says:

    Congratulations on finally completing the book. Passed by your place on my visit to BiBe and Terlingua in November. Hope you have a wonderful new year.

  17. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Hi Duane. I hope your time also comes when you can escape. Make it happen. You can. Stay well. Ara and Spirit.

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