And the Movie keeps rolling… MT

Monday, August 10th, 2009
Virginia City  
Old Faithful  

Ah! No dull moments in this Journey, no such a thing. Always managing to get caught so pleasantly in witnessing often the intricacies of Mother Nature’s beautiful web, and at times the web of others, rarely though I must say so, as stepping on even so delicately their own path lending a gentle ear to their own words, maybe a hand. We are in Ennis, Montana, a space graciously loaned to us by Teri, the owner of “Rusty Cowboy” which through Ron Dakota we had met a while ago while spending the night in the teepee standing tall in her backyard. I have not written much lately, my own past words often resonate to no end within this mind of mine and wears me out as always trying to find answers non existent, as I know too well, but never give up searching.

Trading Co  
water tank water tank
Carriage wheel

Time has gone forward since meeting Ron, we stay in touch through this modern technology called a ‘cell phone’, and even if his daily miles are not of many, he already is a bit East of us, a good day’s ride. You have to understand that Ron is the real deal within the few left calling themselves the real “cowboys”, he is the real adventurer, he is the real horse trainer and with all along, his values as a “man” within this constantly changing society, well, “they” have not changed a fraction since a few decades ago! I witnessed his demeanor with a smile, I listened to his stories laughing, I stood by him a few times and even if on the jovial path of ours, always with the ‘respect’ this man deserves, experienced his true self, a facet one would rarely encounter. What else can I say? he is tough, he is proud, he is grouchy!!! How can you not like that man!

Wells Fargo  
Ghost Town Ghost Town
Ghost Town Ghost Town

Like two trains passing each other in the dark, “his” constantly moving, and Teri’s own space rooted here in Ennis, their tracks for a brief moment melted together, there was no derailment, but much sparks I can still smell on their burning path and hear their resonance’s to this day while here, as them now unfortunately apart as there is such a thing as “being at the right place, but at the wrong time”. A sad statement as Teri, as real as a Cowgirl she is as Ron a Cowboy he is, well, grounded deep, will her path keep her here and not experience the wagon trail as maybe it would have been if we still lived now in years past?

store front  
store front store front

Torn they are I feel, one hand reaching out as touching the other’s, the other hand not letting go of what is their inward moment. They clash as two storm fronts colliding up above within their dark skies, each front from their own powerful strength amidst their personality, and yet sunshine rays within blue skies manages to come through warming up their conversations daily heard, their heart joined through their mutual feelings of admiration for each other as I stand by them feeling the tilt of their scales back and forth, as if a comeback could ever take place. It is Life between two Souls as again as much on everyone’s path there seem to be no resolution hindered by time, physical presences, and not by their own Souls which would in a heartbeat rejoin if they could.

cactus roof  
model T photo
feather Pit

Those two have become part of our Journey and will remain for ever embedded in, as ourselves we will be moving on soon toward the southern parts of the country, mainly Texas as we have done last year. Their own lives will unfold, their presence and already ties toward each other are not the kind time will allow to dwindle. As Ron is moving on to Texas himself… I promised I would visit them both when, maybe, possibly, hopefully, they will again join. The weather keeps us on our toes here, cool, cold and hot, all within short times. As I have been told, if I am to ever wait for good weather in Montana, I will never go anywhere. So I had to experience Virginia City and Nevada City. The bottom line is that I have played enough the part of a “tourist” to last me a Lifetime of Awards. We arrived early morning, empty Main Street, but somehow I knew for some reason, maybe the vibes in the air or the ongoing preparations, that this would not last.

double decker john Texas Star
horns Toffee
store store

Of course it is interesting, and impressive to find the definition of a restored Ghost Town as they both are extensively. Ghost Towns very much alive. It is as frozen in time only, if, no one was around. I know it is a selfish thought, I admit it, but within a few hours it turned out to be just a bit too much for me as Spirit also had that look on his face, the one that wants to go on.  Maybe I felt as the entertainment value offered was a bit too much, thinking as one time Virginia City’s population was nearing 10,000 and today around 300 in the summer, 150 in the winter, the ambiance today was more of a Circus than anything else. I chatted with many, of course, many kind and interesting locals, I just cannot today put my finger on it, I was not moved and yet glad that we have seen them and I should say, fully experienced both towns. It is just a personal experience I justify knowing that the trails we will take in a couple days will adhere and move my soul in much different ways.

train station  
bench chairs
steps rust
staircase gear

I am always discovering, as time passes by, what moves me and what does not. Mother Nature seems to have taken front row seat along with us on this Journey of ours. I can never compare the spaces she has diligently elaborated for us. It is always good to know where one belongs and the ability to follow that path is to me called the “ultimate freedom”. Maybe some day we will ourselves “be there”…


You be well, always.

Ara & Spirit

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6 Responses to “And the Movie keeps rolling… MT”

  1. Rick Thomas Says:

    Outstanding photos as always. I particularly liked the one of the old Maytag washer. It reminded me of the the one my mom had in the basement when I was a kid. We were all afraid of it because we thought it could grab your hand and pull you all the way through the wringer. As always, may your travels on the road bring you peace of mind and tranquility.

  2. Sandra B Says:

    I am with you on the continuing to seek the “answers” to the questions. Maybe they come to us each in the way that is meant and true. Wishing for that old laundry tub pictured in one of your photos….no flowers would grow in it for me though…I’d put it back to its original use! 😉 Had one in Wisconsin…sadly it did not make the journey with us to Texas. You are enjoying….I can feel it in your words. Good for you. You remind many to enjoy…I AM SURE. Safe journey to you and spirit and all other intrepid travelers of this existance. It is HOT HOT HOT in Texas. When will you journey back this way again? Answer if you can….if not…no worries either. As always you and Spirit are welcome to drop in at our little Oasis. We are pouring concrete tomorrow for the foundation of the straw bale house we are building. Excitement to be getting to this milestone in our building journey. TAKE CARE!

  3. Chessie Says:

    I see your well…these pictures of the ghost town are beautiful….I’ll be looking forward to more.

  4. Bucky Says:

    The brass curved trumpets are unmistakable signs of an automatic roll-playing band organ that might have been used on a carousel. Tell all — where was it, was it playing, is it intact?

  5. Lorraine Says:

    Women I meet often complain there are few men willing to give up the comforts of home, while the men complain that they never find women who’ll rough it!!! Will they ever meet???
    Funny world.
    Lovely writing and photos.

  6. texascindy Says:

    I think, Ara, that you are the only person I know of who could take a picture of rust and have it turn out so beautifully. Tell me: do you see the lion in the closeup pic of the steps and the elephant in the pic next to it? Just wondering if that is wat caught your eye. I appreciate your ability to “see” things that are there but that usually go unnoticed.
    I’m glad the weather seems to have improved for you. It sounds as if you are hearing Texas calling you back home…
    Safe travels as always,

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