An day in Life and in Big Bend Park. TX

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

sunrise at -The Oasis  

There is something to be learned from a rainstorm. When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to get wet and run quickly along the road. But doing such things as passing under the eaves of houses, you still get wet.
When you are resolved from the beginning, you will not be perplexed, though you still get the same soaking.
This understanding extends to everything.
~ Yamamoto Tsunetomo ~

sunrise at -The Oasis  

The hug came back empty this morning. A beautiful one, the morning. Sunrise is as being itself lifted by the multicolor layers of clouds. I was reading a message so personal, my hug came back empty again. I look around me, it is so beautiful that I wonder how can I be touched all at the same time with such beauty and melancholy. That is how some mornings greet me. It is acceptance. The tears are good, I want to feel Lance in any way I can. I am "resolved" now, I understand, the "soaking" will always be the same and yes, this "understanding" does extend to everything. It includes the elegance that surrounds us, as it does the mourning’s roots deep inside, all in the same package wrapped sometimes not as neatly as one would like it to be as the inner conflicts never cease to churn the waves rolling on. 


I had in mind to leave early today, but it is only 30 degrees outside. "The Oasis" is always cold at sunrise. Our neighbors came to visit us, they are not as cold, horses do not go as fast a motorcycles! A blanket of this cold air drops to the ground while the hot air is lifted and today a bit of those clouds will hold back the heating process. The region is filled with other riders, dirt bikes like giant mosquitoes are buzzing back and forth from their rides, dual sports, bigger two wheelers have room to shop and carry from the couple little stores we have, the more giant ones with even trailers are sometimes quietly, sometimes not, running up and down the black top. Big Bend has become a destination, everyone wants to experience this end of the line.

Audrey's Ural  

We are going back to the Park, Rio Grande Village, to meet some Friends camping. I am so ready for it as I also know it will be tonight a full moon or close to it and all will be lit almost as daytime with this atmosphere lingering of mystery kept in the shadows beyond the shoulders of the roads. Tomorrow has to be a gear and motorcycle maintenance day. At least that is what I am thinking. Including changing one more tire. I have had many requests as to what we carry and will document it all for the first time. Might even help me lighten up our load and leave hopefully the kitchen sink behind.

Audrey's Ural  
Audrey Ernie and Audrey

So now the day has almost gone by, it is that day and I am still not outside getting my gear in order. Time has a tendency to get away while on the road, if not today then maybe tomorrow, and if not tomorrow, well, when it gets done. And yesterday as predicted was of a fine one, the ride going in with such a perfect weather, meeting new Friends, Spirit experiencing new buddies and a filled campground thinking he had to protect his space not being used to such a crowd, having dinner when not expecting it with nothing brought over myself to contribute. I am already realizing that I am forgetting their names, having to go back to their Forum and reading their “handle”. I think I need to carry a notepad with me and write them down. It has become now not acceptable anymore and curiously stupid to have such a lack of memory. “Motomac”, “Colleen” aka “Black and Blue”, “Ernie” aka “Big Mac”, “George” aka“G Wizz” and his wife “Deb”, Spirit’s new buddies “Audrey”, “Kirby”, more…

Kirby Audrey and Kirby
George and Deb's Harleys George and Deb's Harleys

Two more hacks to look over all afternoon, two more riders also with their dogs. One couple and their two dogs as their own traveling scenario. They sure have it together with their packing able to carry twice as much as we do. Of course Audrey cannot be more than 20lbs, Kirby makes up for the difference, this totally undernourished dog tilting the scale at 120lbs, maybe 115 today as they thing the poor dog has lost 5lbs on this trip! It amazes me for as long as we have been packing to find out again and again new ways to do so. I think it becomes more of a game than anything else. Always learning. A folding cooler that could fit under Spirit’s pad, a new style of rack, even umbrellas alongside the sidecar strapped securely. They are the few that understand what it is to travel with a dog in a sidecar. From the responsibility to dealing with people at every stop, to tailgaters and drivers passing flashing their cameras, such moments are endless as I look for desolate areas to stop as much as I can.

Rio Grande  
Rio Grande  

The ride back, just around a bit past sunset, a bit past a plate of Peach Cobbler baked in a Dutch Oven I did not need, but with no twist of an arm wanted, was in company of a Moon almost full as it will be tonight. The silhouettes of the Chisos against the fiery red skies, one just need to experience it, be there, feel it as no photos and no words will fully express it all. The perception of night riding as such is immense, it is also indescribable, it is a unique to me experience. Cooler air wrapping around us, the ability to almost see the road without headlights, and yet, over the shoulders, the darkness makes it’s way hiding what Sun had exposed just not too long ago. It includes the wildlife. Half a dozen Javelinas and one Deer we avoided, or they avoided us, that was all which is below normal on the hundred miles or so ride back.


I discover a pond I never knew existed. Dinner was great. I try so hard not to be the Chef within myself toward food. I have only started using cans these past years. I learned yesterday how to make a pizza with tortillas, instant rice versus the long version and the famous cobbler which I will make the first chance I get. A cherry cobbler with a chocolate dough this time. I really need it! Wonderful it has been, great people, “good people” as I like to call them. This Internet that allows us to meet each other, as much as I call it a “double edge sword”, well, this was the very positive edge for us.


Till next time, you be well, always, it is our best choice.

Ara & Spirit

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Chisos Sunset  
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3 Responses to “An day in Life and in Big Bend Park. TX”

  1. Heyduke50 Says:

    Tell Spirit that being a celebrity requires one put up with the paparazzi – and then find Spirit that secluded spot where the visions of the paparazzi can dissolve into the rolling terrain and arroyos in the distance…

  2. The Box Canyon Blogger Says:

    I send you a warm hug from snowy Ouray, Colorado, Ara… and a pat for Spirit too.
    You may return my hug in person… in mid July. You see, Bobbie and I are hosting a 5 day Wildflower Celebration/get together for our Blog Readers. This is your invitation; Please, please try to make it. And if you don’t mind pass this invite to Voni and Paul, Kathy, and others that you introduced us to around your campfire.
    Check my blog for more info. You won’t believe the wildflowers… that are at their peak in mid july.
    Now, here’s your HUG.
    Take care friend.
    Mark and the “Quiet One.”

  3. Lorena Says:

    Hey Ara and Spirit, love the quote, I’ll have to look that one up There is a Japanese potter named Takeshi Yasuda who throws pots then hangs them upside down to distort. The Japanese have such a unique perspective. Those 3 horses and riders, so charming. Love the javelinas, they are such characters.Enjoy that Texas sunlight, hugs to Spirit, he’s so cute, L

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