A week in between at “The Oasis”. TX

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

“Paragraphs of Daily thoughts, a bit of mental therapy, this and that, published weekly or so…”

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“I was never one to patiently pick up broken fragments and glue them together again and tell myself that the mending whole was good as new. What is broken is broken – and I’d rather remember it as it was at its best than mend it and see the broken places as long as I lived.”
~ Author Unknown ~


Maybe Life is taking me by surprise these days. A bit of "in Town", a bit of "The Oasis" and the dreaded Alpine round trip tomorrow needing a decision not taken yet toward a Dentist who will need an answer. Blood work also. Doctor. The yearly "things to do". The living line in the wilderness is as broken now, "musts" have to be taken care off as spoiled from the past week’s stage of a constant backdrop changes in colors, forms, shapes and feels. The skies here have been at their craziest. Down to freezing in the early mornings, a bit of rain as showers are heard above me and then on steaming hot for an hour, take a break and repeat. The days are moving on without too much fervor as not able to get too far. This too will change after tomorrow as even Spirit is feeling restless from in and out of his shelter.

Another stretch of “Old Ore Rd”

We are still at "The Oasis" these days. It is a Paradise and every moment shows it’s own colors. Seems like I have to return to Alpine next week again and decided to linger here instead, maybe catching up on I don’t know what! Maybe change a couple tires, cook some more and anticipate the full Moon which will rise over Nine Points in company of Jupiter. It should be quite a sight with a Friend visiting and a nice fire going.


Such a Friend is visiting for a couple of days, a campfire is up nightly and the silence is only broken by our conversations and Spirit pounding the ground clowning around. We talk about Life, everyone has their own perceptions, some aspects make sense to me, some do not, we both find out as such. The concept of "compromises" comes up as my own path is the belief that as much as all is "perfect" in the moment, all is also a "compromise" and Life cannot go on as smooth as desired until we accept that fact which encompasses all of the mental and physical aspects. It has been interesting. Good company. Shallowness is not of my speed.

Sunset at -The Oasis--9 xxx

Grilling xxx Grilling-2 xxx
Grilling-4 xxx Grilling-8 xxx

Grilling-9 xxx

Grilled Chicken on Pecan Wood sprinkled with “Mesquite Meal” and a Vegetable Rice Pilaf

My own thoughts are still a bit back on "Old Ore Rd" as I plan to return into that space or maybe another one amongst the remains of a past tense when Humans have inhabited the Park for more than 10,000 Years. A difficult concept to grasp when today so few Souls wander by motorized vehicles. Including us. Everyone has left their marks which can be seen today. Rocks Art, mortar holes and shelters. The Chisos were first, about which little is known, then came on the Comanche and Mescalero Apache. Driven away, the Mexicans arrived and so did the Anglo settlers establishing their own presence building homes, farms, ranches and mines of which many ruins can still be found. It is an amazing story considering the geographical position of this land so far away from it all.

Map Old Ore Rd

We have just fell into December. Hard to believe. One long sleeve T shirt, riding jacket, geared up with boots and helmet and all, both of us while "Old Faithful" was calling for a ride this evening. What a Beast she is compared to "Crusty". She swallows the miles as her hunger never vanishes and her throaty sound calls for more with every turn of the wheels. It is as like sitting in a vessel, comfortably on the custom seat, the throttle slightly locked, all headlights on with my vision glued to the banks and on we went to listen to some Music on the Porch as always in Terlingua.

Always good Music on the Porch

These days all is calm as an Ocean with no ripples. Also this morning visited my good Friends, Family, Paul and Voni. Always uplifting conversations. She is the one that knows about Life always raising my own level of awareness with her words eternally bringing on the common senses of the simple facts of living with such a high and continuous recognition. What a such golden and happy Couple always so ready to land a hand in more ways than one. How lucky we are as Spirit is also their buddy.

Sunset at -The Oasis--2 xxx

Sunset at -The Oasis--6 xxx

Sunset at -The Oasis--11 xxx

In a few days we will again leave on for deeper spaces in this Desert surrounding us. “Crusty” is nimble, she will get us there and this time around with no Moon to light up our nights I look forward to those nightly blankets of Stars where into their depth my Soul gets lost into. The stage has so much changed these past weeks with so many realizations alongside much understanding of these serene and harmonious times with ourselves taking I must say a step back into our own corral where much has been tamed, the buds of this tree climbing are finally blossoming in colors and senses as never seen and felt before.

Sunset at -The Oasis--14 xxx

I look outside through these windows a bit clearer for this present, I see others trying the door knobs of the spaces filled with a certain precarious and unsettled fame, some entities thriving only for notoriety of I truly don’t know what. It is as if Life is only in a name with nothing else flourishing with a syndrome of only cognizance in accomplishments with no true core of Life and only the thrive to be applauded never truly knowing the depth of it all as too often it is missing and only the book cover is the eye candy for such on the path of the "chrome hummer". I miss my Friends that have taken that path, or maybe they never were true Friends, only close and inviting as waiting to hang on with the thought of growing another branch from the trunk of our own Journey with a fame I do not seek.

Sunset at -The Oasis--5 xxx

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Stay well… Ara and Spirit

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6 Responses to “A week in between at “The Oasis”. TX”

  1. heyduke50 Says:

    you mention the known history of the big bend region but it is the unknown history that is more exciting to me…

  2. texascindy Says:

    Thought provoking, for sure. I read then reread your words several times. Each time brings a different thought. The ride down Old Ore looked so nice. Not at all what I remember of it! Might have to do it again; stopping and looking around instead of just at the next rock or sandpit to avoid (even tho that is necessary at times!) Hope the trip to the dentist wasn’t too traumatic! See you soon!

  3. Randy Says:

    Even retired I came home from a particularly long busy day to find this post. What a treat. thank you.

  4. Randy Says:

    Natasha loves Spirit’s mug shots, and so do I. Great pictures. Snow in the forecast for tonight. Sorry about that 4-letter S word.

  5. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Snow is good…. 18 here this am but none of that white stuff! Will be T shirt temps by the pm!

  6. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Staying busy is good… That is what keeps you going instead of gone. 🙂 [hope that sounded right!]. Ara and Spirit

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