A walk in the wash… Tucson. AZ

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my Heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my Soul”
~ Judy Garland ~

Sunset in Tucson-2

The surprises of Life do not cease to amaze me. I remember vividly writing, learning, tentatively stepping carefully on these stages at time so slippery, the landscapes of Hope and Faith. They were the foundations for today’s present moments a few steps up, unknown and unchartered, only approached in these times past by a mind which could only wonder the beauty of a shared Life. I keep wondering, a bit strongly I might add, why the fanning of my mind into thoughts looses it’s continuity while spending these days in this present urban environment. Do all writers, not that I truly consider myself one, have a need to find this certain environment to parallel their thoughts into words? I know I do. Mother Nature is a companion which can so strongly channel it all I have realized, even ever so slightly when taking a walk through a wash right into the backyard of my Friend’s house suddenly raising the curtain and shining it’s bright and colorful lights upon us.

Walk in the Wash-2

I sit here today, oh! yes… still in Tucson, projecting getting on the return path tomorrow morning, and yet even after a couple days of rest including our short meandering while feeling better, the pain of my hernia suddenly is back. The truth of the matter also is we need to move on. Everyone has their own lives to take care off. We are both Spirit and I on our own in this constant array of situations arising and even if so needed to suddenly depend on others out of pure Human necessity, the keys are held by us discovering the solutions of it all. Filled with respect and pride we need to find a new path, I call it “Plan B”, which needs to come into play. Medical care. It has happened before, and will happen again. Hopefully not too often as I so much try to avoid these medical circumstances as within these days past and present. Holiday week it was, a short visit because of bad weather turned into a longer one waiting a couple days for warmer temperatures, that day came and found me in an emergency room instead of the return path. A couple more days of rest, all was fine till again all was not fine as it is now. Yet I would not trade these past moments for any others, the pain present is only physical.

Walk in the Wash-3

Walk in the Wash-9 Walk in the Wash-8

A Dog and a Hack and myself, we cannot, I cannot help thinking how did it come about to be facing this new dilemma. What an irony. Separated by 600 miles from “The Oasis” and another 350 miles the other way from Odessa where I plan to have surgery since I am finding out through research that hernia surgeries have become a bit as going in to get a hair cut. Or maybe it will be Houston? Or Tucson? It is a call to Family for financial help as no one will insure me, the eternal medical problematic situation. The challenges are of a great one this time. Thinking cap is on. Hindsight is something I am not very good at, moving through Life with Passion is more of my speed. It provides a personal comfort throughout the present feelings even if such “Passion” does not accommodate me with answers or even for that matter “solutions”. “Logical” one needs to be in such moments. 


Walk in the Wash-6

We made it to Deming today. The pain was calm as we left and only a pathetic 200 miles later became unbearable. So we are a third into it. I keep thinking maybe with some supernatural willpower and strength we can maybe make the last 400 miles in one day as we often have. “The Oasis” will welcome us with open arms, always has been as such. And on the search for this procedure will start. I keep trying to keep my mind off this constant reminder of our fragility, but the body is not allowing to do so. This too shall pass, this too will be some day a memory from the past. In the meantime I can also live with the memories of the good times we have had these past almost two weeks.

Walk in the Wash-15 Walk in the Wash

Sunset in Tucson

The presence and company of my Friend Robin and her pup Audrey and her feline Lovey, yes, Spirit’s new buddies even if so Lovey likes to hiss at him, such presence have filled the moments passed with a joy unequaled for so long I cannot remember such pleasant times. Much cooking as the recipes I want to post are piling up as I know soon they will make their way here. The common desire to watch Movies together, not only watching them but spending much time at the Movie store reminiscing on past great ones. Much conversations, much stumbling on thoughts we both have in common and their birth from only reading each other’s mind. And so much more. We now made it. Spirit and I are back to this “Oasis” of ours. It is as suddenly a bit lonely as I know both of our Hearts and Souls remains a bit behind in Robin’s company. Our path will again cross soon. A smile and more is now present and the hugs are still warm and will remain as such. 

Sunset in Tucson-3 Red Heart

Be well…

Ara & Spirit

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AZ sunset

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4 Responses to “A walk in the wash… Tucson. AZ”

  1. Bill Mcdonald Says:

    Ara I think a lot of us hope that you would get this badly needed operation in Tucson, where at the least, you have a friend who could bring you some “real food”and maybe even sneak in that little kitty to keep your spirits up!

  2. Robin Says:

    Casa Video wasn’t the same the other day, plus I had to eat two bags of popcorn by myself. Darn. (giggle) Lovey might secretly miss Spirit and I =know= she misses pestering you to fill her food bowl. Audrey is back to staying inside, bored, she’s on my heels every time I move, I keep wondering “doesn’t she EVER get tired of being underfoot?!”, but what’s the use of that big yard when her fast chase partner is absent.

  3. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thanks for the kind thoughts @Bill. That “kitty” is truly something else!
    @Robin. What a great hang out Casa Video is, maybe next time I can talk them into salt free popcorn! Of course not much leverage… it is “free”. Hope we did not loose that list! Tell the critters to hang on Sweet Lady… “time” and “time” will again present itself. Hugs… Ara & Spirit

  4. texascindy Says:

    Glad to hear you made it home to the Oasis. Don’t put off the surgery, please. I know money is always an issue but that will take care of itself. Hugs to you and a good ear scratching for Spirit. Take care of yourself. Will miss seeing you two this New Year but Spring Break isn’t too far away. Can’t go without my Big Bend fix for too long, you know. BTW that last pic of the sunset is a beautiful shot. Never too many pictures of a sunset!

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