A tech day… why???

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Will be going to the Chiricahua Mountains these next coming days! Well… not in real time… but as one of my past trips, since I am here, in Gloster, MS, waiting for my rig to be put back together. Some of the best riding I have done, some of the most beautiful sceneries I have experienced with Mountains painted by their moss, non paved roads and dry river beds, at the time… I even worked a couple days a week, at the Research Station for the New York Natural History Museum… cooking for the volunteers and Scientist in quest of bugs… rattle snakes… and yes… many birds.300668014oqkhbg_fs

I hope that today I will not bore you with my explanation that led to the previous days events!

Click on this link… SmugMug for the theory and pictures… also setting the upper right hand corner’s "style" box to "JOURNAL"

You be well… Ara and Spirit

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