A stroll down 4th Ave, Tucson. AZ

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

"There is a thought in your mind right now. The longer you hold on to it, the more you dwell upon it, the more life you give to that thought. Give it enough life, and it will become real. So make sure the thought is indeed a great one." ~ Ralph Marston

4th Avenue, Tucson. AZ-12

4th Avenue, Tucson. AZ-31

The big red lever of the hand break has tightened up a couple notches with the graceful ratcheting sound uncommon of our mechanical path. "Old  Faithful" I realize has no hand break, must be my own. And why not? How could I ever pass up this two for one hernia surgery deal when feeling through pure coincidence, karma I know, good luck if I may think so in a bizarre way, sudden stabbing pain also on the right side, a past hernia which was already operated on twice a few moons ago. I could not help expressing it to my Doctor when stopping by for her last coaching words before plunging into the upcoming anesthetic world "while the chicken is laid out cut open would you be kind enough to check the previous stuffing", as she agreed with a smile, maybe a laugh I already did not catch while fading away, not an uncommon aspect of past mended hernias.

4th Avenue, Tucson. AZ-20

4th Avenue, Tucson. AZ

4th Avenue, Tucson. AZ-3 4th Avenue, Tucson. AZ-4

What a beating this body has taken over the years. Hard to believe, over half of a century of riding, 52 years since starting at the age of ten. A whole lot of shaking, miles of blue ribbons laid out continuously ahead of me, ahead of us now. Uncomfortable positioned bikes in the past for the need of speed devoted to the Art of Motorcycle riding when the body is laid down and the head in an unconventional manner held up as to see ahead and not the surface of the always present fuel tank. The unpaved roads where too often speed again makes us float supposedly avoiding the bumps which yet in their own subtle manner never sparing however the rattling and constant chattering. Years of sailing, pulling winches, lines, I forget what else. Working in kitchens and bakeries where lifting the 50lb bags were a daily ritual. What are my options today to keep all this newly mended “bottom ends” together for the future? A bit more care I presume.

4th Avenue, Tucson. AZ-13

4th Avenue, Tucson. AZ-2 4th Avenue, Tucson. AZ-10

4th Avenue, Tucson. AZ-11

Test of times these days, no complains as this too shall pass, only the outmost patience needing to be applied as the Dreams past seemingly including smells and filled senses unwind in my gaze while in this urban environment. No complains, we are well taken care off even if Spirit’s own scrutiny in his eyes directed at me has a message I try to ignore only trying to make sense to him through my own words. Where the past steps taken for granted? Did I forget suddenly the fragility of our presence? I keep thinking how not easy it is to be Human! kind of funny I feel such thought with a smile. All I am able to do right now is fuel in my good thoughts with the hope they do happen again and again soon, the sooner the better. Tire changes await for me when we return, oil change and I know there was something else I forget. The entertaining motions going through the camping gear. Why not just put up the tent even if I have to take it down only for then to look at it and smile some more, unzip it and re-zip it, play with the stove like a kid which has not been entertained with his toys for quite a while.

4th Avenue, Tucson. AZ-17

4th Avenue, Tucson. AZ-16 4th Avenue, Tucson. AZ-15

Fourth day it is today past surgery and the curtain is suddenly this morning raised. Could it be? Yes, it is. I feel mobile again, the shadows are now inundated with sunshine as it is a beautiful day. I am feeling it’s warmth, inside out I am. A few hours walking, receive a bit of energy from Mother Nature even if so strolling up and down Fourth Avenue in Tucson with Robin hand in hand passing to each other the well being present. Being amongst a series of colorful blocks lined with Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Gift Shops, a space found in most towns where the Urban living youth gathers with near by schools and colleges. It was a gift as the pleasure of the outdoor took over the pain yet still remaining from surgery. What a great day it has been ending with a great dinner I did not cook, always so enjoyable while being on the receiving end. It won’t be long I feel, more patience, more good thoughts as in turn a big “Thank You” for all the Best Wishes received.  

4th Avenue, Tucson. AZ-33

4th Avenue, Tucson. AZ-8

4th Avenue, Tucson. AZ-26

Ara & Spirit

Be Safe and well
Peace, Love, Courage

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7 Responses to “A stroll down 4th Ave, Tucson. AZ”

  1. Allen Says:

    Take care and give yourself adequate healing time. I am thankful that Robin and Spirit are taking good care of you while you are on the mend. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Be well, my friend.



  2. D. Brent Miller Says:

    Sounds like you are recovering nicely. Taking walks. Holding hands. I’d say you are well onto recovering. Be well, my friend.

  3. Lyle Says:

    Hello, Ara! I’m glad the surgery went well!

    I liked your comment about the beating the body takes over the years, i.e. lifting 50 pound bags. Now take it easy and don’t go over 49 pounds!

  4. Joe Says:


    Delighted to see you are healing well. Love the Marston quote


  5. Dick (dharmabum) Says:


    Spirit looks as if he is ready to get on the road again! We are presently sitting in almost two feet of snow at my little “Oasis” here in Old Furnace, Massachusetts.

    Fair winds and following seas to you;

    Dick and Dakota Skye (my German Shepherd traveling mate)

  6. MsBelinda Says:

    I am so glad to hear that you are doing well after surgery. Give yourself adequate time to heal before you start to tackle all the things that await you back at home.

    I wish you a speedy recovery.

  7. becky Says:

    Best wishes and a speedy recovery.

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