A ride to Cedar Breaks and Kolob Canyons, Utah.

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

I have been so spoiled these past months enduring good weather, cold at times but with mostly blue skies. And now I am finding out that I am in the middle of Windy Valley… no wonder the patterns have been changing at the drop of a hat, and these past days the wind just have not stopped… can we add some rain please… done also! And then again I was told… this is only ten days out of the year… these must be those or someone forgot to add a zero.

I had to go to town today where everything is closed on sundays. You know Home Depot… that was open, and you must also know the great service we get there… the empty drawers when you think you found it, finally by the second one… thank you GPS… I barely found what I was looking for, parts for the rig’s new arm which will give me a piece of mind, specially off road. We made it back under threatening skies, at least all is being washed now and the dust should settle nicely in this one man and a dog neighborhood, that‘s the good part.

You will find me a bit on edge today… as I was also yesterday, because Spirit is not doing any better. Of course his stomach problem could be solved by some Pepto Bismol… we did look on the Internet for the dosage and its safety to dogs, but the problem might be deeper, maybe a bacterial infection of some sort. The one night he got really sick he bumped his nose on the end of it, scratched, I thought a bit of Neosporin would help, today it seems that it has spread some more… are the two related?… might be due time to go see an animal Doctor back into town.

When we arrived, he had 2 or 3 of those giant rawhide bones, which I was told by two vets that they lodge in their intestine… he has had different food for 3 days also, vegetarian food… and without saying that these changes would be the cause… it is when it all started! He did drink water out the lake when swimming… but all this has been 5 days ago now. I was asked by many e mails to post his condition… reason for my writing. Thanks for caring so much about him…

Yesterday’s planned ride had a great route and we also woke up to a great sunrise. I wanted to stay on black top till my additional arm holding the car was mounted, I did not think pushing the envelope would have been such a great idea. Plenty more time for that kind of riding…

The plan was to go and explore Cedar Breaks, a smaller version of Bryce Canyon, and then drop south to another entrance of Zion Park, the Kolob Canyons… continue south to eventually come back to camp. Both being north east of us and Pine Valley Mountains separating us all like a giant island, we had to first go north to Enterprise, once past the higher elevations, head east to finally arrive to Cedar Breaks, the town being called Cedar City.

After a nice lunch in the Park, it was time to head out and cover the 17 miles that separated us from the entrance. It was a bad day for pictures! Hazy, cloudy… one never has control over that part of the day. To our surprise, the gate was down… closed for the winter! A vivid reminder that winter is not over yet, specially at 9100 feet… We did get to see the Cedar Breaks, not up close and personal, hard to distinguish the Hoodoos present, will have to keep it on the “to see’ list.

Back to Cedar City, and on picking up the way… I must have been asleep during the planning… Highway 15… Freeway 15… Interstate 15… Does this tell you something?… Whatever you call it… it was a Freeway! I dislike and will not ride Freeways… Compounded by a head wind of supernatural forces (!!!), and trust me when I say that only a hack rider can understand this… it was like riding against a wall, dropping my gas mileage down to maybe 20 mpg! I almost pulled over to maneuver a U turn on the median and head back… my speed was dropping at a dangerous level, I could not pull the rig faster than 45 in third gear!… Ah!… the Valley of the Winds… that was a first to endure such force.

Of course today, looking at my drying map, I found out that Old Highway 91/Kanarville Road would have been the smart way to go. Will never leave home without it… as soon as it is dry!

The Kolob Canyons, on a smiling side, are a sight to see. Quite different than the other part of Zion where I spend quite a bit of time, they would look magnificent at sunset as they face west.

The ride into the Park is short, 6 miles, but felt like 10 times its distance as every 100 feet is a picture, a sight to admire, think about and reminisce curiously on the centuries it took for this marvel to happen. It is breathtaking, raw and unpolished mountains and canyons with more strength than I ever seen.

I will make a point sometime to go back and witness a sunset, when those faces are painted by the glows of a sun going to rest and shadows slowly creeping up its edges.

The decision of course, as for me the day was still early, was… do I continue south or just backtrack with the wind behind me, a breeze of a ride! Almost a 100 miles difference by then, I was ready to backtrack… again spoiled on this Journey to ride where I want to… when I want to… with a destination or not… it was a tough one to go with the plan and bite the bullet. And in the end I was glad that I did… all downhill, with mountains pretty much on both side the wind was not felt quite as strong and my arms did get a rest!

Arms worked out… body bounced around… school was in this weekend!… Great for sleeping!

After feeding Spirit, we laid down around 7:30pm and did not wake up till the still darkness of 6am. No trouble there…

Busy days ahead with the rig tomorrow, packing Tuesday or Wednesday and riding to Kernville,

California, if all goes well with Spirit… the Adventure Dog!

Till next time… you be well.

Ara & Spirit

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9 Responses to “A ride to Cedar Breaks and Kolob Canyons, Utah.”

  1. geode Says:

    Hi Ara,

    Hope Spirit is doing better!!!

    Great pics, hardly any haze, nice sharp colors show through.

    Hope your sidecar mods go smoothly tomorrow.

    be well, g

  2. Linda Says:

    A vets visit seems needed, too many days sick, I hope you get him checked out.

  3. Don Van Zandt Says:

    Ara; Fantastic pictures…incredable scenery. What a wonderfull time you must be having. Ara, please take Spirit to the vet and get him checked out…if he is not better after this long, it could be serious. You need to determine what’s wrong, and get him well!
    Good luck with the sidecar mods.
    PS..if you need money for the vet, please let me help.

  4. Linda Says:

    Ditto to Don’s comment…. Linda

  5. Rita Says:

    anxious to read if you took Spirit to a vet. We’ve used neosporin on our dogs, but no ‘people meds

  6. aragureghian Says:

    Spirit will be going to the vet in the am… 100% sure. Put him on plain rice diet, but that is a band aid treatment if he has a bacteria of somekind… Thank you all for your offers, I am very touched by them… truly, Don, Linda, Rita…

    Be well…

    Ara & Spirit

  7. Steve Williams Says:

    Give Spirit a pat on the head and a scratch behind the ears for me Ara! Hope your puppy is well soon!

    I’m more worried about Spirit than I am interested in following your adventures. Dogs just have a lot of power over some of us even at a distance of thousands of miles it seems.

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  8. Bob Stark Says:

    Hi Ara, I know you will take good care of your fur covered buddy, let us know how you 2 make out at the vet.
    we will be waiting to hear the results, our hearts and minds are with you!
    Bob & Gwen

  9. SidecarRon Says:

    Hi Ara, sorry I’m a little late in reading your blog. Sure hope Spirit is doing better by now!
    Oh – the reason for my delayed read? — out riding with my French sommelier friend. I’m sure you can forgive me 😉
    Sidecar Ron

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