A reenactment, Wormsloe Historic Site, GA

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

One never knows where we are going to end up the next day, this has a lot to do with people we meet and information we get regarding local events. We are going to a reenactment today at the Wormsloe Historic Site. It is the 10th Annual "Colonial Faire and Muster". One of the earliest and most beautiful colonial-era plantation of the Georgia Coast. Up early again, coffee you know, (St Simon will have to wait for another day), preparing lunch… warming up the rig as today mother is staying behind. She wants a day of rest, does not want to hear the canons or see the battlefields, she has seen enough of it in her own Life. We had a nice dinner together last night as we do every night since I cook. Healthy as I finally put myself on a diet. Stepped on a scale the other day at the grocery store and the numbers where alarming… 199lbs! (not 200… please!) Most of it has been gained since we left Texas with a definite change in activities and winter weather slowing down my metabolism making me lately tired and sluggish. It was a wake up call… so I started January 31st… thinking that only 5 years ago I weighed 155lbs! The only diet that works for me is eliminating just about all the carb intake… I am already missing my weakness… sweets late at night! We are now talking grilled fish, salad with only a bit of vinaigrette, gone is the bread, the pasta and the rice, ah! the potatoes… hello "yugly" sugar free Jello! Should be illegal, banned… but it works!


I am doing some intense research for when we get to Moab soon. And I have to apologize to a reader that had send me much information about free camping… I have been researching all my emails, which have been filed since day one under various headings, such as "Oasis of my Soul~web site", "personal", "camping", "contributions" and so forth… and nothing! Has somehow vanished… I also forgot your name… It was a lengthy e mail with much detailed information and even way points to the sites… I can only ask here, if you are reading this, please… could you send it again? My search will continue… As I mentioned, I have kept all the emails and comments received since we left in November 2006! Searching for this information on Moab I could not help spending time to read them again… it was as traveling back in time, you all have been so great and I feel so fortunate to have such an array of good people following us. I need to find a way to send you all an e mail. Wish there was the time to do it individually… maybe grouping, might be the solution. I will ask my Internet Guru Brian about this… 

Gen Oglethorpe  

Gen Oglethorpe 2

We are back!… and it was a busy day, a great day of education, acquiring much knowledge about the History of Georgia. I realized that I had never spend a complete day at a reenactment scene. Will have to do more of those, specially when they have staged battles. A funny thing happened on our way there. A van behind us suddenly had a passenger’s head hanging out, waiving and shouting something I could not hear. We finally pulled over about a mile before the entrance and I kept hearing through my ear plugs "beemerchef"… Turns out to be a reader and a rider, Mike Justice, all the way down here from North Carolina for also this event. He is a member of the ADV Rider forum and goes with the name of "Driller"… maybe you guessed it… he is a Dentist!!! Small world… isn’t it? Present with his brother and sister in law, it really added some excitement to the day, specially having lived in this area for 26 years he drew us a map of all the worthy Islands to visit between Charleston and St Simon! Mike is on the right below…

Mike Justice Driller

Where to begin?… The Plantation was magnificent and the first picture above today is its entrance, a mile and a half of oak trees and Spanish moss. The picturesque roadway you are seeing is lined with more than 400 oak trees planted by Wymberly Jones DeRenne in the early 1890’s to commemorate the birth of his son. Quite a task. Everyone was dressed up and living as they were 275 years ago, it is after all the 275th Anniversary of Georgia. The camps where set up throughout the property, a nature’s trail took us in a circle to witness first a British Military camp, lead by General Oglethorpe which you also see above to the right, second and third picture down. As he said in his own words, he is back after 275 years, he found everything as is except for .com!

British 1  

British 2

Nice uniforms and a great camp where they were also cooking their meals as they spend the weekend on the property.

camp 1  

 camp 2

Dogs were allowed to be walked around… how about that! I did return Spirit to the sidecar during the firing of the riffles and canons, and for the first time had a nice conversation with a gentleman questioning about the Pit Bull breed… First time because his question was "why would you bring a loaded gun amongst kids"… I realized as he walked away shaking his head that no talk of mine was going to change his ignorance toward the breed. I wished him a "good day"… as in the meantime many kids approached us asking me if they could pet him!… which they did.

firing riffles 2 firing riffles 3
firing riffles 1 firing riffles 4

We followed the troupes a bit for their Military march before the firing of the riffles, and arrived at a Colonial Village. Larry the Blacksmith is the gentleman that we met in Savannah and told us about this event, we watched him make a cheese cutter and thanked him for all the information he had given us. He loves his hobby… where else could you dress up and play like a kid?

Larry the Blacksmith

The Village was very interesting, specially watching an Artisan make some spoons from melted pewter… had never seen that before…

spoon making 1 spoon making 4
spoon making 2 spoon making 3

I end up taking about 800 pictures yesterday (it is Sunday now!), there is much more to come including what everyone waited for… the firing of the 6lb Canon! Yes, even ready my hands shook! But managed to take some good shots… as they managed to fire it a few times!!! The ruins of the Plantation itself, more troops, the landscape and its view to the marshes alone was worth the visit. Next time…

"Spirited Doggie Treats" and "Art Cards"…. Dogs cannot live of Love and food alone… they need treats, they like treats… we know! Put Spirit to work!

We are always under deep appreciation toward the readers that have send in a contribution helping this website’s expenditures. For those who have not, continue enjoying the site, pictures, recipes, and if you feel it’s worth $1 a month, the contribution button is above, snail mail is below…

Ara Gureghian   853 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #245   Naples, Fl 34108

You be well…. Ara & Spirit

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    Please no personal e-mails. The blog is where your energy should go. So- HOW DID THEY COOK? Shooting muskets is for boys, men want to know what they ATE…! Carbs I’ll bet.

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