A timeless ride to Ft Davis, Texas

Thursday, November 13th, 2008


I truly believe that if everyone "rode" some kind of an open vehicle, does not have to be a motorcycle per say, we would be living in a better World. Sounds odd maybe, but it works for me. The aches, the pains, mental or physical seem to somehow disappear, time looses its notion, the senses are heightened and so amazing that one suddenly notices every pebble on the road, every branch hanging low, nothing is ever bypassed. This week is a waiting week, waiting for Monday, the verdict day in Odessa with the Cardiologist. I am a bit taken back of how slow the wheels have been turning, a lack of urgency is being felt all around me and even though surrounded by good people, I think this sort of situation demands, would have demanded moving temporarily to a bigger city such as Dallas or Austin or anywhere but here, where the Hospital is even called by the locals as a mere ‘First Aid Station’, a pricey one for that. So instead, instead of sitting and waiting around, we took a ride yesterday, it was good medicine to take on the fresh air and see some old Friends.

broom shop b  

Yes… that is an old Friend!

Since we are near by Alpine these days, at the insistence of my Friends Kathy and Rob not to be too far from ‘First Aid’, Ft Davis, or for that matter even Marfa are real close by. The Bookstore in Ft Davis now has a Coffee Shop/Lunch Counter, a new addition, and the Jerry/Nelda team is doing a great job with sandwiches and light lunches. It felt as being home entering the premises, locals all knowing each other, much chatting, there is no formality and the ambiance is just too awesome to pass up next time anyone is in Ft Davis. I did not have a chance to speak much with them, they did not stop working for a single minute! Just a few seconds to take this picture… and clowning around.

Jerry & Nelda  

I have never seen such happy people in the Food Business! I need to find out their secret. The Bookstore and Coffee Shop are separated by a remarkable patio. It is the kind of place I like to stop where the clock also does not advance too fast and the times are good.


The Lady on the left happens to be Lynde, a great Painter with her Art Work also featured at the Kiowa Gallery in Alpine. I am sure we will see each other again at Gallery Night starting Friday the 21st. Small World and exciting times ahead.

broom shop a  
Ron Marsha

A visit to Ft Davis is never complete without stopping and seeing my Friends Marsha and Ron, which you guessed are original broom makers. When was the last time you have seen a broom being made? And not just any broom… My timing was perfect as Ron, also named man of the week in Texas with many appearances on CBS and other TV shows, was finishing a new broom design he had dreamed off the night before. Kind of glad he had not dreamed about flying on one!

broom shop h  
broom shop i  
  broom shop d

So we chatted and chatted. Marsha reads the Blog and it is has become fun to meet readers lately. Lets face it, I don’t have much to say in person as I write it up instead! I generally answer questions. It actually become a bit funny when close Friends write me asking where we are! Sometimes asking me how Canada is while we are now in Texas and then at the same time telling me how much they enjoy the Blog, which I know by then they have not even glanced at.  And this is all about time, and this is all alright. Time not many have between work, commute, family, hobbies and their forums… and too many Blogs to read! The level of communication has risen to a new height but the days are still only made of 24 hours and the weeks of 7 days and so forth. Time unit has changed. When one came to the Big Bend Hot Springs from Alpine, it took about 6 days. Most try it in 3 hours now. Where is the accomplishment when doing more in less time only by skimming its surface within quite often a shallow sense of perception. We go right back trying to live for the "Now" instead of being constantly in "fast forward".

broom shop e

broom shop g broom shop f

This a store, a space where time has stopped, The machine is from the 1940’s, there are no driven gears, as it should be, a manual labor of Love. We tested the brooms Ron was making. When was also the last time you tested a broom!… at Walmart maybe? Marsha herself helps also and at home bakes and bakes as I understand to Ron’s delight. We talked about all kinds of breads and since, I decided I have to start again making my own whole wheat bread while I still have an oven. Wonderful people to be with. This what our Journey is all about.


There are leaf color changes even in Texas! We rode a little further down the road to Fort Davis, the day was beautiful with its blue skies and crisp cool air. Perfect to park under the big trees and run Spirit a bit since he has not done much of it in Alpine. I yet have to visit the Fort for as many times as we have been there, I much prefer to lay down on the dried leaves and look up at the infinity always present upward. I use to love doing it as a kid, I still do otday… My favorite saying being "It is never too late to have a happy childhood"!


We have slowed our own time, sometimes not an easy path to be on when in contact with others, but we manage. Two years without a watch now the sun is my companion warning me of darkness in the summer and cool, cold often, upcoming nights. The dried leaves as a soft mattress complimented a welcome rest, the ones still hanging on the branches glistering in the wind and making their own music so serene that I almost fell asleep. The diversity of sights in the area is so intense. From the big trees to a few miles south the real desert with unlike here providing no shade.


foundation a  

Some day when we return I need to take the tour of the Fort and learn its rich History instead of again napping! We started heading back, the temperatures are not as kind anymore after sunset and with a tail wind we only stopped once intrigued by the photographic possibilities of this wheel!

wheel b

wheel a  

Great ride, great Friends, a good day… all to be so thankful for.

Friends is what we have left in Life. Friends have been the common interest over these past two years. Don’t forget your Friends today, call them, write them, hug them as your own Family, your pets, are also and should be your Friends. This is what I have learned…

Help us keep the site alive. Please contribute… I use to ask if reading this site was worth 1$ a month, loose change truly. I do again. This site has been far from being a free Journal as it was at one time!

Two years of Photography is finally in order on SmugMug… In "Your Favorites", in "States", some labeled "first year" and second year", now also "Texas the third year". Feel free to browse, you can even use the slide show mode and have fun.

Merchandise is also available through SmugMug. If you like to order a print all sizes are available as I store the originals myself considering the huge bandwidth needed to upload on the Gallery.

Be well, always.   Ara & Spirit

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3 Responses to “A timeless ride to Ft Davis, Texas”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Ara, Be confident that the wheels are at least turning. I have had a heart issue for over a year and still do not have everything resolved. Everything takes so much time. Be thankful that NO ONE thinks that you are in an immediate situation with your heart. That is actually very good news. We have ridden a Goldwing for many years and whe also have a PT cruiser Convertable to drive around. I understand totally your thoughts on having nothing above you when traveling. You see the world before your eyes. Be careful and don’t travel too far alone until you can get the answers you need. I am so glad that you have friends around you. We will track you down some time next summer once we start our travels. We won’t have the Goldwing with us, but we will have the Cruiser. Glad you are feeling well enough to continue your rides. Take care and give Spirit a scratch behind the ears.

  2. Louise Says:

    How true your words ring! “Good friends” from our old life always ask, “Where have you been?” when we visit after 6 months or so. They do not read the blog. Others, usually motorcycling friends, catch up in bursts, reading many blog posts at once to learn our travels. At least our parents read it, although I’m not sure they find what they are looking for in our words. I know my mother is waiting for me to write that I am done and returning to spend the rest of my life living right next door to her. Ugh, just writing that sentence in jest is depressing!

    Your description and photo of lying under the trees, just looking up and drowsing, made me smile. I think we evolved to love the trees, to delight in their movement and color. But who in the busy world even notices how lovely they are?

  3. Lindy Severns Says:

    Ever think that the heart issues that slowed you down, that detoured your plans to photograph sites and people yet unseen and unknown also led you to a gallery with intimate knowledge of heart disease, a gallery located in a region where everything is thorny, infinitely wide and possible, a venue to share your vision of the world with thousands of folks, some of whom will immediately connect with that vision and be healed by it?
    It isn’t the destination. It’s the journey.
    Enjoy Alpine’s ArtWalk/Gallery Night at Kiowa Gallery. You’ve paid your fare. Sit back and appreciate the scenery, wherever it takes you next.
    Best, Lindy

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