A New Year! NM

Sunday, January 6th, 2019

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us”
~ Hal Borland ~

16 miles away, a bit of Cloudcroft and its roads…

What does it truly mean? I cannot be blasé and nonchalantly think it is just another day even though, it really is. There are no new resolutions per say, maybe apply myself to step up a bit and embrace Life in a kinder manner? Being in an urban environment my biggest aspect, a phrase I keep often repeating to myself is “mind you own business”. An example? I was parking at our little neighborhood Walmart yesterday which is a huge convenience for me as just being a mile or so away, and in front of me while done parking another driver is emptying his cart, gets in his truck and leaves it in between his vehicle and my car and leaves… It is a classic. I look at him from inside of my car as maybe our eyes will meet and he will understand his doing but his elevator did not go to the top floor. Get out of the car, speak up or not speak up? This guy is above it all coming and living in that “I don’t care” World. I could tell. Don’t laugh but he also was much bigger than me… Let it go Ara… Let it go! Grab the cart before it hits other cars and use it… Do your good deed for the day! I did. I minded my own business.


Is there a right or a wrong? There is… None of us are perfect for sure but there are some aspects of Life which are right and some are wrong. We see the wrongs and we want to correct them. We want to speak up, induce a bit of awareness into the person across from us but that is something that could go on forever. Could even be a full time job, could end up being even violent as so many out there don’t have much respect if any towards others, towards other Human Lives. I always said there are many kind people, I still meet them when out yet there are also the ones we should not approach. They are blinded by their own ego whether physical or mental. “Let it go times”… And why is it at times so hard? Human nature? Could it be our own ego which then surfaces and want it “right”?


I cannot let those darts enter the thick carapace of my bubble! I have to maintain my mental peace at all cost and on any level whichever way it presents itself. I was not long ago following a motorcycle rider from Europe who visited the US for six months. The trip of a lifetime. I knew she took great time to post every facets of her Journey on Social media and I must say it was nice to follow where she had been, many spaces where Spirit and I had camped even though each photo had her motorcycle displayed and suddenly the other day I understood the time and effort spent towards such recognition [or not!]. As she is now back home she knew exactly how many likes she had received throughout those six months, she knew which pictures out of the hundreds also had the most likes and I started thinking “wow! what a job!”. I did not comment as my sarcasm would have come through and would have started a war, a screen warrior war, and I had to so strongly hold myself back from writing “Sounds like your "likes" trip was more profitable than your "USA" trip…". I can just imagine all the Social Media effort that had gone into the Journey while on my end my only consequence of my writing and photos has been to share with no expectations and no schedule except my own and Spirit’s well being.


We never know what is awaiting passed the curve as much as we desire this or that, as much as we can plan the paths we would like to take on as the future approaches and so why force it? Let the World spin on its own as truly how much difference would I have made trying to talk that driver into rolling his cart to the proper place? None. We all have our own dilemmas, our own personal situations to take care off. On this end still awaiting for my left ablation, some more serious dental pain coming up, the daily struggle at times of an ongoing diet which I should have started ten years ago [!] possibly then avoiding my last two bypasses and stents. As they say, it is never too late and my hopes are up that at least health wise I am on the right track. It is just a regular diet, nothing fancy and none of those which costs thousands of dollars! Sticking to 1500 calories a day at the most through a free app called “Fitness Pal” where you input everything you eat while staying away from the bad carbs and fat! Fat which tastes so good… Isn’t ironic that everything which tastes good does not help our medical well being? Pastries, Pizza, a nice mashed potatoes made with mascarpone, heavy cream, sharp cheddar cheese and lets not forget garlic! Worse is the situation when someone like me knows how to prepare just about everything… and has the tools to do it.


     Best Bakery within hundreds of miles! All made from scratch. Makes dieting a challenge…

So as we have entered the New Year it is moving on I feel a bit slow but then again we don’t want it to be fast. Do we? while we savor every moments of it. Spring is my key word right now. A Journey back to Valley of the Gods area probably with a few Friends joining me. There might even be three dogs and will be welcomed meaning dog time for me. And no, no new dog in my Life yet as much as I think about it every day. There is this invisible hand stopping me or is it maybe Spirit who is? I know it will happen when least expected, when a pair of eyes will cross mine and talk to me saying “take me home”… I am actually looking forward to that moment while slowly accepting that no dog will ever be Spirit. He/she will not be any better or worse, just be a different soul and while my report with dogs I feel is kind of unique I know we will get along really well. I am slowly getting there. I am not pushing the issue.


Stay well,
               Ara and Spirit [R.I.P. 04~04~2018]

Wind chime

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4 Responses to “A New Year! NM”

  1. greg Says:

    I knew that was Cloudcroft before I scrolled down far enough to read the caption on the first image! One of my favorite places.

    I believe there is an inherent morality in the universe and unfortunately here on earth, unlike all the other sentient beings who only stray from that morality on rare occasions,* humans seem to go the other way and need constant restraints (laws and and conventions, and enforcement of those laws and conventions) to keep them in check and harmony.

    I’m afraid I’ve gotten into the confrontational habit of pulling my phone out and videoing when people pull stunts like that. When asked I tell them that I am streaming live to my Youtube “Wall of Shame” channel (which doesn’t exist.) (Oh, and by the way, The Wife is rarely happy with me when I do that, so perhaps I should be featured on my own wall of shame. . .)

    Hey Ara, you should have no trouble sticking to your diet since I am doing my best every day to eat all your overage calories so you don’t have to. . .

    *One occasion that comes to mind is when a half dozen young bull elephants were relocated in Africa many years ago in an attempt to repopulate an area. Like most unsupervised teenagers they started rampaging, among other things attacking and even killing rhinoceros just because they could. The fix was to relocate a couple older bulls who taught them right from wrong.

  2. Ara & Spirit Says:

    “morality”… that is a very good word. I hope all is not lost while having met and still meeting many with the good while they left the bad behind… I can only hope such aspect for the next generations to come.
    No more “confrontations”! I feel at Peace with such thought. What would be the consequences of the consequence anyhow? Energy, mental and physical, waste? Maybe feeding the little bit of ego left hidden somewhere? Not worth it… Give it a try, see what happens.
    Stay healthy, “that” I strongly recommend! I am so tired of procedures after procedures… Every time I think I am going to see the daylight the curtain rises again.
    Have a great day… and Stay Well, Ara
    Thanks for writing.

  3. Nicky Says:

    That Hal Borland quote is brilliant. Your experience has given you the wisdom to wait for
    “…when a pair of eyes will cross mine and talk to me saying “take me home”

    A quote I recently saw is what I would consider good advice in many situations, and seems to be apt for yours.
    “Do not allow your loneliness to lower your standards. Read that again.”

    You will know it when you meet “the one” meant to be yours, then fulfilling each other’s wants and needs will come as naturally as it does with all friends and families that love each other.

  4. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Hi Nicky… My standards cannot be lowered. I would not be able to live with myself for sure. Lonely or not… They are my written rules of Life. Have a great day.

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