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Saturday, August 25th, 2007

I thought today I would narrate the pictures taken. They are part of a loop we did, mostly off road. Spirit was a real trooper, someday he will tell you how much he enjoys the ride… Old Faithful gets an A+ today, some rough spots, bumpy, suspension is a bit too stiff, but we cannot change that. I would not recommend riding this with a street bike, one that comes to mind which would be perfect, a 650 in just about any brand… and color!

The map has many stops only because it is the only way I could have it take the route! Still ignoramus about it… I try. On to Richland to get on Snake River road. I had only looked at the map before leaving, I had not idea of the surprises coming up, one being way up over the river.

Nice gravel road and much washboard. As always, fast or slow is the tempo and we combined both, without a guard rail going south, too much sliding in the right handers could have been detrimental to our health.

And yes, the water is “that” blue. It was a perfect day, a bit warmer by the river specially when finally getting on its lower banks, and a hard one to take pictures with a bright sun in the wrong place! Could not change that one…

As usual for this area all is desolate. Miles and miles of nothing but the hills, birds and flowers. Some camping spots were available as the road here is yet not too harsh to get in. Some granite formations here, an unusual sight amongst the smooth hills, provided the scenery.

The goal was to reach Huntington. We did pass a little town, population as it said, 2 or more. There was one trailer and that was it. As we approached the end of the road we started seeing more and more trailers and a few tents, some speedboats water skiing and some fishing.

Never tired of stopping and looking, listening to the silence, the water was very still. Across from us, up the hill, I started wondering if this was an old volcano. It sure looked like one… We took a short break in front of it, I like Spirit to get out as often as possible, drink some water… the sun was starting to get stronger.

We finally made it to Huntington, it was time to head west away from the river. Hwy 30 followed along 84, passed Lime, Jett and Dixie, settled on Lookout Mountain road, another deserted and gravel road going north.

This is when we started climbing… and climbing at 7000 feet, and the road was getting worse. The Google map shows how we went north, a lot of hair pin turns… did I say it was fun?… definitely! The trees made their presence, we were able to stop and have some shade, and finally to our right we saw the canyon we had just come from…

In between the two ranges of mountains is the Snake River. It was cool suddenly and amazing to be able to see where we had come from in such a short time. The road are not too confusing. I knew that we had to pass the Lookout Mountain before making a right on Daly Creek road which would take us back to Richland.

You can see above the Lookout Mountain and the road which took us back. We bumped into a couple State Troopers in their truck, they were trying to catch some hunters hunting on private land. By that time I was a bit confused as to which turn to make and their timing was just perfect to guide us on the right track!

The road never looks rough in a picture! It was not too bad… just bouncy for the suspension which I wish had a longer travel. This was the first building we had seen since we had turned on to this road, probably part a big Ranch sometime ago.

The road constantly changed surface, we continued…

… and continued through the traffic jam!

And this has to be my favorite picture of the day! Nothing for miles… not a soul besides some parked trucks belonging to hunters… and suddenly this little barn, covered trailer and outhouse with a few horses!!! What a “pad”!!! Clear view for miles around a 360 degree span… it made my day.

Not too long after, we arrived back in Richland, and then on to Halfway, a bit tired, we had been on the road for about 10 hours… what a great day it has been. We just need to find more roads like these! You be well…

Ara & Spirit


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