A Great Loop… OR

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

“Has joy any survival value in the operations of the evolutions? I suspect it does; I suspect that the morose and fearful are doomed to quick extinction. Where there is no joy there can be no courage; and without courage all other virtues are useless” ~ Edward Abbey ~ [Desert Solitaire]

Winchester Bay  

Luck and good Karma was on our path finding this campsite when making a left turn late in the day having almost lost hope of anything viable, only maybe as always plan B, a dirt road to the right or to the left, and when unseen set up for the night. Winchester Bay, just a few miles north was lined with RV’s tighter but as orderly as sardines in a giant can of a small Parking lot. Between them and the Ocean, fitted every which way possible, hundreds more. They all came with their little buzzing, and annoying I must say, satellites with their red flags denouncing through their bouncing through the air the speed kept by those little four wheelers. Why? Why is it always louder seems to most “better”?

Winchester Bay  
Winchester Bay  

We quickly turned around after a walk on one of the piers as the winds have now picked up southerly at speeds of between 30 to 40 miles per hour. I let it carry us south toward Bandon with a plan in mind. A quaint little touristy town on also a beach, the winds increased, white caps from the blue waters took on the main curtain calls and as I am watching the many others in shorts and T Shirts, I am myself adding two more layers under my riding jacket. A ship from the Corps of Engineers could not even hold it’s position trying to dredge the waters. Around and around like a rubber duck in a giant bathtub, was turning in circles to no end. Money well spend, it was not quitting time yet. Tax Dollars at work.

Winchester Bay  
Winchester Bay  

My thought was then not to confront the wind which would be on our nose, but to ride 42S to Coquille and on 42 back to North Bend. Inland. Should be less windy and cold. It was. I liked Coquille, no tourists, only a bit more traffic probably then usual stopping at the Fireworks display stands, a little town which reminded me more of the Oregon I know. We did not stay long. Tomorrow is our last day here, we will go back to walk around the old town with the old buildings and their murals still standing up.

Winchester Bay  


There is no cooking tonight. I am taking a break. Cherries, peaches, a mango, some local honey with natural peanut butter for dessert and a good book. Part of Life on the road. This dish was from a few nights ago. I don’t know what to call it as it only consisted of left over’s with no meat. All diced. A mango, zucchini, green onion, tomato, mint leaves and half a cup of rice. A couple tablespoons of olive oil first to sauté for a bit, then adding a cup of water bringing it to boil and then simmer till the rice is done. Great combination, no refrigeration. If meat is used, it needs to be sautéed in the beginning. A bit of any of Mrs Dash spices and I topped it all at the end with the forever juice of a lime.

Rice and Mango with Mint  
Rice and Mango with Mint Rice and Mango with Mint
Rice and Mango with Mint Rice and Mongo with Mint

Today is the Fourth of July. I had this fantasy that while riding we might get invited to eat while I passed by the many BBQ’s I could see smoking and smell grilling. It did not happen. Missed a great shot. This young couple and their toddler, a very small house and a very small green grass yard. The classic white picket fence, an also white round plastic table with its chairs, dishes and silverware, napkins and already a corn on the cob were laid out. The grill was smoking, the smiles neatly showed three white and happy set of teeth, it was however all in their eyes. They were sparkling of joy. It might have been the first 4th of July their toddler was understanding and more than enjoying. The little house was yellow. I did not want to disturb them, the image was just to perfect for the day. I remembered those days of my own long ago. Past tense.

Umpqua River Lighthouse  
Umpqua River Lighthouse Umpqua River Lighthouse

We went back to Coquille. Of course all was deserted but the roads had no traffic. The little Thai shack was closed. I met Cheryl however who has been on that road corner now for three years. She has a sewing machine and does mending for the locals. Right there. Outdoor, as long as the weather permits it. She leaves everything there and bicycles on home every night. She is a nice Lady. Another unusual Life."Remarkable" I told her as she smiled.

Cheryl in Coquille  
Mural in Coquille  
Coquille Coquille
Coquille Mural in Coquille
Thai in Coquille Thai in Coquille

It was still early in the day and we end up riding one of the greatest loop ever. From Coquille to Roseburg on 42, 99 North to 138 West taking us back through Winchester Bay and on south off 101 to camp. No hair pin turns, no craters on the road, just a beautiful countryside pathway, nice curves and a blue ribbon newly paved following the rivers. It was one of those that will linger in the memory of forever. Every mile could have been “one of those photos” and yet, nothing in particular besides the covered bridges we came across were outstanding. All was, every moment including the play with the wind to have it on our back all day.

Sandy Creek Bridge on 138 Sandy Creek Bridge on 138
Sandy Creek Bridge on 138  
Covered Bridge on 138  
Covered Bridge on 138 Covered Bridge on 138

Be well, it is your choice.

Ara & Spirit

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2 Responses to “A Great Loop… OR”

  1. john Says:

    today’s quote from such a fine book and wonderful author… heyduke lives!

  2. The Box Canyon Blogger Says:

    We made the same loop… loved the covered bridges too. A nice reminder of our two year road trip to the great Northwest and back. Wonderful nooks and crannies everywhere if you are willing to get off the beaten path. Soon the berries will be ripe, too.
    mark and bobbie

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