A few days in Salem, the road to… OR

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

“My  Personal Daily Therapy, published Weekly or so…”

“The best day of your life is the one
on which you decide your life is your own.
No apologies or excuses.
No one to lean on, rely on, or blame.
The gift is yours – it is an amazing journey –
and you alone are responsible for the quality of it.
This is the day your life really begins.”
~ Author Unknown ~

Red Canyon xxx

From their Album “The Language of Life”, “Everything but the Girl” playing “Meet me in the Morning” 


The back side of the Tetons-11 xxx

The back side of the Tetons-5 xxx

The long road ahead… I started thinking that we are all, I "myself" am anyhow, the product of our past regardless of how hard and all the efforts we put in to erase such past and to not conquer the present but to live with such "now". I see it within myself, I notice it with Friends I speak with, exchange e mails, spend time with. There is no escaping. That brown luggage on rollers with more or less adorned with the labels maybe faded but always on sight, different wordings today, we drag it behind us, fortunately for some moved from ahead of us. My companions today are of many, my good Friends, my Buddy Spirit, my Mother, Mother Nature, the one that never ceases to amaze me which is always the case when one takes the time, effortless to feel it all. Our Sponsors so kind allowing us to truly do what we are doing. Yet, there is a shell, a shell underneath it all, hard and soft in places. Weak and strong it’s surface is. My companions often find that soft spot, that switch that rolls open that little door putting in sight those rollers bringing on those faded labels. And we talk.

The back side of the Tetons-16 xxx

The back side of the Tetons xxx

I try to be funny, I try or maybe some of it comes naturally because I like humor. I was funny at one time. They say. Said. I think humor and laughing are primordial. "Funny" is funny. It brings lightness to Life, good mood. Funny comes through that little compartment sometimes too well hidden. That little space in me that stays shut sometimes too often. I am not that funny when I am alone and I don’t try too hard to be funny when around my Friends, I just like it. Yet, it does not fail, even after all these years, of the image of Lance emerging as soon as I wear a smile or the sound of a laugh is heard through my own ears and right away the shadow of a guilt drapes itself around me while the past so quickly re-emerges. Years ago was not funny. Nothing, not an ounce of the calendar was.

The back side of the Tetons-13 xxx

The back side of the Tetons-14 xxx

Time has not healed the wounds as the contrary is too often said. Time has only allowed for "time" to go by showing me the reality of the present. This fortunate present, as it is, I have put ourselves on keeping the "no choice" label sharper and more distinct than the others. However, tiredness sets in. Tiredness of the incessant gears non stop turning to no end. As right now. The relief are such "my companions", the laughter when it comes, the smiles when they are worn amongst them. Why should I subject my companions to the sound of those rollers dragging that brown suitcase? My own Journal subjects myself enough. And them. It is here in words. There is no need to rehash what has already been written.

The back side of the Tetons-9 xxx

This morning is the road to Salem, Oregon. 1000 miles are ahead of us. Again as it has happened in the past the pace will be faster. A week. That is slow for many, not for us. "Old Faithful" is garaged at my Friends house in Lander. The battery tender is her Lifeline. The light was green this morning as one tap and a good bye for now took place. It is a little heartbreaking to leave her behind as such when together have been through so much. She is far from being out of the Journey. "Terra Explorer" will take her place only for some routes too difficult for her, the ones that require a U Turn on those rough unpaved and isolated roads. Another step will be acquired toward what I call more "freedom". At times after much thinking I feel as I have complicated our lives accepting this huge sponsorship. And I have. There is no answer yet to the logistical aspect of having both "Old Faithful" and "Terra Explorer" in the same location.

The back side of the Tetons-7 xxx

The back side of the Tetons-18 xxx

After a couple days of Cooking Classes sponsored by Snow Peak and Overland Journal in Leavenworth, Washington, in about 10 days, we will then have about 15 days to drop to Tucson and house sit for my Friends awaiting September 4th when I will go to Munich, Germany, and spend a couple weeks with my Mother. Coming back on the 18th and then on up again to Lander and bring down "Old Faithful" before the winter times. Maybe roam around the area. September is a good time for "Yellowstone" and surroundings. How about that for never having a schedule! One day at the time crossing the bridges when they will appear.

Craters of the Moon-2 xxx

Craters of the Moon-5 xxx

Craters of the Moon xxx

Next day. We had a 1000 miles to Salem. We covered about 400 of it today. The days are long. It always happens on the first day when running from point A to point B. The thrill of rolling again quenching that thirst build up from days past. 600 miles are left and we still have a week ahead of us. No need for a calendar. I discovered the back side of the Tetons as we entered Idaho. More and more the roads appealing are those not necessarily rougher but the ones with 4 numbers or three, the ones where the grass grows in the middle, the ones still seen the Pioneers have taken. We passed some of those. Their destinations unknown and the truth is I am being pretty excited about "Terra Explorer" giving the opportunity to ride such roads with the simple fact that a U Turn if and when needed will be accomplished with no efforts.

Craters of the Moon-10 xxx

Craters of the Moon-3 xxx

Craters of the Moon-9 xxx

We end up in this little town called "Arco" last night. The little City Park where all was quiet and woke up this morning with some of the most powerful sprinklers going on "wosh wosh" and "drip drip" on and around us. Free shower. I loved it. Spirit did not. Making my coffee, the locals are driving back and forth glancing. Wish one would stop as I would offer them a cup of probably the strongest coffee they have ever had. Curious and Friendly. A wave here and a wave there. "Craters of the Moon" was our next stop. I was not aware they had a campground and the road has been rebuilt. Loops of course as a safety net for the tourists. No reason for them to get lost. Soda Pop machine at the start and one more at the finish line with T Shirts and stickers added. You got to love it. Still, the space is impressive with acres of lava covering it all with their jagged ruggedness and somber colors.

The road to Salem-4 xxx

The road to Salem-3 xxx

The road to Salem-7 xxx

We are feeling the heat everyone has been complaining about. We have dropped over 5000 feet since we have left Wyoming. Not much shade as even the lava rocks as sentinels from past volcanoes are too short to provide any relief. Slowly and daily we are crossing those bridges. I am trying to not think so much.

The road to Salem-9 xxx

The road to Salem-6 xxx

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We both appreciate your support and hoping we are giving something back.

The road to Salem-10 xxx

You all be well…

Ara and Spirit

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  1. heyduke50 Says:

    ahhh Salem just south of where we are… enjoy the journey…

  2. mark johnson Says:

    Love the old gas station photos!!! Can you smell the ocean yet?
    Travel on…

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