A Day in Town…

Friday, February 16th, 2007

I always like to show you my view while camping… gives you an idea what I am dealing with… and for you to have a better notion that BLM land is great!… we are lucky that some such land has been set aside for us to enjoy… I remember Texas being 98% privately owned… so what do WE do?… motels and campgrounds?… I guess!

 A view East and a view West…


We are settled for a few days, I actually at this point don’t even know where our next destination will be. I am waiting for an answer from a friend in Kingman inviting us to stay on his 20 acres property… as I joked with him… for 6 months! I hope he has not taken me seriously…


I must be on a path for some great 4 wheeling… suddenly, as in the old days, clouds of dust were approaching, horses have now been exchanged for Jeeps! All geared for some serious rock climbing, all waived, one had a buddy Pit Bull like Spirit, I hollered at him to stop by on his way back. I am getting more and more self conscience riding alone on unknown trails, the maps even emphasize not to, this holds me back, the distances here are much greater and with not as much traffic if any at all specially during the week, unlike Big Bend or Anza Borrego. Might have to start hooking up with others.

A visit to the Lake Havasu, nice, feels like a Tropical setting, will have to come back with a chair or towel and get some rays next week. I think Spirit will enjoy it also even though he is not a water dog.

On to town, 10 miles. What a change to have everything so close by and I cannot think now of anything we need, except… Post Office, looking for some small hammocks at the boat store to hang in the camper for stuff. I just gave some away that I had kept from my sailing days… little did I know that I would need them. The ones I find are 5 feet long, too big. Maybe something else will do. Some kind of basket… I have to meet my friend J Kam this afternoon at Home Depot around 3pm. Jay was very instrumental in my preparations for this Journey, we have never met and I am excited about having some company and sharing the view of the Fireworks these coming two nights!… I owe him dinner to begin with… Might have to start getting set up now.

And what do I see… a Dogie Bakery! Oh! no… Spirit is going to be in for a treat! SCRAPS…

Nice owner, been open only a few months, but already doing well. How can she not as the dog industry alone is a 5 Billion dollars a year industry!

A bit pricey on the eclairs… as much as a human eclairs! But we will do anything for our buddies… won’t we?

SCRAPS also carries all kind of nutritional foods, accessories and Spirit was in need of a new pair of Doogles… They have a new model now, the past two pairs did not last too long. We decide on a gold type color, this pair I will take care of them, they even come with a bag…

We are in town I have to tell myself as we leave after spending at least one hour in the store… Spirit has a full stomach from all the samples everyone is giving him… he is a personality! How many dogs do get to travel the country riding in a sidecar… Caught a glimpse of this Willy taking off… a bit bright… but what a restoration job! There are many four wheelers in town…

And taking about wheels, I am in search for some tires, very very soon. One specially for the sdiecar… 4.00-19… We visit the local Motorcycle shops, one in particular that is also a KTM Dealer, this beautiful black KTM 950 SM… for Super Motard… is standing there right at the door… waiting for a new buyer… I had never seen it, it has been lowered and I understand that it is awesome on the black top… of course!

I guess there will always be some places we stay that will feel more at home than others… This is one of them even though it is closer to civilization than others we have been at. There is so much respect on BLM lands of one toward another, sometimes I think more than in a campground were dogs bark and kids yell.. As it happened at the Terlingua Campground I remember, 5 or 6 family all gathered, a dozen kids or more, all with their bicycles tearing up the ground, half a dozen dogs left alone during the day barking to every movement… such behavior would never happen here… not that I know or experienced it anyhow…


On with the day… I is nice and sunny… 1 layer morning… time to ride!

Be well…

Ara and Spirit

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3 Responses to “A Day in Town…”

  1. Linda Says:

    Ara, does Spirit have doggie boots for that hot desert sand (when the temps are up)?
    Ouch on the pads…lol

  2. Elie Cramer Says:

    I sold my harley and got a Ural with sidecar, just so my border colle Wyatt could ride along with me. I tow it on a tralier behind my motorhome, for use when we get to some mine back in the hills desert campground,

  3. Macrobe Says:

    I love the top photo of you, Spirit and the bike!

    +1 on doggie booties. My dog wore them when I lived in Maine and often the winters were colder than 30 below zero. I made them out of wool socks and attached a cord to tie around her paws. It kept the snow from packing in between her pads and reduce cracking (ouchy). When we were in the Badlands, I used heavy cotton socks to keep the stickers and thorns out of her pads.

    Mismatched socks have many uses 🙂

    I’m glad to see you having a good time. I’ll be thinking of you when I’m in Big Bend in a few weeks. I’ll announce to the canyons that Ara and Spirit say “Hellloooooooo!!!!”

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