A Canvas of so many Spaces. TX

Monday, February 1st, 2010


“The Philosopher is in Love with truth, that is, not with the changing world of sensation, which is the object of opinion, but with the unchanging of reality which is the object of knowledge” ~ Plato ~


The skies are again fiery red, the evening clouds and their cast of grays have made their way to the horizon, and the cold once more is settling in quickly, too quickly without much of a break in the transition from the warm day now past. I am already yawning this evening, the days end are still finding me a bit more tired than usual, the earlier energy has still not found it’s way back. No one ever tells the truth ahead of time when undergoing a surgical procedure. All I ever hear is “it will not be too bad… you will be fine..”. And “how would you care to pay for this?”. I wonder how long more these little anethesiological aliens will continue making their domicile in my body. I think for that reason, when I try to compact as much as I can into the “feeling good” hours, I am finding myself missing a mental layer or two much needed, a lack of composure toward a tolerance directed at others I would normally have with a smile, missing now a bit, but should not be. Or is it something else? Ah! My dear Friends… sometimes you have to put up with me!


Furthermore, I am finding myself nailed to this wheel on this rail on the avenue of simplicity. The straightest point from A to point B. For sure not in our adventures when they take place, or the roads taken, but only in my own personal Life. I now have an inner smile when I think dealing today with a task asked to a Friend, something so simple and yet being the object and more than a willingness, an insistence I would say, on my Friend’s part to change it all into a real elaborate situation. I thought and thought about an analogy to be able to explain. The only one I came up with was “how about if you really, meaning ‘really’ wanted a simple good tasty juicy ‘cheeseburger’ with nothing on it and I insisted over and over to instead prepare you this 9 course meal including this gargantuan size T Bone included”. This went on all day… The more I pleaded, the more this juicy steak was trying to make it’s way into my Life.


And yet, that is the difference between the unencumbered Life I know now present cherishing it’s label, and maybe the true today’s Life surrounding beyond my boundaries? Let it be. Maybe I am not any more planted within the fields of today’s everyone’s Space. Maybe I have found my own little plot away from it all with it’s paths leading in and out but my own where the tranquility of it all remains at the peak of this pyramid that makes up my Life. But if I let it be, it just would not fit into the design it was meant for, I would have to ask then a stranger to follow through what I really needed and could not do myself. The round peg will not fit in the square hole, that childish so simple little design, this past toy that kept us all so busy which to me dignifies the true essence of Life’s continuity, “the round peg into the square hole”, it cannot be… And I did… Why? Only because of not loosing a Friendship as in the big scheme of things, all “that” was so unimportant.


Simplicity, I am truly starting to nurture it all, so little we really need and if not so little, maybe simpler, stronger, efficient, but uncomplicated to the mind, to everyone’s lesser time taken. Lesser time to allow us spending on the real quality time it takes for all of us to accentuate that inner beam of sunshine we could enjoy so much more getting to the personal point B without having to unravel the miles and miles of detours so useless, so often. I am afraid sometimes that all of this only makes sense to me. I even loudly laugh, if one can call it a laugh, maybe better it could be labeled as a loud smile, because I still don’t know what makes me think of all of the above, not only makes me think but makes me live it finding the Peace I around the clock seek with no relief from my desire to live so in this Space I now know, different than most. Is it only my own perception?


It is not only my own Space showing a label of difference. As many personalities roam this Earth there are as so many circles I call personal Spaces surrounding each of us. I can see them, I can feel them, I respect them and as this past afternoon we went to Terlingua and by mere chance walked in on a BBQ at the Park, enjoy them as maybe with a sense of a care toward other’s Lives that has never left me. Everyone’s Life is as the threshold of the same door that leads to the same School none of us have never stopped attending, sometimes only thinking wrongly we have graduated to no avail.

Terlingua Terlingua

And the times were good. Good food, good Music, as I call it, “good everything”. Familiar faces made me ponder a bit. It has been a few winters now passing by and I saw the faces had changed as I thought also, if I had a mirror I would most likely see my own changes, inward and outward. I met up with a Friend also there present and I never knew, not that I have ever known her that well, how unhappy she was. A foreigner, also just passing by throughout the winters, her concerns where as no one was the same as years past. Her concerns of happiness were more fueled by the ability of others serving her that happiness rather than herself making it a growth within her. I was interested. I wanted to know why she was here? Was it the people or was it Mother Nature. A little bit of both and as much as the expectancy was on the surrounding, her inner expectancy was also on others almost as them having an obligation to keep her happy. And we came back to the simplicity of it all mixed with one’s perception.


Maybe some are having a bad year, maybe some are having personal dilemmas, who knows, but how can one redirect heir own happiness toward others which do not have an obligation but seemingly have been tagged has having one. A space 10,000 miles away has not much in common as this space we were in called ‘Terlingua”, and if the simplicity of one inner Life has it’s foundations on others good times incessantly uninterrupted, well… Too much roots on the other side of the World, I had to walk away, Spirit was waiting for me anyhow ready for our ride back from this great outing, stomach and mind full of it all.


Till next time, you be well, always, it is our best choice.

Ara & Spirit

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2 Responses to “A Canvas of so many Spaces. TX”

  1. Lorena Says:

    Nice black and white photos, they really accentuate “the Southwest”The guy feeding his 2 dogs looked pretty contented

  2. David Says:


    It is always a good visit when I drop in. You are getting to be like an old friend who drops by after years and we pick up like it was yesterday. I suppose its because we ponder similar things, though we have very different lives and have never met.

    I always appreciate your thoughts, and your photos always delight. I do note a few more “aches and pains” finding their way into your reflections, sitting a few seconds longer on the edge of the bed before jumping up. But as I now like to say, It’s all right, its all good!

    Dave (Keep the Show on the Road!)

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