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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

"We are impoverished in our longing and devoid of imagination when it comes to our reaching out to others… We need to be introduced to our longings, because they guard our mystery."
”Ask yourself what mystery is being guarded by your longing. Are you taking the time to find out? The time for this never appears, it is discovered.”
~ ‘The Art of Pilgrimage’ ~ Phil Cousineau ~

Panterra Poster  

Since being here, since plunging into writing this book of mine, I have been telling myself as well as I could “to stop thinking”. Not totally! Meaning of the “present”, very much a path difficult for me to be on as I try my hardest to live always into the “moment”. Be “light” I have repeated to myself over and over. Concentrate on the book to the point even if I have to only post photos and brief descriptions on this Journal for my memories of these times spend while writing.  All can later resume, the mind hopefully will remain “here” and pick up the pieces when needed or when this task as I call it, will be accomplished. Writing a Book and a Journal all at the same time is as being on the path of two different lives.

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But on my lap drops now this book called “The Art of Pilgrimage” by Phil Cousineau, and it stops me still on my tracks. I read a lot, I read non-fiction, books with open soul of the writers teaching me often lessons of Life and enlightening me of the reality we are living and surrounding us. In a few days it will be four years Spirit and I have left Georgia, roughly 1460 days. I knew then there would be no turn around, what I did not know is the fact that “there really would be no turn around”. If that makes any sense as it does to me.

India's Bakery  
India's Bakery Indias Coffee shop
The Bird  

The book does not physically “stops” me in my tracks, quite the contrary. It actually has already opened doors as nearing here 600 chapters with my battered English language trying to write to myself my emotions, feelings, adventures and more, I find his own words expressing the meaning of it all as I could never have or do myself put down. It is as while going through the pages “yes, that is what I meant… that is what I have been searching for… yes, this is how we travel but yet was never able to put it into words adding an even higher level I could not express”, as he does… And again, so much more. His pages are as unlocking another chamber not quite hidden these past times, but unable to seek physically and mentally it’s combination to take steps into it and be enlighten that yes, we are on the right path and yet, the colors can be brighter, the meaning of it all has footprints I can also approach, follow. All this is leaving me in a frenzy of emotions I want so much to share. And I will.

Old Faithful and Spirit  
Metal Sculpture  
Metal Sculpture  

As I wrote in my book, “there is no beginning and there is no end”, I also read about a man called “Statler” as he finishes his own Journey and writes “the transformation I yearn for is incomplete. I do not know whether I am any closer to enlightenment -  I do not really expect to achieve it – but I know that the attempt is worth the effort”. His yearning is also both the beginning and ending of the story, both push and pull of his Journey. As us.

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Texas Wind Chimes  

I read about how Laurens van der Post described how the Bushmen distinguished the two hungers in human beings. “The first is the hunger for the body for food; the second, and more important is the hunger for the spirit for the meaning.” “Meaning transfigures all”. And this is all about traveling, for us, living on the road, on those ribbons of asphalt and dirt. Day in and day out. The sunny days, the hot days, the freezing ones, the dark inside out ones, all each regardless more beautiful and rewarding. This is about travelers called Pilgrims as there is so much more than what once I described “the tourists in their black Hummer and dark tinted windows”. [I apologize if any of you drives a Hummer].

Blue Bottles  

It is about living to the fullest as Spirit and I have tried, try. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not and all in between. “We do not commonly live our life out and full; we do not fill all our pores with blood; we do not inspire and expire fully and entirely enough… We live but a fraction of our life. Why do we not let on the flood, raise the gates, and set all our wheels in motion?”. Pilgrims have reached this crossroads. Suddenly, it is important for them to see for themselves, to set foot on, to touch, to listen to the presence…”. And presences, well, they are all around us, everywhere, as close as your nearest park or around your block. If only one looks, feels, senses.

There will be more…


The Photos are from in and around Terlingua. The Sunsets… nightly presents here at “The Oasis” from “Mother Nature”.

Be Safe and Well
Peace, Love, Courage

Ara & Spirit

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3 Responses to “A bit wealthier today. TX”

  1. john Says:

    Hi Ara, its been almost a year since I planned to meet you in Big Bend.How time fly’s.I love the idea of your new book, I support you 100%.I would love to see your writing and photography in your new book.I plan to meet you in BB This trip .I have your Cell #.my website from smug-mug is going slow for i have no internet access most of the time.Living on the road is better than I could ever dream of it could be. . Be Well my Friend, john S.

  2. john Says:

    writing is not like breathing, constant, and always there… it is more like a glass of great wine… when you have one it flows better!

  3. shadowmoss Says:

    I am settled in here now. I read all about getting out and experiencing. I also hear stories. I remember back in the US that I would go out to the casinos until late and not worry about driving home. Here, I don’t speak the language, and am told not to be out at night for my safety. I am working out the internal conflicts, and I will get out and experience the local scenes. In my own time. Slow feels best right now. Keep up the encouragement to feel and experience. It reminds me that I did not come here to just stay in my hotel room forever.

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