A bit too Urban, but nice…

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006


I owe… I owe… I owe… such nice Hosts with capital H!… But I know, as David is joining me for a while, camping at Big Bend, that soon it will be my turn to be a Host with my responsibility (!!!)

Cooking… roasting and brewing coffees… returning humbly the favors, as finally I will get to unpack my cooking gear and stay a while.

San Antonio will be my last big city… I long as you know for the vast land with no border and traffic… fumes and horns…

Today will be another tech day!… Attending to spark plugs, fuel filter, throttle body synch… how much fun is that!… at least will give me a piece of mind to expect less mechanical problems maybe!… being in the middle of nowhere.

But yesterday was a day exploring San Antonio… well, parts of it anyhow, as much as I could take as written with many pictures on SmugMug

The "style" setting in the upper right hand corner can be set on "JOURNAL" to get the full effect!

You be well… enjoy…

Ara & Spirit

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