A bit of the Texas Hills…

Friday, December 8th, 2006

As the days blend in, and delays of the non existent route and schedules drops in, the weather has always an effect on the directions I am trying follow… This time it was the cold, very cold predictions for Big Bend… Spirit is always on my thoughts when it comes to the days temperatures… and my own feelings also!… lets not lie about that and throw it all on my buddy here! We are leaving tomorrow… the forecast calls for warmer weather, 30’s nightime… 50’s daytime… and going up as the week progresses. With an overnight stop near Del Rio, which I hope is a worhtwhile visit, we should be rolling in Terlingua by sunday… planning on spending about a month exploring the region with its many historical sites… ans State Parks… Yesterday the Texas Hills, which I am glad experienced a taste of it, where fun… will have to come back and ride the roads that I missed which are probably 99% of them!… It’s report is on SmuMug, including photos… Imgp0903

Setting the upper right hand corner "style" window to "JOURNAL" will give you the full effect…

Will be in touch from Big Bend… be well…

Ara & Spirit

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One Response to “A bit of the Texas Hills…”

  1. Gary Samson Says:

    Great adventure there, sir!!! Reading your blog makes me feel like I’m seeing and actually feeling the experience. I’m into riding , cooking and dogs too. Though my Thumper (Yamaha SRX4) is not yet on it’s great condition. By the way, whats your dogs breed? Ride safe and God bless!!!

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