A Birthday filled with “Hope”. TX

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

“My  Personal Daily Therapy, published Weekly or so…”

"The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears" ~ anonymous ~

One of my Morning Music few minutes of Serenity and Travel of the Mind:


“There is a seduction to solitude in a stretch of the World as we were given it, a seduction that stretches across all Human Cultures and all Human History. It may be mocked as foolish, childish, anti-social, misanthropic, retrograde, reactionary, fuzzy-headed, and sentimental, but it exists in the Human Heart and will endure as long as Homo Sapiens survive in even so much as one tribe”
~ Philip Connors ~ [Fire Season]

Aqua Fria Rd at Sunrise G

I received an e mail a few days ago conveying my context here portrays always much Hope. Sometimes I forget those four beautiful letters. I do and feel guilty of it. There is no doubt many of us struggling throughout these moments passing by. Years ago, almost 8 as a marker from what seems yesterday, for a couple years, my belief was as I was the only one targeted with suddenly a dark path laid ahead day in and day out. I was an angry man, I could not keep a job as I could not neither handle my own business. One which took a bit over 20 years to build up in Naples, Florida, after closing my Wholesale Bakery and Restaurant in Northern California. Strange aspect that I still keep that website up, cannot let go of it.

Aqua Fria Rd at Sunrise_-4 xxx

Aqua Fria Rd at Sunrise_-2 xxx

Leaving it all behind and rolling down the roads and starting to write my thoughts as I still do has been the best cure possible. Mother Nature has been generous, so has been Spirit and my Friends slowly filling up an address book one name at the time. You all taught me so much, you all have enriched me with such an incredible wealth which I am however never the gate keeper but only the messenger putting it all down in words. Trying to. Sunny days, stormy days, calm nights and not, Mother Nature taught me "acceptance ", "awareness" and so much more as her laid ahead of me past few millions of years her message has and is always clear with such undeniable strong and yet gentle arms.

Aqua Fria Rd at Sunrise_-21

Spirit, well, my best Buddy… it would take pages to put into words what he has taught and teaches me as I yet I have to graduate. Some have a strange look or laugh when I try to explain. Here he is living the moment, unencumbered by all which surrounds him. I have always strived to live the moment, not an easy task. He has slowed me down, my steps now point as he does. I listen as he does to what I cannot hear but try and I feel as also he does to my surroundings as they fill my senses from what was lacking to take it all in. Unconditional Love… Happiness… Readiness… so much, so much more.

Aqua Fria Rd at Sunrise_-19 xxx

My Friends have been the supportive core of it all. My Friends have been the ones looking in through at times those murky windows and made them crystal clear. They have opened up so many paths I knew about their routes but never had the key to open up their doors. A word here, a sentence there, a call, they are "Golden" my Friends. They stand by us ready with acceptance, laughter, support and also silence…. listening. I can only hope always to measure up to them.

Aqua Fria Rd at Sunrise 20 xxx

Yet, above it all, way on top what could be the sharpest point of Life we rest on, my Son Lance is the now making it all possible. I now understand finally so well his deminers throughout his own path leaving me. Such a beautiful young and healthy man he has been. And yet in so much pain inside out never letting it overflow on his own surroundings. Such an old Soul in that young body that carries him. I was the Father and yet often he was the Teacher filling me up with his wisdom I too often wondered it’s sources. He is the one that gives me all, he is the one who erased himself for me to have it all.

Aqua Fria Rd at Sunrise_-17 xxx

Aqua Fria Rd at Sunrise xxx

I am the one that is suppose to offer you a Gift Lance. Instead you have gifted me for every day I have been missing you. I know you don’t want to see my tears, I remember my promise to you and will keep it. My beautiful Young Man of 34 today …. Happy Birthday Son… I carry your Gifts within me, they will be yours when I see you, when that time comes because I cannot forget ever those four letters "HOPE".


Till next time…

"I have been juggling my Book, my “one-pan recipes”, “Spirit” and myself and also Smugmug is starting too look good if I may say so myself with now 6 Galleries. There will be more, adding daily as I go through these past years photos…”

Take a look. “Smugmug” stands for quality. Thank you”

Be well, always.

Ara & Spirit

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18 Responses to “A Birthday filled with “Hope”. TX”

  1. Dee Says:

    This entry is beyond description! It overflows with love and caring and shows a side of you that endears Ara in the heart of a friend and brings true hope to that heart as well. You are truly an amazing person with an unbelievable ability and talent. Your writing is extraordinary and these pictures are phenomenal. Lance was, and still is, a lucky young man to have you as a Dad, and he knows that as he rides next to you and Spirit daily! May you always continue to be blessed with all the hope, caring, love and friends that you so richly deserve! Hugs to Spirit!

  2. Sandra Begotka Says:

    What a beautiful tribute. Peace and comfort be with you.

  3. Dani Says:


    I don’t know which moved me more. Or stunned me. Or left me breathless. Your words or your pictures. There is just so much in both I feel overwhelmed. And uplifted. And hopeful.

    Thank you for sharing of yourself so generously.

    And (hugs) to both you and Lance on his special day – I’m sure he’s there with you – really close by.


  4. Cyndi and Stumpy Says:

    The gifts of hope and love grow with each sharing. We cannot remain unchanged if we accept the gift.

    Touch me…
    and I shall touch another.
    And if any others feel my touch
    It was your touch that took me to eternity
    And if that touch is strong enough
    we will never be the same, ever again.
    Whether we walk together, or apart.

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  5. Justin Barron Says:

    Beautiful post, Ara…and Happy Birthday to Lance.

  6. Dick (dharmabum) Says:


    Thank you once again. I must ask about the music, where does it come from?

    Every post reminds me of how much I miss the West.


    Dick and Dakota Skye

  7. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank you all for your kind thoughts. I was just thinking what giant steps into this Journey has taken me into…
    @Dick, I was afraid someone would ask me that! About 15 tracks of this Artist were given to me about a year ago, no name, no titles. I would have also like to know. I will post more of her. Let’s just enjoy it… Thanks for asking.

  8. Allen Says:

    Thank you for your pictures and words. I to lost my son in 2006 at age 26 my heart is broken but I thank my creator for leading to people that helps me to get thru my lose which is our lose. MEMORY ETERNAL TO LANCE(HAPPY BIRTHDAY) AND MY SON AND AND THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS THAT HAVE GONE BEFORE US. ALLEN

  9. Brenda Says:

    Ara- I’ve been reading your writing for, oh, many many months now. Not even sure exactly how long or how I came across you. I feel badly that I’ve never said hello until now. I certainly have been blessed by both your words and your beautiful pictures. My partner and I like to save your posts for reading in the evening as they seem to fit that part of the day best.

    We are Tucson dwellers for the time being and have traveled through most of the areas you have been traveling as well. It is always illuminating to see these places through your eyes. Thank you for your gifts Ara.

  10. scruffy Says:

    peace be with you Ara~ and once again, thanks for sharing from your soul.

  11. Dick (dharmabum) Says:


    I’m going to wager that one of the followers of your writing and photography will know who the artist is. Meanwhile, as Yoda might say “enjoy it I will”……

    Thanks again,

    Dick and Dakota Skye

  12. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Hi Allen. As written earlier, it was as in recent past only thoughts as I was the only one in this World with such a loss. You, I and many also that have written and continue to write, well, I call us this “Elite Club” we belong to. The feelings are intense, so are the memories, the ones that bring us joy which otherwise maybe would have dissipated within the every day Life, the pain is deep, so deep as I know you understand that at times it is as hitting this thick cement wall that cannot even be scratched by our own imprint. Incrediible Love surfaces, has, and for that and for every instant the joyful memories fill us, we can be thankful they exist. Stay in touch, my thoughts are with you. Ara & Spirit

  13. Rod Says:

    Happy Birthday to Lance. We will see you on the other side. I wish I had known Lance before he left.

  14. Eva-Maria Says:

    Happy birthday to Lance. I hope you spent the day smiling in remembrance more than not.

  15. George Taylor Says:

    For those interested in the song:

    Guru Ram Das
    Guru Ram Das
    Guru Ram Das

    Surround us with your light
    Protect us with your love
    Guru Ram Das

    Give us your sweet peace
    I give my life to you
    Guru Ram Das
    Guru Ram Das


    The artist is: Snatam Kaur
    The CD is: Anand
    The song is: Guru Ram Das Raakho Saranaa-Ee

    YouTube Song Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrleQa0i5N4
    Amazon CD Link: http://www.amazon.com/Anand-Snatam-Kaur-Khalsa/dp/B000ICM7M4/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1318966313&sr=8-4

    Thanks, Ara and Spirit — for everything.


  16. Vee Says:

    Ara, this post is beautiful, I have no words. Hugs to you and Spirit.

  17. hobopals Says:

    I have been afraid to read this because my emotions are always so close to the surface. I would have missed your beautiful words, and amazingly they brought me to the music that has been swimming in my head. Thank you, Ara and Spirit. You bring me hope that I will find peace from grief and that Jack and I will travel west, again, to where I think most clearly and feel closest to my soul mate.

  18. Lyle Says:

    What’s that? You aren’t in the personal chef business any more? I pictured you transforming into Personal Chef like Clark Kent into Superman and zipping off to do our wedding reception.

    Actually, I realized that the page was a bit of history, yet I still enjoy visiting it. You keep it around, I suppose, because it is a reminder of a part of your life. Personal Chef Ara is part of you, just as Lance is.

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