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A New Book in our Lives…

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

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Freedom " The power or right to act, speak, live or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint". I added "live" to this definition…

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So many changes! Some of my doings, some just Life itself sending its own messages.

Still hovering in Southern Texas, a couple days in Marfa waiting for my Dr’s appointment as I am rummaging through my thoughts and feelings.

"The Oasis" is sold.

Southern Utah, Valley of the Gods, Moab, Bluf-11 xxx

I guess I can say that since the papers have been signed, a deposit has arrived and the closing procedures, the transfer of ownership has started. It was serendipity I must say. Before entering the Park last Monday I decided to spend a day and a night at The Oasis. I knew my Real Estate Agent was maybe going to show the place to a couple who was looking for just a bare piece of land. We were there when they arrived. It was not bare land as they were searching for, though they had seen the photos of the listing and neither the agent or myself had much hope for a positive outcome. After I showed them the cabin, explained them about the solar and the fact that they would not have to call the electric company as he thought, the water container, Wi-Fi and phone lines all ready only on vacation mode, the immense 40′ shipping container used as a storage and garage and the clincher, the slanted 25 x 40 roof for shade, protection with a cement tile porch from the elements and rain water catchment while half of it lengthwise ready to accommodate a 40′ RV or another cabin. His first comment was "This is so perfect, I work six days a week in San Antonio, I don’t have time to build all what I am seeing". I quickly realized their interest as their search was for a retirement space ten years away. They liked the silence, the vibes as they say, the big ring with three fire pits, no adjacent neighbors. Not much else was said except for good byes. Minutes later they got back out from their vehicles, chatted amongst themselves a bit more and approached me with the offer listed. Not a penny less or more. 

Southern Utah, Valley of the Gods, Moab, Bluf-12 xxx

It has since been a mixture of feelings I must say after nine years thinking there is no more of a Home Base for winter times. A relief and not. Question marks. Big sigh but most of all a sense of "freedom", a feeling which surprised me. No more ties to anything as when we left and I started wondering why freedom meant so much to me? Should I even think how long we can go on this way? Not much sense into that and yet, the thought of it does cross my mind. As the years move on, one cannot help thinking about a bit of future stability. We had roots here and in one day they have been pulled and set aside as when into the Park and on parked in Terlingua, the American Legion on 118 and also a night at Friends who were out of town, all felt so different. The sense of being a true gypsy again has come back and we have been bouncing around every morning showing us the way as to where we will be that night.

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Dr’s visit, Internet and phone shut down, change of address with the local bank, "Old Faithful" and the trailer are stored at a Friend’s place hooked up to a trickle charger, covered! I know we will have to come back to show the new owners how to hook up the solar, the water, set up the cabin’s furniture, all stored away and under locks for the moment. I hope it is not throughout summer and the Big Bend heat. It is on to New Mexico through Carlsbad and on onto some Friend’s land. Location undisclosed. There might be a possibility of a new Oasis there. We are familiar with the space on which we have already camped a few times, it would be another huge decision, I am not ready for another one as there is no rush.

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A few days has passed. The weather has been more than generous as I am back into living with its sequence following a presence which is perfect for us. Sometimes it is not! It is hit and miss but for the most part it works out well. The aspect of "freedom" is sinking in, emerging while following the word "total". It makes me happy throughout these times as I am missing The Oasis less and less while I stare at the roads ahead of us. We are headed to Southern Utah tomorrow morning. The week ahead seems perfect for it. Time has slowed down. The landscapes are present more than ever. I want to say "Life is Good". It is an old saying I know. Its definition has a few holes in it for me, maybe I should say which is more honest "Life is as Good as it is going to be"… That would never fit on a hat would it?… As one often sees it or a T-shirt, I wonder if the ones that wear it really mean it?

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Valley of the Gods. One more time. This space has seen us more often than once and it never gets old. I feel as the book starts here once again. Always has. Life’s shifter is finally in neutral. There is only the now as nowhere else is and it just lingers and lingers some more. It doesn’t get any better than this. I know nothing of the future. A long time since I have had an "IT" moment. I am speechless… I grab my chair, some good reading, "The Innocents Abroad" by Mark Twain and like Spirit I bounce between shade and sun. But I can’t read. I can’t think either and so I just stare with the pages open yet not turning. 

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Stay well,
               Ara and Spirit

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