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Life’s humor, ten years later… LA

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

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road e

“The Oasis in 2008”

spirit f

“Spirit in 2008 happy about ‘The Oasis’”

Life is like a train ride. There are direct trains to reach a destination or ones that make many stops. It is up to us to decide. Our own train has been rolling since November 6th 2006.

guitar player a

“2008, our first visit to Terlingua Porch”

guitar player

starlight theatre

Life has also its own sense of humor. I say "humor", as otherwise, negativity and impatience could through the back shadows of these moments enter our days. Positive thinking is the only card I allow to be dealt. Mentally for sure.

D of the D o

“Attending the ‘Day of the Dead’ event in 2008 in Terlingua”

D of the D n

My hips have been reminding me they are present. They want to be sure of the awareness that close to 50 years standing in kitchens and as more years riding has taken a toll! They have actually been screaming before my spine surgery. They were scheduled for replacement until I attended the physical therapy class to give us "patients" a good notion of what to expect. I say until, as that moment was when I decided to switch to the spine instead. There was no way I could go through the rigors that would be demanded. I can now.


“Braving the snow in Death Valley, 2009”


“And then on the soft grounds…”


So here we are in Louisiana at I can say, my long time and best Friend’s home, with a first hip Dr appointment in a couple days. They have flared up since leaving The Oasis now 900 miles behind us. This is now or never. No more 500 mile round trips for X-rays, MRI, Dr’s visits as I calculated this morning having put on about 5000 miles for my past 8 months ago spine surgery. Imagine that. Can both hips be done at the same time? I don’t know yet.

Spirit and the balloons-2

“Balloon Day in Valley of the Gods, 2009”

balloon and the needle

six balloons

A few days have passed. More humor which I did not smile at. Only expensive. An abscessed tooth had to be removed which I must say for a couple of days made me totally forget about my hips! As my Friend describes it so well, the pain is like a railroad spike driven through your head. I find it to be a good analogy. Back to the good old hip Dr for a precise short and sweet steroid shot exactly where the pain is to determine if it actually is not residual pain from the spine surgery. It is the hip. Bitter sweet news. A few more days, one more meeting and my direction will by then be more precise. We might be idling at this train station for a while.

a Lower Antelope Slot Canyon-2

“Lower Antelope Slot Canyon near Page, Arizona in 2010”

aa Lower Antelope Slot Canyon G

Lower Antelope Slot Canyon_-26

Tomorrow will be ten years since Spirit and I have taken on the road. It has been ten good years even if lately the prognosis is a bit somber for my taste. I of course did not realize that not only machines at times need a rebuilt but also "bodies" which is what is happening right now. One more hurtle and as both hips cannot be done at the same time I am hoping the left one will in itself not take the path of the same comedic outcome.


“2011, in Glacier, Montana”



The word "idle" has come back to mind. It seems I have for now lost the ability to blacklist that word. The hunger for the road is present more than ever and this short trip was, well, "short lived". I was looking forward toward the adventures throughout this winter, now postponed. Keeping my hopes up I am now escaping into next spring. The present is still a gift, the wrapping however is not quite of my taste. Or Spirit’s…


“Sometime… somewhere…”

One step at the time it takes…

Stay well, Ara and Spirit

Sunsrise at Mt Shasta-5