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Calm down, it is History, not Politics… TX

Thursday, August 4th, 2016


When it comes to the possibilities of ‘learning from history’ there are doubtless many things we could aspire to learn. Some of those would be more practically useful, in terms of contributing to the normal and decent functioning of well-meaning societies than others.

"…man/woman is a bundle of relations, a knot of roots,
whose flower and fruitage is the world…"
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

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History repeats itself. No sense denying it. History is not a rumor as what you read these days regarding your hero gladiators being stripped from it all except only adorned with lies and greed. I was fortunate to have been raised and schooled in France and Switzerland where we studied European History in parallel with World Wide History from day one. From before day one! Being here at The Oasis at the present time, more indoor due to the weather, even though mornings, evenings and nights are amazingly cooler, with great Internet service I can’t help spanning the headlines whether on Flipboard or other middle of the road news witnessing the latest world events. They sadden me no doubt while also witnessing some local news followed by written comments from readers worthy only to mostly kindergarten level. Sorry to say that! I read into social media of someone making a political statement starting a thread and at the same time warning their readers that any comments against their thoughts will be deleted! How funny is that? And not in a ah!ah! way… Amazing… I will get to the "blinders" soon…

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I don’t talk politics with Friends, truly with no one. I respect my Friends, my acquaintances far and close and yet I find their heads and minds [some] wearing blinders buried deep down in the sand of the present. The dunes sure have gained some heights lately. I don’t know how else to say it! Blindness should not be a bad aspect of Life, it definitely is when one can see. So blind that one wrong political word (because I often like to tease and my Friends know it) gives up an instant crimson color to their face at the same time deepening wrinkles alerting me of their fury. I have even been told "Ara… shut up…". I smile. It is obviously no joking matter. Mellow out… It is history, it is not politics… What say do you have anyway? The stage you are maddening for is anyhow only filled with greed, insults and games people have been playing for the past 2000 years and more. Sad part of the Human aspect. Wake up and wipe away the sand off your face. You cannot be right, only delusional as your opponents are also as too many leaning on crutches thinking their are made of steel. They will rust sooner than you think from the broken promises and maybe your faces will instead show consternation if any true and honest awareness is present.

V of F d

History is not only politics, the "Circus Act" of these present days I cannot help smiling at its unraveling while so unfortunate it only has such few actors taking part in the main roles. It is Art, painting, music, food, architecture, literature, travels including to the Moon and Mars, Internet, manufacturing, so much more. It is unfortunately wars and crimes meaning deaths, sad deaths, lives taken away in a split second regardless of being a child, woman or man. It has snowballed lately, a sign that the violent days of past history are going to repeat themselves? I think most likely. It has been inevitable the past 2000 years, why should it stop now? After all, the busy ones with their heads in the sand are not seeing the big picture, a big picture rarely fed by the media more interested in dishing you the rumors of the present individuals one thinks they are going to help you but as always realizing too late the lies told to win your voice. How can you honestly believe that you are right and they are wrong? Seriously. Are facts proven? As in “proof” I need to emphasize. Only a child could believe what is said from any side thinking of it as another fairy tale. Rumors to the right and to the left just do not stand up towards a true reality which we don’t even have a clue as to what it is… It is a secret!

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And yet, all of this is an aspect of the fabric of Life. All this is not what my thoughts are directed at. They are instead feeling the path of so many senseless deaths when one finally looks at the big picture and realizes what has happened in just two weeks time. Two weeks time picked at random. Everything else seems to be then so trivial and yet, so many stand divided. It is an amazing aspect I must say.

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The pace and scope of the killings are dizzying. In March, in two weeks calendar time, 247 men, women and children have been cut down in mass killings carried out in six countries. Eight couples were slain together. Out of the 247 victims they left 1,168 immediate surviving relatives, 211 lost their their parents and 78 lost their spouses. The oldest victim was 84, the two youngest ones were not even born. They were 17 victims 10 years old and younger and 27 from the ages of 11 to 17. The 247 victims were of 26 nationalities and most died 10 miles from were they lived. Those victims over these two weeks were musicians, scholars, teachers, waitresses, police officers, housewives, farmers and students. What a tapestry of lives interrupted. And that is only throughout two weeks in March. Much more has happened. We are in August. The endless stream of terror attacks did not stop. Orlando, Beirut, Paris, Nice, St Etienne du Rouvray, Germany, Japan, Egypt. The list goes on and on. Each bomb and bullet tearing holes in homes and communities.

Red Canyon x

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What am I saying? History repeats itself and will continue to do so. Don’t be so frazzled, angry, insulting and more when your neighbors and Friends do not agree with your own political platform. Respect each other and mainly look at the big picture while taking the blinders off. The big picture!!! It is History.

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Stay well, Ara and Spirit