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When the body rebels! TX

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

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Hues of my Vision FB2 B use

“Be careful about reading health books. Some fine day you’ll die of a misprint.”
~ Markus Herz ~

It seems we can seriously anticipate leaving in a couple days as here I am waiting for some mail which is going to arrive sooner than expected. I am suddenly very excited about tasting each mile which will pass by, new spaces to camp and some we already have been. We are not stopping in Utah as it is too late weather wise, meaning too hot. Instead a quick stop at some Friends in New Mexico to pick up some more mail (Books!) and on to Colorado near Marshall Pass, a space where we have already returned twice, the last time making a U turn while a 100 miles away from it. Salida will only be about 15 miles from us and for some reason I am looking forward being amongst a bit of an urban environment. I think we have isolated ourselves a bit too much this winter and yet, no complains being here by ourselves.

Firedance, Terlingua, Texas PCTB 46 

Mother Nature is putting on the brakes. The winds have picked up these past couple of days with now a welcome coolness. I was even cold this morning in a short sleeve T shirt! Mid May in Big Bend and cold! I have some solar panels to put away and I am waiting for the winds to subside as otherwise they will either cut me in half or just fly away! It is a complex system as everything else is ready for me, meaning all the wires have been labeled so I can remember how to hook them back up when we return in a few months. It has been calm for days, only now when we want to leave have to accept such capricious mood keeping us grounded! There is no rush, no timetable, no calendar per say and for sure no appointment! We will actually probably spent one night in Alpine at the usual Laundromat and purchase some provisions for the road as I think the next big town will be Carlsbad. Another day here waiting… happily!

Nine Points, East of -The Oasis-, Texas PCTB 19 

I want to say "Spirit has left the building". I don’t know why! It sounds good as we now are in Alpine and done with the mundane "things to do". As excited as I am, here present, a bit of apprehension is taking place. Did we get too comfortable? Was the thought of spending a summer in Big Bend did go through my mind? Yes and yes… We will one summer or a few of them. "Summer Storms of Big Bend" could be our next Photo Coffee Table Book. In black and white. I want to see our Friends from Germany this August in HOT Kansas! Spend some time with more Friends in Colorado Springs. Who knows, we might even backtrack all the way to California. Of course, why am I even writing all this when I don’t even know what tomorrow will bring. The only sure aspect is Kansas! What are Friends for? We missed them. I should say I missed them as they have never met Spirit.

Exploding Sunset at -The Oasis-, Texas PCTB 49

Did I say "I don’t even know what tomorrow will bring?". I sure did as a couple days have now passed and we are back at The Oasis! I should have never taken my solar system apart on my own. My sciatica is screaming! There is no way we can go forward. It would be senseless. Defeat? I look at Spirit and ask him… He does not think so. I got lucky and saw the Dr yesterday. Little good did it do though. Next week as an X Ray has already been done and all [of course!] looks normal, I will go for an MRI and take it from there. I am not overweight but I also need to lose 30 lbs. to get back to my body comfort zone as my knees also seem to be taking a beating. I have to start walking a couple miles a day, I have to not skip my Mc Kenzie exercises… I have to, I have to! I will be 67 soon in a few weeks! Are these the signs telling me to get in shape for a better future? This is all, could be, depressing but I cannot let it get to me and must go on.

Sunset on the dunes of Death Valley, California. PCTB 10 

I was lucky to bump into a Friend we had met last year in Terlingua! He had taken many pictures of us and even still had them on his phone! He knew I was in pain and I explained him what was going on, the fact that we needed to come back and put our solar system back together. With no questions asked he offered his help and followed us the awaiting 55 miles. I could not have done it without him. Karma… right? If today was yesterday we could not have it done neither as the winds have picked up even hurting my brain with their tumultuous forces as I watch the undisturbed cactuses with their weapons pointed in every direction probably laughing at all this. What a way to go… The surprises never stop. I cannot even think about when we will leave. Medical attention is priority. Continuing to enjoy being here is also one. Spirit is happy… I should be too. Yet, I cannot hide the fact that I am disturbed.

God Country, WA PCTB 29

These days now have gone downhill as I am trying to find an ounce or two of courage grinding my teeth while I drive [yes, drive…] to Alpine to again see the Dr. My MRI is finally scheduled for Friday in Ft Stockton. Another 120 miles away. How quickly [again] we can take it all for granted! I had planned months ago as we were dropping South that I would with Spirit start walking two miles a day. Months have gone by and… it has not happened. Besides that pain I see this label which says “non sense” as here we were all packed for months and our going away only lasted a couple days! Nothing is close by here. A Friend of mine pointed out that fact the other day. The nearest Animal Hospital is an hour, the Human one is a few hours. It is of such importance to stay healthy when here. Alpine, Marfa, Terlingua, Ft Davis, Marathon, as a joke we call them all “First Aid Stations”. Anyone enduring an accident has to be air lifted to Odessa hours away by road. It is what it is. Luckily, the weather, considering we are entering the end of May, has been kind and even though in the 90’s throughout the afternoons it is comfortable in the shade. I cannot say I don’t miss the 9,000 to 10,000 feet altitudes but as of right now, the choice is not mine.

Luna PCTB 58

What an irony while I read about Friends “now” taking on the road as we normally ourselves do but cannot! The pain is intense… I call it a 20 on a scale of ten and I have, I do, think about the pain Lance went through while his last day were approaching. Perspective. It is as I know I am going to get better. My silver lining is the fact that this sciatica has been ongoing for close to two years now with a pain on the scale of a two, sometimes a three as amazingly one can learn to live as such. Now, it will have to be taken care off, one way or another even if the solution includes some form of surgery. I give in…

More later!


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