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Pre-orders of our Photo Book is Live! TX

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

How to order our Book “Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash” has moved to the end of this page…

Hues of my Vision Final FB

This is the Kickstarter link…

Our Photo Coffee Table Book is ready for pre orders. This is the only way I was able to drop the price from $90 + Tax and shipping to you by setting up a Kickstarter Campaign to pre sell one thousand copies bringing the price down to $40 including Tax and Shipping to your door. Close to a $70 savings if ordered print on demand.

61 photos, each with a map showing where the photo was taken [with camera icon and arrow], description and 61 quotes. 63 photos if counting the front and back cover. 10 x 13 on premium premier luster paper, the best quality available and offset printing.

You can order more than one for gifts, Christmas and Birthday presents, make sure you have the right shipping address on Kickstarter.

Sunset at The Oasis xxx

We have so much spread out these months here! So unlike how we normally live and I find it alright for the first time in years. Not a messy spread out, just stuff here and there which normally would be put away after each use. So I am paying the price now as the weather is heating up and throughout the cooler hours I am slowly "putting it all back together"… I call it re-doing the "Pod" !!! Everything we need to be on the road while self sufficient and every year fortunately it is less and less stuff. Less is more…

Flowers blooming-2 xxx

I am finding myself these past days, especially when the Anniversary of my Mother’s passing away came by and went, filled with a bit of anger. Not a violent anger as that is not my style, just anger within me towards what Life has dished out these past years. Acceptance becomes difficult. I know that many feel "we are" lucky being on the road full time with an acquired freedom few have, and we are indeed in a sense "lucky", yet, it was a matter of choice and the luck has materialized as it was the right choice. For us anyhow.

Flowers blooming-3 xxx

Just spikes of anger for lack of another word. Indignation? Irritation? Outrage? a hissy fit? I think that is more like it. It is often mentally directed towards others and their own doings which are respected from me and yet, I want to speak out feeling they are wrong, which they are not… Who am I to judge? How confusing! I call them the challenges of Life, in other words, keeping my mouth shut as it should be. Some days I find it easy to do, some days not and it turns into a mental game as I know too well what the outcome should be. I have to be so honest with Life and myself.

Flowers blooming-4 xxx

As blunt as I always am, there are thoughts on these pages which I have to keep for myself, murmur them within my own conversations. They are not right, they are not wrong either. They just are. I don’t seek agreements from others or disagreements. It is only the complexity of the human mind which surfaces. It is…

"All men [women] die, but a few learn to live before they die" 

I am always looking for a Teacher but they are rare. Words in Books help yet they do not conversate with me and are merely statements. Some strike rightfully and some do not. How do we find out the yes and the no? I know we have to leave this Desert. Too much solitude most likely. Not that we should be thrown in the arena of the urban jungle but some socializing I think has become a must before I turn into a thinking head spinning to no end.

Flowers blooming-5 xxx

The yellows are slowly fading away and so are the blue bonnets. The cactuses however are starting to bloom, their buds are still closed but it will not be long. The weather has cooled off and I am wondering how long it will stay as such. Yesterday was even a gray day and by evening it all felt like a blur when I witnessed the sunset behind the clouds and realized I had done nothing all day. Or maybe I had and forgot… The same question keeps popping up more often than ever by the end of such days! Another one really gone by? We do need to move on as I feel caught in this current which too easily carries me with too much laziness.

Flowers blooming-6 xxx

I took some photos of some of the flowers and posted them on Facebook as I enjoy sharing worthy aspects of our Life. I wrote "The only politics here are the blooming flowers and Mother Nature resides over them all. Lifetime Presidency!". I then took a nap or more likely just fell asleep by late afternoon and woke up throughout some bad dreams, maybe not bad but they were non understandable for me. It indeed had to do with politics which is a subject I do not touch even though I have Friends seriously into it maybe thinking they can make a difference when "my truth" is, no one can… The bad dream was about their wasted times and efforts and energy, mainly the seriousness of their beliefs not knowing how much they have been mentally indoctrinated by the Media.

Flowers for FB

Right? Left? Center? They are all the same to me with a common denominator called "greed". Nothing else, and why would I waste my time and energy even conversing with others regarding such a subject while I watch their own faces turn red and wrinkly from they upset state of mind? Yes, Mother Nature for President!!! How about that? Kind of funny as I smile at the thought… I was told one day that "if I did not do politics, politics will do me". It will not as we do not make truly any difference with oars we are using to move backwards as it often feels. Such a touchy subject for so many… I have remained a Child of the Sixties I think… "Make Love, not war…".

Sunset at The Oasis-12 

“Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash”, our Book, is now available autographed through us for $24.99 [$19.99 + $5 S&H, Continental 48 States] by clicking the photo links on top of this page. [PayPal accepting all cards]. It is also available through Amazon in paperback or as a Kindle download. All other electronic formats are also available.
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