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Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

“Could a scar be like the rings of a tree, reopened with each emotional season?”
~ Magenta Periwinkle ~ [“Cutting Class”]


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Big Bend Day..._-38 xxx

“ ‘You don’t understand, you fool’ says Yegor, looking dreamily up at the sky. ‘You’ve never understood what kind of person I am, nor will you in a million years… You just think I’m a mad person who has thrown his life away… Once the free spirit has taken hold of a man, [woman] there’s no way of getting it out of him [her].’ ”
~ Anton Chekhof ~

Big Bend Day..._-31 xxx

Big Bend Day..._-30 xxx

But it has to sometimes as I watched a hawk flying by us within ten feet while turning his head, [or her head?] staring at me as saying "come on, lets go….". I was mesmerized by it this morning as standing in the middle of this fork on the road awaiting to go on one way or the other. The free Spirit does not vanish, yet must do what it needs to do which is here and now regardless how mentally it could be difficult at times. The savior is the vision I have for some future days. Why not get it over with, meaning "let’s get it done here and now…". Yet, it doesn’t mean we cannot take a day off and go wandering as we are today.

Big Bend Day..._-2 xxx 

Big Bend Day..._-3 xxx

Big Bend Day..._-35 xxx

There is something to be said about having the ability to spend the winter here in Big Bend, some day summers also if I get to live that long, and I am not talking about the Social aspect of it which has become for me a lesser pass time. There is no mindful destinations needed when we get on the saddle and ride on. It is as the clouds when present, my favorite times, are the compass of our directions. Terlingua, while we mostly go South, is always the first stop at the only fuel station and a bit further down the road the one grocery store. It is second nature to fuel up and buy provisions. A ride also becomes shopping while we only go to Alpine once a month. That fact no true lately! It has to do with "get it done here and now"!

Big Bend Day..._ xxx

Big Bend Day..._-34 xxx

I think in a couple days we will take that trip again for some insulation and plywood for the walls of the cabin. The electric, thanks to a good Friend of mine, is in. The little Mr. Heater has arrived to be hooked up to an external propane bottle, the 5000BTU air conditioner for those summer days is sitting in the shipping container, why not finish it all? Depending on the local businesses has stopped. How hard can it be to install insulation and paneling? It is not like I am building a mansion… Only the interior of a 10×14 cabin! It is as having a wood tent instead of one made of fabric.

The Oasis-5 xxx 

The Oasis-3 xxx

The Oasis-6 xxx

work!-3 xxx

Work!-9 xxx


work!-8 xxx

The Park a couple days ago was deserted. The endless roads were empty of vehicles and the ones non paved did not show any clouds of dust approaching us. It was actually amazing to have 900,000 acres to ourselves. A bit hazy but one cannot have it all. We enjoyed it and the going was slow as to savor every single mile. This Park has such an intense spirituality to it and so many variations of its geology is always present and changing by the mile.

Big Bend Day..._-4 xxx

Big Bend Day..._-5 xxx

So we came back from Alpine today with everything that will be needed. Keeping a shopping list went on for days. We cannot do the 120 miles round trip for a nail I forgot! Seeing all of this on the trailer did not excite me too much and while we stopped to say "Hi" to a friend, he asked me why I was not on Terlingua time. "Manana" does not mean tomorrow morning here and he was right. I have been stressing over it all a bit too much. I even played like a kid with my tent a couple days ago while I continued asking myself "what happened?". I decided to give it a couple months. Actually savor the motions and the progress. What is the rush? I think the years while working with a clock suddenly reappeared! Schooling in Switzerland will do that, will follow one throughout their whole Life when not so careful.

Big Bend Day..._-19 xxx

Big Bend Day..._-37 xxx

"My two months" thoughts have even turned into three now. I almost lost the esteem of this space more and more feeling as it is our Island in the midst of it all. Spirit and I went for a couple very long walks. So much I had not seen, looked at but not paid attention to. The past rains have made many paths changing the shapes of everything standing on this ground only soft for the first few inches. Shadows and shapes started taking place, how easily we can take everything surrounding us for granted! That includes this weather we are having while I spend my time in a short sleeve T shirt! It does not get any better.

Spirit xxx  

The Oasis-21 xxx

The Oasis-25 xxx

The Oasis-14 xxx

Stay well.
              Enjoy our Book if you have a chance to read it.
                                                                                 Ara and Spirit

Sunset at The Oasis-2

Big Bend Day..._-29