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Idling in Big Bend, “Day of the Dead”. Texas.

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

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“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”
~ Kahlil Gibran ~

-Day of the Dead- in Terlingua. Texas-40 SM xxx

Our Smugmug Gallery is being refilled. Finally these past months photos are going up and that includes the one above which I felt very appropriate having it in black and white.

-Day of the Dead- in Terlingua. Texas-8 xxx 

-Day of the Dead- in Terlingua. Texas-13 xxx

These past days have been as Mother Nature’s props are on strike. She must be on vacation with her constant clear, plain and uneventful skies. Nothing. Not a cloud, not a whisper besides some decent winds picking up last evening for a short while and cooling us off. I have been spoiled no doubt from the storms up North, the perpetual changes of weather. On one hand this stage is bringing on some peace at an idle speed, on the other hand my camera is not pointing and shooting. Blue and beige are the only colors present mixed in with the dusty greens of the creosotes. That is it. When will this change? Of course this too shall pass as the celebration of the “Day of the Dead” is right around the corner.

-Day of the Dead- in Terlingua. Texas-11 xxx

-Day of the Dead- in Terlingua. Texas-3 xxx

-Day of the Dead- in Terlingua. Texas-16 xxx

As I take steps away while on our walks with Spirit, every time I look back toward this roof of ours I am surprised and cannot help admiring its presence. Maybe admiring is not the right word, it is more as being in shock? Stuff. What happened to the days of the tent in a full time fashion? I know what happened! The users have gone by and the need, that desire for a bit more comfort has surfaced while having the financial ability to erect what is present. We are still waiting for some solar components to arrive and not that it is going to rain anytime soon, also the two water catchment containers totaling 4000 gallons and eventually the 10×14 cabin which will need to be refinished on the inside.

-Day of the Dead- in Terlingua. Texas-38 xxx

-Day of the Dead- in Terlingua. Texas-33 xxx

Some gravel, some flat rocks, I really don’t know what else. That should do it. I bought a wheelbarrow for the first time in my life! I know it is not a big deal but for me a symbol of what I did not earlier do… moving earth. An extra table for outdoor cooking? Table? What happened about setting it all on the ground? All for this food now in a refrigerator and a freezer! Us who lived without refrigeration for years. I have been lucky about coming back early and stumbling on a great builder [Phil Towry, for the locals that would want to know] as all went so flawlessly while now he is already busy with other projects. I can only hope all this is not a mistake and will insure a space for us for longer times here in the future. Where else would we go? Where else could we afford to?

-Day of the Dead- in Terlingua. Texas-26 xxx

-Day of the Dead- in Terlingua. Texas-28 xxx

These last couple days have finally cooled off. It is perfect while I think once again a bit too forward for future times when it will be hot. We shall adapt. We will adapt. This word "roof" as I am too well aware is not a novelty for many as it has been for us. I sit outside throughout the late hours watching this moon now half way again in its new birth and realize I have a choice. A new choice. I think I am making a big deal out of this but it is for us. All has become such symbols in our lives.

-Day of the Dead- in Terlingua. Texas-15 SM xxx

-Day of the Dead- in Terlingua. Texas-27

-Day of the Dead- in Terlingua. Texas-25

In Terlingua the “Day of the Dead” Celebration once again passed us by as we attended for a couple hours. For some reason I had a harder time this year witnessing maybe a bit too much of self gratification when truly it is such a special day for the departed instead. Maybe I take this day a bit more seriously than others. It truly hits Home.

-Day of the Dead- in Terlingua. Texas-30

-Day of the Dead- in Terlingua. Texas-36

Back at “The Oasis”. Today the pole that will hold the solar panels was installed. I must say it is quite a contraption which will be able to pivot towards the rays. 920 watts! It should keep us up throughout the nights without any lack of power and no electric bill! “Old Faithful” is patiently waiting for an oil change. Weather in the 60’s will be perfect. Our Photography Coffee Table Book is half way done. I am still debating about its size. 8×10 or 10×13? An expensive book whichever way I look at it… 

-Day of the Dead- in Terlingua. Texas-31 

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