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Starting over. Eight years later. TX

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

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Setting up a Home..._-39 xxx

“A bridge of silver wings stretches from the dead ashes of an unforgiving nightmare to the jeweled vision of a life started anew.”
~ Abherjani ~

Setting up a Home..._-28 xxx

Setting up a Home..._ xxx

Setting up a Home..._-2 xxx

Not hard days, just impatient ones. New rules. I have forgotten what it was dealing with stuff and aspects while totally having to depend on others. Learning or rightly so "re-learning". I feel as a circle is closing, a November 6th has again passed us since we left the East Coast towards the unknown, now eight years later. There is a lot going on here and will be for a while as it is still a mess and every day is spent trying to understand much. How to hook up a reducer on a water tank, watching gutters leak from not being caulked, learning the laws of Ohms which are for some reason still a mystery to me when it comes to our solar system which is fairly complex. All this for "comfort"? Easiness of Life? It "was" easy, it "was" convenient. It is the comfort, avoiding the harshness of those future certain days… with a price to pay!

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Setting up a Home..._-3 xxx

I am so detached from Mother Nature Nature right now as I only take a few minutes to watch the always most beautiful sunsets. We had to go to Terlingua yesterday to mail a few more books, it was in the thirties as the truck/camper was staring at me and I could easily drive it but we rode. I don’t like feeling soft even though my body has become a bit as such. It is an acceptance which has been hard, a constant battle sometimes when having to brave the elements as two within me argue with each other! "It’s alright… been there, done that" one voice says. "It is not alright, you are getting too soft…" the other one goes on. Sometimes one wins, at times the other does as I can be driving away within minutes instead of riding. I don’t care for driving. I have actually drove over the one and only solar panel we had about a week ago. I forgot it was laying on the ground and simply did not see it! I am sure the expression on my face must have been priceless. Spirit had no comment. So nice to live with him.

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Setting up a Home..._-27 xxx

So Mr. Spirit has a new bed all for himself. One of those round memory foam ones and I can tell how much he loves the camper as he cut his running around time short and waits by the door. There is always food in his bowl now and his routine has became so obvious while jumping up inside, eating a bit, drinking and up he goes all curled up to be comfy. He was never uncomfortable but now must feel as this has to be the ultimate. Cold weather is here and this is when he comes alive, a true clown as circling the wagon. I know as myself will have to, he will need to adapt to warmer future weather as we try [emphasis on "try"] to spend more time here. The money used for future traveling is being spend here and now. Maybe Colorado for a couple months? maybe who knows… why think so far ahead?

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Setting up a Home..._-37 xxx

Yes, our water tanks are here and they are not hooked up yet. One is 2700 gallons and the other 1500 gallons. The area did have a 17 months drought at one time. It sounds like a lot of water but that is how everyone thinks here. Our solar is installed. Four 230W 24V panels which are giving us a total of 920 watts. 24V panels being more efficient than 12V. All is going into 10 x 12V 115 amp per hour deep cycle batteries while moving right along through a 75V voltage regulator which is much more intelligent than I am! It is an MPPT unit, meaning very efficient even on cloudy days. And on it goes into a 5000 watts inverter which also doubles up as a charger with the ability to plug in our Honda 3000 generator on the real dark cloudy days to give us some power and at the same time recharge those batteries. There are a 60amp and 300amp fuse installed in line. That is about the extend of my knowledge. The batteries are actually feeding the camper which has its own 145 Watt 12V panel, 30 amp voltage regulator into 2 AGM 98 amp per hour batteries and a 300 watts inverter inside. It all sounds so intense!

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Setting up a Home..._-8 xxx

An old Pelican case to the rescue till I build a box!

Tomorrow our 10×14 cabin arrives. It was going to be here Monday. Then it was Friday. On that end I am glad it was postponed as the ground was still too wet. I will paint the floor the color of our dirt! I will insulating it myself with fiberglass insulation. I have never done paneling so I will let someone else do it, same for the minimal electrical wiring which will be just a couple outlets. A heater is also on its way! It will then be on to Midland to find me a sofa, a desk and chair. I forget, a lamp also and that will be it. The big tank has been hooked up and the leak now fixed. I can set up my tent and we can continue living in it!!! The Parks near by awaits. The circle of Life. Do things change out of desire? Necessity? Who knows, but it is happening. I don’t think I can say "we are homeless" anymore…

Setting up a Home..._-23 xxx

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Setting up a Home..._-31 xxx

So many changes makes me wonder who we really are as we don’t seem to ever stay the same. Maybe our core does, that inner layer so few divulge, that so personal aspect no one wants anyone to know. That folder always shut, the one within myself which has to the contrary remained wide open throughout these past years. I just don’t feel as there are any secrets as we all come from the same seed. I am temperamental, always have been, a fact derived from the freedom we have. I like our solitude. I feel comfortable with myself and have learned to be comfortable also with Life, a schooling which in itself never stops. Yet, I love people. The true ones with whom a good conversation can be kept with. And now, I better get back to moving some water or vacuuming our new cabin.

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